Piano Or …


Spanish, which does Mei-Shun take in 2019? She was so careless that forgot the deadline to apply for the test: today. She rushed to a post office to send a letter toward the secretariat, asking for necessary forms to fill in. What would happen hereafter? They might give her the document in, or out of time. They may return her letter because of pressed schedule. Her odds are 5-2-3.

Baby leaf and 4 ladies, what’s yr idea?

Stopped Nocturne


Well, what shall she do? Mei-Shun might be too much attracted by a lovely horsey these days, other hobbies including Spanish learning are a bit put aside. Actually, she would like to dance with Mr. Tea Time: gallop looks available soon on him. Almost a whole year has passed since that young, friendly boy came to the club. He is also clever enough to adapt himself to a new environment little by little.

New Moon


It is called 八朔=hassaku, meaning lunar August 1st today. Mei-Shun meant to walk to the nearest shrine early in the morning before rainfall, yet it was too late. Such a dim, 100%-humid weather could prevent her from visiting there even if she brings one of her favorite umbrellas. Anyway, a night without moonlight lets her play “Clair de Lune” by Master Debussy.

Hi, I joined Ms. Piano lately.

Spanish First


Yes, Mei-Shun would, certainly. However, she asked Shin to order a new score composed by Master F. Chopin. Nocturne No. 20 “Lento con gran espressione” was heard as BGM for a popular TV drama she liked before. She made it a rule to study Spanish before practicing this lyrical tune. It is shocking anyway that half-an-year interval decayed her memory accumulated by the same period.

Japanese Culture?


We have 大暑=taisho, the 6th of summer 二十四節気 today. However, Mei-Shun wonders it really is — it means continuous clear and sultry days. We are still in rainy season this year, quite longer than usual. Cool weather might be kind for housewives, while her favorite futon drying in sunlight has little chance with such humidity. And so does outdoor activity, making her focus on indoor ones.

Your color is too soon, dragonfly.

Fluffy Friends


Thanks a lot, lovely animals. You always encourage Mei-Shun to practice piano. From behind, Baby-Chan (meaning “elephant” in Thai) and Papa-Chan. Do you miss your homeland? She hopes to visit there as well. Choco-chan and Ohagi-chan, your getting along with Kasane-chan twins is highly appreciated. White bears, elder one from Canada, do you feel kabuki dance steps on scores?

Ripe Soon


Mei-Shun plays better that score composed by Master Bach these days. It is thanks to the radio program she used to listen to: she has stopped learning Spanish for three-fourth year by an intention. When she aims to acquire fluency on piano, not only her fingers but also ears need time and concentration to absorb melody. That might be because she has a kind of resistance in brain to accept something new.

Thanks, mom-in-law.