Her Saddle(^o^)/


Thank you so much, Shin. He is so generous to allow Mei-Shun to own a saddle to put on horsey’s back. They would call this one shining in black Mr. Sirius, honoring the maker. And today is his debut on Madoka-chan in Ms. I’s lesson. He is still a bit too hard to handle, especially in belt to tie around horsey’s nose. Careful treatment is incumbent after riding to keep his elegance.


Super Star


Ms. Scarlet has finally come to us. Under the bright supermoon last night, Shin received her from his brother-in-law on behalf of Mei-Shun: she is not allowed to go out at night right now, even in the garden. She rushed to her this morning, found easy-to-learn numbers put on the plate. Hello darling, kindly let your mom start you for a trial drive. Oh? How to start your engine??

Welcome Home


She would become Mei-Shun’s fourth girl. Actually, she has terminated a silver Volvo in an accident. Thanks to his firm body, she got no injury. That turned into her intention to drive another in the future. Shin asked his brother-in-law, a car broker to look for one in scarlet if possible. Carrying 富士山 number, she looks coming from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Joy in the Moonlight: 2


Our protector shrine has several 灯篭=toro, Japanese garden lamp made of stone. When candles are put into narrow space under big shades, unique designs curved on the wall appear. Mei-Shun knows well they are there, yet it was just this morning that she recognized moon shapes on them. One side wears a full moon while another a crescent: it might mean the beginning and the end of things.

She’s Satisfied


Mei-Shun introduced another strategy into her diet, calling it “before 18 o’clock” method. It has joined 8-hour-carbo system, makes her finish eating rice, bread and high-calorie fruits including banana, grape and melon at least 3 hours before going to bed. Implemented from lunar July 1st, it gave a remarkable result: let her lose nearly 1 bag of sugar in less than a week.

Penguin couple serving sugar-free soda

A polar bear helps as well.


Another Resurrection


Mr. Avocado, we are so happy to see you again. Since you moved onto our garden last year, conditions have been harder. However, you survived growing greener, stood tightly on the ground. Even in winter, you looked all right putting off browned leaves one by one. And it stopped there — nothing seen on your stalk until yesterday, when mom-in-law found your second baby.

Pretty Peach


Mei-Shun loves them so much. She often says her favorite is Japanese cherry, yet the reason owes a great deal to lovely looking and such short time of the best like its blossom. As for taste, the former wins a triumph. Oh, how beautiful they are, with the sweetest scent! They are agricultural products, yet really artworks. Thanks a million, Shin, who knows well his wife is a fruit bat.