Master Bach?


Since mom had a hair cut and curl last week, she has looked a little weird. I wondered why and knew the reason: her tresses are too tight. Meow, you burst into laughter at dresser mirror, saying the image is just like paintings on the wall of music classroom. That great composer in 18th century always puts on a wig full of horizontal curls, while whose scores are never seen on Ms. Piano.

I’m curled as well.

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Save Storage


Mei-Shun has asked too much: she has a lot of dresses unzipped in her closet, scores never read on Ms. Piano. Feeling sorry for them, she decided to stop ordering any of them this year. Trend in vogue? Well, it does not matter to her who knows what goes well with her, lives with the best adviser. The former would encourage her who tends to make herself fit clothes.

Horsey on Piano


Mei-Shun played “La chevaleresque” by F. Burgmϋler at a concert when she was an elementary school student. Translated into 貴婦人の乗馬 meaning “Lady’s Horseback Riding”, she dreamed of a graceful lady in long dress. However, such costume seems never suitable for the sport she currently enjoys. Well, thanks search engines, you are quick enough to let her know they have side saddles.


Ever Fresh


In full blossom, yet are ball-point pens. And you as well, Ms. Piano. Please kindly let Mei-Shun express her best gratitude. Not only singing as her excellent partner, you often work as a nice table to put cute items for photo taking while closing your mouth. Swans began to move smoothly on water, as an invisible merry-go-round does on her head these days.

Day by Day


Both “Le Cygne” and ” Life Is Merry-go-round” are never easy to play. Simple scores allow no mistouch, makes Mei-Shun a bit sickened when she makes some. However, 30-minute practice on Ms. Piano every day is almost impossible, especially after horseback riding. Why won’t she make it reduced to a quarter, then? Even a minute is better than none.

Dulcet Difficulty


“Le Cygne” is a simple score. Only a sharp in F keys, three pages. It is, however, quite hard to make this melody go smoothly. Mei-Shun might recognize it from her days at a junior high school when she belonged to a brass band club. They have played “Le Carnaval des Animaux” by the quick prelude. Such scores are worth practicing, just opposite to above basic technique is indispensable.

Newly Played


Mei-Shun would like to make 2018 start with Ms. Piano by C. C. Saint-Saëns’s “Le Cygne”. She purchased this score piece last year, yet never opened concentrated on another. Sorry to leave you for long, honey. She means to try her best to let you get up before flying delightfully from water surface in morning sunshine. Or do you prefer moonlight?