About Kikunoe


Kikunoe Ryu has been established by Mei-Shu I in 1992. She belonged to Otowa Ryu in Osaka for a long time. After her Master Kikuzo had passed away, kabuki actor Onoe Baiko VII advised her to become the leader of a new party of Japanese dance.

In her hometown Tokushima, Mei-Shu I has founded Kikunoe Ryu. This name took kiku (=chrysanthemum flower) from late Master Kikuzo, while noe (=above) from the heading family O-noes. Mei-Shu I rejected to head Kikunoe; she knew how hard it was to keep a school of Japanese dance. Instead, she assumed the office of the chairwoman of the board of directors.

Mei-Shu I passed away for cancer in 2003. Her sudden leave caused a lot of trouble, including “robbery” of Kikunoe Ryu. Finally, the youngest sister Ka-Shu took after the name of Mei-Shu and the chairmanship of the board of directors.

In 2004, commemorating beloved Mei-Shu I, Kikunoe Ryu masters and students held a stage in Tokushima. Kabuki actor Onoe Kikugoro VII, the second head of us, accompanied by his son Kikunosuke V, gave his precious performance in front of the full-packed audience.

Mei-Shu II gives lessons at her home in Tsuchiura, while visiting Tokushima once a month to instruct Kikunoe masters. Our current head Sen-Sha, a popular kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke V, took office in 2012. In 2014 spring, we held a long-expected stage in Tokushima honoring late Mei-Shu I.