Made It


Mei-Shun did, she wished to say, who went to a nearby hospital for a health check today. However, the result was one bag of sugar behind again. She saw the same number 4 month before, on a souvenir piece of paper rolled out of an automatic height and weight scale. Since she was in a shirt with long sleeves and a long puffed skirt, try again at home with nothing on.

Clothes were taken into consideration by half a bag!


Going Away


Shin and Mei-Shun visited their favorite place of the best night sakura. This weekend had snow in Tokyo while sleet in Tsuchiura, seemed much to hurt cherry blossoms. Still, they were so beautiful that let above couple get off Ms. Scarlet to take photos. Cold wind blew shots by the husband a bit, gave a petal on the window to protect one of them on driver’s seat.

Cherry Collection


2020 sees cherry blossom quite earlier than usual in Kanto Area. Mei-Shun feels happy to meet her friends living in various places, from a park to a horsey riding club. Oh, spring storm, please do not roar so much. They have just reached 80% blossom, still keep lovely pink buds. If you let them open on weekend, they might be able to greet the last white snow.

Not Only


Tasty, but also friendly toward your tongue. Mei-Shun means candy made by 榮太婁総本舗. She recently recognized how highly qualified the ones are, sold at department stores. More reasonable ones are available at supermarkets, yet they sometimes hurt her in the mouth by edges. Such technique to remove any bubbles from each tiny triangular pyramid is really commendable.

Below left might bite U.

Upper Lip


Meow, how do you kind followers care yourselves feeling not so good? I sleep first. Secondly, drink water as much as possible, then eat. Mom seems similar to me, with boiled water and tea to replace my room-temperature bowl. She makes it a rule to play with Ms. Piano for at least 15 minutes every day, prior to stretching and kabuki dance practice. It is only after she holds me on or between legs, purr.

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Lunar March


So recent お彼岸=o-higan passed by, lunar calendar reached solar one. Mei-Shun visited her mother who kindly waited with handmade ohagi of course. It was one of favorite sweets of beloved father, has smooth surface these days stroked with wet cotton cloth. “When we were young, it was a bigger ball like a full moon covered with a lot of little horns,” she always says with a smile.

Queen Mom, mother of Momo-chan

Garden Queen


Momo-chan, your evolution is really incredible — getting more and more beautiful year by year. Although a bit too soon, your sleeves seem to have all buds open. Oh, lovely petite white-eyes came to sip your honey. And it is Mei-Shun’s great pleasure to find out your sweet scent for the first time. When she raised parking gate at night, it suddenly took and almost enamored her.

Japanese Culture@holiday


So we have 春分=shun-bun, vernal equinox and 4th of spring 二十四節気 today. It is celebrated as one of national holidays in our country, with 秋分=shu-bun, autumnal equinox as well. Mei-Shun has wondered why only these 2 days among 24 are included. It might be partly because we have the most number (17) of such commemoration in the world.

Not So


… easy it is. Mei-Shun meant to resume kabuki dance practice at home in preparation for stage performance in autumn. However, having been used to spend weekdays in horsey riding, Spanish and piano, she has to squeeze out time available keeping good health. One idea therefore is to shift into her own “summer time”: loosen schedule to dance with horseies who prefer winter.

Would you agree, little snowy?

Sakura Pink


Oh, Princess Maria, you are the prettiest in this club, especially when putting on a cap in color of cherry blossom. Please take a gift from Mei-Shun for coming season from warm to hot. The other from cool to cold, she would wash it. Have you heard that 染井吉野 trees in Tokyo already bloomed? So they would soon around here, lovely buds are waiting propitious moment to open.