Still Hard


… to eat they are. Mei-Shun’s elder sister kindly send a box of pears the other day. It takes a long time to ripe, let her wait with watering mouth. On the other hand, our backyard gingko suddenly turned yellow. She cleaned half of the eastern balcony while just prepared to do another. Nearly an hour later, here are prettier ones spread on “令”, kanji of 2019.

Cold Moon


Oh, beautiful full moon. Mei-Shun found it so bright in the sky when she drove back from her horsey riding club. She knew it is the last one for 2019, while missed the lady of the same name today (see you on Wednesday, honey). It is so difficult to take good photos that she immediately gave it up to pick up some by experts. She prefers to see such an incredible phenomenon by her eyes as much as possible.

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Curled Up


Meow, mom admired white friends the other day, while silver was heard among them. I know her favorite is my coat, no need to hiss with jealousy. Now, today is so gray that I can sleep all day long. Here is my favorite bed, her legs covered with 半纏 or kimono-shaped jacket. She is good at smoothing me by hand, makes a fluffy doughnut whose topping sometimes glistens in green.

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Her Excursion


Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon in 高輪, Tokyo today. It rained in early morning, stopped when she went out yet still hazy. 牛久沼=Ushiku Pond had no view of Mt. Fuji, while a unique chimney equipped on a noodle factory was giving lively steam. Skytree pushed its head into low clouds, looked like Port Tower in 神戸 on the way to our capital city. Almost all gingko trees were in bright yellow.



Joy of White


According to a weather forecaster Mei-Shun loves, it rained on every Monday from October 7th, might reach 10 serial weeks including tonight. Well, although cloudy and cold during daytime, she had no problem to ride on two white horseies. Princess Maria and Mr. Silver Pure, please kindly take her deep gratitude. And Ms. S in white dress, you were exactly right. Can you hear freezing drops beat your window?

Back to the …


Weight at the point of no return Mei-Shun came. Or less half bag of sugar, made her rejoice. She chose calvados again for dinner dessert, had no problem this time. Dear handmade cakes by mom-in-law stored in a freezer, please wait a little more. She would be happy to see you once a week, in the morning after she checks herself on a scale at previous night returning from the horsey riding club.

Handmade trail mix, a fiasco

First Buds!


Here is a young 蝋梅=robai, chimonanthus praecox tree Mei-Shun brought from her mother’s garden. It took three years to be ready to bloom perhaps, like Momo-chan did. The former her late father loved, while the latter mother does missing her own mother. Since the cymbidium Ms. Yellow Card pods bring no shade of flower this winter, it would be your turn, 金ちゃん or Mr. Gold, named right now.