Treat Only


Ms. Piano, you look so happy to see Mr. O this afternoon. He is your home doctor who visits Mei-Shun and you once an year. Scores, cloth elephants and bears have to be moved toward window-side bench. Bottles of vegetable juice are prepared in a paper bag to hand him as a small gift. Dust is all wiped away, ready to be tuned. Now, your time has come to sing lively.

13th Moon


Thanks to an autumnal clear sky, we could see 十三夜, the second most beautiful moon last night. Mei-Shun celebrated it by playing scores composed by Master Debussy and Beethoven featuring moonlight. She also would like to receive such magical power as much as possible, kept all shutters facing the south open while going outdoors. Oh, here comes sweetest silver coat. Welcome to share it with mom.

Field Up!


Thank you so much, Ms. I and Mr. Vanilla Arc. Mei-Shun finally made it: a certificate for the 4th grade of horseback riding technique would come to her hands soon. She played horse-related scores including “Life of Merry-go-round” and “La chevaleresque” before driving to the club. The former needs more practice, like gallop steps do to this happy face who has just graduated from a beginner.

Well done, mom.


Concentration Pls


Mom, you should not think of other matters while playing simple scores on Ms. Piano. Mistakes sound so harsh that I’m forced to run into dad’s study, hiss! … meow? It is the gecko I caught the other day, yet its tail cut left and teased me. Purr, now you are my target. Give up and let me punch you. Oh mom, you would help me covering it with both hands, won’t you?

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Moon Music


Closed at home by typhoons, Mei-Shun often played with Ms. Piano in the morning for these 2 weeks. It reminds her of childhood, especially summer vacation when she and her elder sister used to do the same. They managed to avoid complaints from neighbors who were not interested in, while the grown-up younger is never worried about such a matter, just misses the gentle light at night.

Angel Songs


Besides “La chevaleresque”, Master Burgmüller gave Mei-Shun another favorite. “L’harmonie des anges” literally soothes her mind. It is so hard to keep yourself in equanimity with sorrows, had better do something you like. Gentle-touch song by Ms. Piano would be one of the best for her, while precise technique is required to reach the goal. Oh, please do not make a mistake, fingers.

Not hurts, my nose

It’s recovered.

Stormy Melody?


They said rainy season tentatively returned, yet it rather seems a typhoon. Windy, rainy, cloudy, sunny and windy again in every 10 minutes. Such a day would never let Mei-Shun go out to see horseies. Dearest One-one (or Last One), please wait your mom of brown sugar until next week. She would practice “La chevaleresque” by J. F. F. Burgmüller at home, dreaming of galloping with you.

Rescued by mom-in-law.