CU Again


The pupa on a grapefruit pot Mei-Shun grows had emerged a few days before to fly away.  Summer is really full of new lives — cicadas sing from early in the morning, born one after another. Most of them around here have simple buzzing voice, while some say mean-mean, what-shah-shah and tuk-tuk-ossy. Her favorite is the last one with green body and crystal-clear wings.


Déjà Vu


Oui, c’est ça, mademoiselle. Since Mei-Shun made you put off a cotton robe and go outdoors for more water, your buds have grown rapidly. It is her great honor to see the first of you bloom yesterday, the second today. When all of you could greet her, you might feel too heavy to stay together. Please do not hesitate to call her if it happens. She would be happy to help you by holders your predecessors used last year.

Bye and Hi


Mei-Shun found a fluffy ball of dandelion seed in the eastern veranda. She loves such a strong plant who lives a short, pretty life on narrow soil. Please, honey, come back to see her again next year. Another finding indoors was at the foot of Mademoiselle Vert. It looks all different from little leaf buds grew on her top. Are you going up or down, while to … bloom?

Your cousins in similar blossom, on one bank of nearby rice paddy

Growing day by day




It is my great pleasure to inform you kind followers on a little accomplishment. Mom and I saw 222 of you the other day. We had wished to see it before 22nd of this month, Day of Cat for fanciers in our country. However, we reached that happy point much earlier. With our next goal 333, we would serve you better site by making efforts for improvement.

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Thanking U


Mei-Shun is cordially appreciated to Shin, mother, mother-in-law and elder sister who celebrated her birthday. Just a word of congratulation would warm her heart, while his gift is always so gorgeous. Continued from last year, roses of spring sunset or a cappella, her late father called as his younger daughter, arrived in a silver pot. And oh, she won a turtle of happiness in this galette des rois.

From Kyoto


Thanks a million, Shin, a hard worker even on weekends. Following are his souvenirs including 縮緬山椒=chirimen sansho, dried anchovy and Japanese pepper and 千枚漬=sen-mai-zuke, 聖護院 horseradish pickles by Mei-Shun’s request. And the best is a bag of cute, round rice cakes. They are amazingly soft and tasty after a whole day, no need to bake to put into お雑煮=o-zoni, our new-year soup.

Cold Moon


Oh, beautiful full moon. Mei-Shun found it so bright in the sky when she drove back from her horsey riding club. She knew it is the last one for 2019, while missed the lady of the same name today (see you on Wednesday, honey). It is so difficult to take good photos that she immediately gave it up to pick up some by experts. She prefers to see such an incredible phenomenon by her eyes as much as possible.

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Healthy Green


Hello darling, a baby leaf of Mademoiselle Vert. So sorry for keeping you thirsty during Shin and Mei-Shun’s trip. It has been rainy, yet too cold to let you stay on the balcony. And oh, regarding outdoors, the wife found one of green necklace pots have several buds. Would you show those white, little flowers soon? Since weather forecasts say it would be freezing tonight, she is happy to let you in.

Blessed Walking


It was great for visiting the nearest shrine with you, Shin. Both he and Mei-Shun drew “lucky” omikuji lots on weekend, felt hopeful going into the last three months of the year. Fluffy goldfish, you therefore may embody her luck when picked up from the floor of a dressing room, changing into an angler with an antenna on the head. If you prefer a dining table to a bag, please go ahead.

Brilliant Party


Mei-Shun has got a good idea. Beautiful precious stones should appear on cushions, instead of closed in vacant sweets boxes. And same for earrings Shin brought home for her; many of them are stored in lovely cases, others in music boxes. Now ladies and gentlemen, please relax on chatting. Mr. Emerald and Ms. Desert Star, you two have a special seat.