Thank Thee


So this is the end of 2021, the last weekday and report on cat, dance, piano, etc. from Mei-Shun. They taught her a lot through an year as usual:

Cats work every day with their loveliness. They might do their jobs the most at home.

Kabuki dance requires good body trunk first. Muscle follows next.

Piano does concentration. Practice before singing by fingers.

Magical Melody?


Ms. Piano takes a rest on Master Mendelssohn’s “Floating Cloud” from “Songs without Words” while on “A Maiden’s Prayer” by Ms. Badarzewska. On the other hand, she sings “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” composed by Master Debussy again. It must be a lively score, yet this puppet manipulated by Mei-Shun stumbles too often to make clear steps. Or he/she might win a prize cake by his/her weird walking.



Ms. Piano, you sound much better since tuned by Mr. O. Mei-Shun feels happy to sing with you, while a bit weird when she uses a pedal in higher keys. Since Shin is available working at home to replace light bulbs above you, she would try again tonight. Oh, a beautiful half moon has appeared in the sky. 松の寿 would also be practiced with dark windows as a wide mirror.

Home on Holiday


It is really by chance for Ms. Piano to see Mr. O again today, removing Kyoto 蕎麦猪口 couple from her lid. When Mei-Shun received a phone call from him, only the latest Culture Day was convenient. However, Shin is careless enough these days to fill his schedule book on our holidays — he went out early in the morning as usual. Only difference from weekdays is that he drove by himself.

Fair Face


Hi again, Princess Maria. Listen, Ms. Piano at Mei-Shun’s home would be cared soon. Rain prevented her from dancing with you today, while that novel coronavirus did Mr. O from contacting some of his clients. Oh, it seems to stop, yet club field is full of little puddles in horseshoes size. Now Ms. Last One, shall we go there? Please do not throw this mom onto the ground, since she is made of sugar.

Happy Halloween?


Ms. Piano, do you miss Mr. O who used to contact Mei-Shun regarding your tuning? No message from him has been received so far this year, yet that is not so much a problem: it is your health which she cares most in this matter. She would give a phone call to a company he works/ed for next week. May her fingers therefore be off tonight? They are too tired after dancing with Princess Maria and Mr. Magical Thunder.

Full of Fruits


How cute they are! Thank you so much, Shin. He sometimes takes Mei-Shun by such a pleasant surprise, knowing her methods of weight control including candy-first one. She is getting along with others as well, to lose half a sugar bag since the last time of a slight shock. Now her hands and fingers are quite sore after dancing with horseies, you would be off tonight, Ms. Piano.



Meow, my day once in a month has come. Compared to last, it is much cooler especially in early morning and evening when my bed works well. Mom kindly stopped using air conditioner, keeping almost all windows open during daytime. A round moon appeared again in the sky after dark, Ms. Piano sang “Clair de Lune” composed by Master Debussy.

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Children’s Corner


Ms. Piano, thank you so much for always soothing Mei-Shun’s mind. You really are one of precious three featured herein. Mikan-chan, kabuki dance and you are her family of course, stay beside her even if she is closed indoors by recent thunderstorm, heat wave and evil disease. She resumed practice of “Golliwog’s Cake Walk” composed by Master Debussy for Shin who loves this score.

Nice Normal


Mei-Shun visited Master Bando, saw Ms. S as usual. Yes, such a day seems the best — she recognized it when lost what or who was important. Even a slight fever could remove her fingers from Ms. Piano, 舞扇=dance fan and a bag filled with horsey-riding tools. Now おてもやん=Otemo-yan, funny red-cheek lady from Kumamoto started to join their repertoire.