My Day


It is, the first of this year. I had my hind left paw bleed lately, mom shocked and half-cry when she greeted me in early morning. It was just caused by a claw who failed to peel well, no pain left. I do not mind, so don’t you please. By the way, great to hear Ms. Piano sing again after one- night pause. That busy player squeezed a time to cut nails, stopped ticking on keys. Purr …

Can U find a white moon?

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He or She


Which of Shin and Mei-Shun won it? They had a “galette des rois”, birthday cake for the wife last night, yet found no fève. She always has a privilege to choose a place to cut first, tried again. Seen just next to cut side, praise advent of a tiny pot of flower. Ms. Piano, thanks a lot for keeping the box. The wife could not open your lid for serial two nights, promises to play you tonight after dancing with horseies.

Boots and Kimono


Oh, Ms. Piano, Mei-Shun misses you so much. A slight cold, came from Shin perhaps, prevented her from even touching you for these several days. In addition, she had to get used to a new lifestyle; twice horsey-riding lessons a week, once kabuki-dance. Since it is all the opposite of her pattern from October, she has found it difficult to control a different kind of fatigue.

Fm Hill to Mt.


Lunar November starts from today. Mei-Shun meant to walk to the nearest shrine to greet Gods with the last 朔日 prayer of 2020 — yet oh, how stormy it has become! That immediately made her choose playing moonlight-related scores on Ms. Piano while cleaning of eastern verandah. Yes cleaning, rather than picking up those gingko leaves fallen on the floor.

20 pieces a day to dry

Returned Rhythm


Ms. Piano, did you miss Mei-Shun a bit for these past two months? Her attention sometimes wondered even during practice on you, since she had been easy to be lead by 白拍子花子 into kabuki dance in brain. Now Spanish also came back onto her desk, though nobody knows if the test “Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española” be safely held next summer.


Moon or Rain


Here a bushclover in our garden follows, going to yellow from green under Momo-chan already undressed. And backyard gingko finally started to do the same, perhaps helped by cold rain on Wednesday. Since the latter turns to a golden coat quite later than other trees, it makes Mei-Shun accept the fact that beautiful autumn would go soon. Ms. Piano, which do you prefer, Masters Debussy or Chopin tonight?

Dark Danger


Ms. Piano, sorry to beat you last night with nails grown a bit too much. It is said cutting them at night prevents us from seeing parents pass away. Just a superstition of course, yet Mei-Shun agrees on such a suggestion to use metal tools under bright sunlight. That might be why mom-in-law said “I’d love to, yet tomorrow morning” when asked a help of sewing in the evening.

Do not take any photo while driving!


Straight Down


Mei-Shun went to a beauty saloon nearby Tokyo Station yesterday. Thanks to Mr. M, her fingers go smoothly in hair after treated, cut and dried by the chief beautician. She is too busy to squeeze a time to curl it till 邦楽発表会, yet had a chance to regain this style of her younger days tentatively. Oh, it started raining. “Clair de Lune” by Master Debussy would be the best to play tonight.

How Fulfilling


Recent one week sees Master Bando give Mei-Shun two lessons, normally on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Horseies are so lovely that the latter cannot stop driving to the club at least once except for Tuesdays, when it is closed to let them rest. And she plays with Ms. Piano a minimum of 4 days. Going to clinics, hair saloons and shopping have to be scheduled carefully not to be too tight.

Black Tea in our garden

Joy of Horsey


It was the best among these rainy days for Mei-Shun to see them again. How have you been, Princess Maria, Ms. Sagittarius, Ms. Last One and Mr. Tea Time? Thanks to you, Mei-Shun enjoyed practice on Ms. Piano twice today: before and after dancing with you. She also found wild cherry trees blooming neatly with new leaves, perhaps in order to augment nutrition as much as possible.