Let’s Be Happy


Shin came down with a nasty cold this weekend. Since he is working for a food company, year-end is the busiest time; he has to work 7 days a week. Mei-Shun therefore felt happy to see him stay at home, yet unhappy for his condition. So did Mikan-chan.



Stray Sheep?


2015 would be symbolized by sheep, which Mei-Shun has not yet prepared. Actually forgot to – she used to visit a stationery shop to order nengajo (=new-year greeting card) while choosing annual ornament. However, she found nicely designed nengajo at a post office this year. Well, where does our symbol walk around right now?

Cleaning Season


New Year is coming soon. Let’s clean up your room to let your mind feel refreshed. Mei-Shun put her kimonos into winter order; yukatas must take upper position. Hello again, Ms. Biscuit. You would be put on for her first lesson.

Shiny Loaf


A cat loaf is now served for you. In sunny mornings, Mikan-chan is very good at finding the best place to warm herself up. After 5 minutes, she makes a turn into … this position.