Jasmine Reminds


… Mei-Shun of Tunisia, the only African country she has been. When she went to a flower shop to send a birthday arrangement for Professor S, the owner kindly gave her this tiny pot for free. According to her advice, it survives well on the ground after blossom. It would join white beauty of 姫空木, lily bell and 雪柳 or snowy willow recently planted in our garden by mom-in-law.


Lovely Whites


Here they are, 姫空木 and lily bell in our garden. Both of them make Mei-Shun really happy — she loves white flowers. Snowy willow babies from her mother have grown in good health as well, look full of power to survive after planted on the ground. Expecting 穀雨=koku-u, the last of spring 二十四節気 tomorrow, they will rush toward sunny days of the next season.

Sakura Bonbon


Just terrific, aren’t they? 八重桜 in 乙戸沼 Park is now in 80% blossom, seems the best for Mei-Shun. She drove Shin to the nearest station in the morning, turned to the opposite direction to home. Surrounded by aromatic pink of cherry and refreshing green of shell-like gingko baby leaves, she did some stretches. Walking had to be spared to reach her favorite hair salon in 高輪, Tokyo on time.

After 3 Years


It is great for Mei-Shun to see these years have passed by safely and happily since she left the hospital. She would be highly appreciated if her family, friends including you kind followers, and home doctors take the deepest gratefulness from the bottom of her mind. She wishes you good health which ever lasts, both in mind and body. All the same to Japanese dance, Mikan-chan and piano as well.

Ready Already


Here under Momo-chan, 姫空木=hime-utsugi is waiting for her turn to bloom in white. I’m not so much interested in flowers, while like sister Mei-Shun who often gives me a treat. She told me smiling that the backyard gingko, whose trunk is good to scratch, evinced many leave buds. Meow, they are too little to help me reach her balcony. I hope my nails would stimulate one of their beds to grow enough soon.

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Sweet Scent


It really comes from our garden princess Momo-chan (=Ms. Peach). Mei-Shun felt something soothes her mind one morning, took a deep breath at a flower of this gorgeous friend. Oh, how beautiful you are while merciful! Thanks a million to make her mind energized. All the same kindness does Grand Momo-chan have in mom’s garden, surrounded by 4 “Little Women”.

Mothers of Mei-Shun and Momo-chan



Ever Fresh


In full blossom, yet are ball-point pens. And you as well, Ms. Piano. Please kindly let Mei-Shun express her best gratitude. Not only singing as her excellent partner, you often work as a nice table to put cute items for photo taking while closing your mouth. Swans began to move smoothly on water, as an invisible merry-go-round does on her head these days.