Sweet Natto!


Would you kind followers like it? Mei-Shun the other day saw a TV program which featured that traditional Japanese food made of soybeans. Northern part of our country have heavy snow in winter, forces residents to remove it from roofs and roads. Such a labor seems to let them go to a mount of sugar, on even foods normally had salty. Interested in and a bit scared, she tried it — hmm, not bad.

Dear Rainy


We Japanese call it during dry season 良いお湿り, good humidity. To our relief, last Saturday saw a slight rain after weeks. Mei-Shun hopes that it would make air cleaner to help Shin who already has a symptom of hay disease. Drops from the sky could wash cedar pollen down on the ground. However, three clear days have passed since then. Now snows, never being heavy, are preferred.

Taken fm Las Vegas sky

Happy Party


Thank you so much, Shin, for your never-to-change mind toward Mei-Shun. Hi, Mikan-chan, you like these roses as well? Shade between salmon pink and orange, flower bowl in your coat color while showing their coming wedding anniversary, the husband completely made it. And oh, the wife won the “fève” in her annual pie. Let her put on a golden crown to be today’s queen.

Welcome Back


Princess Maria, you look sooo charming with Mei-Shun’s gift on forehead. Is your leg all right? Kindly listen, she has a dream. If timing comes, she would like to be your mom. She also wishes to name you in Japanese 手毬=temari, meaning a ball with colorful embroidery, on the top of candidate list. That is why the last “A” of your current name is expressed by an upside-down heart.

Every 2 Years


Mei-Shun has started to concentrate on her weight control — relatively severe one. She reserved a health check on coming 30th at a clinic where Shin’s company covers necessary fee. Even if her English textbook sometimes calls her “d.e.b.”, or celebration for new year, mom-in-law’s and her own birthday come together in January, nothing can avoid her to reach the goal.

Not Snow


… yet it looks to have been hailing toward sunrise. When Mei-Shun opened western shutter this morning to check front glass of Ms. scarlet, she saw fine and white dots here and there. It has been dry these days, all changed from rainy December. Frozen drops are spread on cars, fences, field and our ornamental cabbage whose formal name is brassica oleracea var. acephala f. tricolor!!!

Private Lesson


Thank you so much, Ms. I, for kind understanding and cooperation with Mei-Shun. She plans to brush up her gallop skill this year, always enjoying. Since face-to-face lesson is more effective than one in group, she chose the former this month after 3-month interval. Now, please teach her how to do it, Ms. Sagittarius, instead of Mr. Vanilla currently owned by other member of our club.

Hi, Karin-chan,

Do you hear Mei-Shun?

You never do. All right.