She’s Satisfied


Mei-Shun introduced another strategy into her diet, calling it “before 18 o’clock” method. It has joined 8-hour-carbo system, makes her finish eating rice, bread and high-calorie fruits including banana, grape and melon at least 3 hours before going to bed. Implemented from lunar July 1st, it gave a remarkable result: let her lose nearly 1 bag of sugar in less than a week.

Penguin couple serving sugar-free soda

A polar bear helps as well.



Another Resurrection


Mr. Avocado, we are so happy to see you again. Since you moved onto our garden last year, conditions have been harder. However, you survived growing greener, stood tightly on the ground. Even in winter, you looked all right putting off browned leaves one by one. And it stopped there — nothing seen on your stalk until yesterday, when mom-in-law found your second baby.

Pretty Peach


Mei-Shun loves them so much. She often says her favorite is Japanese cherry, yet the reason owes a great deal to lovely looking and such short time of the best like its blossom. As for taste, the former wins a triumph. Oh, how beautiful they are, with the sweetest scent! They are agricultural products, yet really artworks. Thanks a million, Shin, who knows well his wife is a fruit bat.





How long has Mei-Shun left him alone? Dripping accident occurred in … February. She went up to the roof floor accompanied by a repairer, gave a glance at dry, brown Mr. Banana pot. And she found it grown up in healthy green this morning. Oh, you have a younger brother. Great to see you again. Kindly let us express the best gratitude while sincere respect for your survival.

Joy at Nara


Mei-Shun loves 橘寺. Shin prefers 飛鳥寺. In detail, the former admires 六臂如意輪観音 while the latter 飛鳥大仏. Thanks to heavy rainfall on Saturday, air was washed up for clear Sunday. Starting from 石舞台, they enjoyed cycling with rental bicycles assisted by electric motors. Oh, we can see pretty 蓮華, Astragalus sinicus still left on rice paddy ready to be watered.

Still Sleepy


Our garden princess looks making her buds bigger and more fluffy. When you take a careful look at them, baby petals are found within silver coverings. Their color is … oh? Melon means not only a name of fruit but “bright pink”? How amazing and interesting it is to see another sense in a common word! Anyway, we are expecting her gorgeous performance in full bloom soon.


Gallop, Gallop


Thanks a million, Amazones. Your name sounds like a woman fighter, while never you are and called Ama-chan, meaning a sweetheart or beginner in Japanese. Since it is a trial lesson to go up to the next class, an instructor helps each student in a circle course using leading ropes set on horseis’ shoulders. Tutorial DVDs say that it is much speedier than looks, it really was. Mei-Shun recognized how enormous the pressure was when she found her eyes quite congested, hands stiff.