Full Moon


Yes, we expect her tonight, thanks to the end of rainy season. Mei-Shun heard that it was for the first time in recent 13 years for those humid months to reach amazing this month. So the real summer has come. Normal temperature over 30 degrees Celsius hits almost every day. Oh, dear green necklace, sunlight of the late afternoon is too bright for you. Please come in, let’s look up the sky with mom.

Score of moon night


Happy Return


Hello again, Master Debussy. Mei-Shun came back to Ms. Piano, tried your “Clair du Lune” after a whole week. Actually, she has so far taken her hands as all thumbs, envied longer and thinner fingers. However, recent experience of slight pain let her change such understanding. They are a pair of the closest friends, work hard every day to do housekeeping, to hold 舞扇 fan for kabuki dance, to rein horseies.

13 mesdemoiselles,

… bloomed like a bouquet.

Missing Much


Mei-Shun has felt somehow at odd in hands and fingers since she started practicing Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90 composed by Master Schubert. It seems she is lucky enough to be able to let Ms. Piano rest for a while, to concentrate upon kabuki dance instead. Oh, she has to contact Mr. O, late Master Mei-Shu’s husband if she left a 手拭=te-nugui, cotton towel necessary for performance in autumn.

Welcome back, St. Gecko.

Maestro Chopin


He gives Mei-Shun two lyrical scores; Prélude Op. 28-15 “Raindrop”, Nocturne “Posthumous”. The former is seldom played on Ms. Piano these days when windows are often seen covered with tears, while the latter has become more fluent. It is partly thanks to the Spanish radio program which seems to have returned to the starting point recently, made easier to learn.

Mademoiselle Vert Cinquième

Sobbing Sound


Yes, Mikan-chan, it really was. Lunar May started on Sunday, partial solar eclipse was expected as well. However, grey clouds covered the sky with a slight shower in the afternoon, Mei-Shun could not even see the sun. She therefore gave it up, concentrated on Ms. Piano. She made this poor player shocked at Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90 by Master Schubert which HAD been in her repertoire …

Stars still seen on the ground

Dance Classically


Thank you so much, Ms. Last One. You played a role of Mei-Shun’s partner for gallop yesterday, very well done. Do you know that piano score aired in the field? It is “A Maiden’s Prayer” composed by Ms. Badarzewska. Actually, she seems to be featured often these days. A professional pianist chose it on TV, let above amateur know that she does not need to be in a hurry. Slowly, precisely and amorously.

Play Accurately


Mei-Shun has some bars in musical scores where she often makes errors. Honestly, “often” is better than “always”: she has practiced such parts over and over. In order to raise success rate toward 90%, more intensive working out is required by Masters Chopin and Bach. It seems similar to dance with a horsey, where other parts than gallop including walk, amble and trot are improved at the same time.

What Next?


Ms. Piano sings almost every day as Mei-Shun continues Spanish learning. Since her favorite program on radio finished within March, she listens to new one started last month for listening. When new words and grammar come out, how a story goes in half an year, they all depend on an instructor. It is therefore a kind of thrilling challenge to catch what she has already learned.


Knew It


Meow, my day of the month comes as usual, with longer time for dad working at home these days. Mom does not change so much from how she has been so far, wondering what would come next onto black-and-white keys of Ms. Piano. What, Spanish test expected to be held in June will be canceled, for the same reason why he prefers staying with us to going out? Please calm down. Lick, lick, purr …

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Master Spanish


Today is the last for Mei-Shun’s favorite radio program de español. It represents o-mo-te-na-shi, hospitality to guide guests from Spanish speaking countries. Although we missed a chance to give it at the big sport event this year, she will continue to study this language in preparation for a test expected in June. These six months also let her learn how to play “Nocturne Posth.” composed by Master Chopin.