Welcome, Greens


Mei-Shun’s favorite tea shop closed yesterday. She visited there with Shin to get bowls respectively; she asked him to choose one as a gift, he did the same to her. On the other hand, a saddle pad below is for Vanilla Arc only — oh, lovely Maria, you may share this with him. Mei-Shun’s current one is in navy, meant to be specific to Madoka-chan at first, yet used on every horsey who played her partner so far.

Brought Autumn?


Hello, dragonfly. You would always love to stay on our laundry stand, or on car antennas especially when we spread water to cool them down in sunbathing. Actually, following photo was taken last week when it was clear. Their transparent wings seem to work better on such days, not in the rain. Mei-Shun feels so sorry for them, with weather forecasts calling current one the coolest obon in 40 years.

Joy at Kyoto: 5


In 1965, 清流園 garden was constructed within 二条城 site to offer hospitality to visitors. Western half is Japanese style, served by 和楽庵 and 香雲亭 tea rooms while eastern half in European atmosphere. Southern lane features weeping pagoda trees which bloom in white, butterfly-shaped from late July to August. Oh, Mei-Shun nearly forgot mentioning this lady’s tress who looked waiting for her.

Joy at Kyoto: 4


二条城 has vast space in the center of this ancient capital. This garden accommodates a spacious pond where a heron takes a rest, a lovely little fall twinkles. You can enjoy feeding big carps as well. 本丸=hon-maru, main building of Japanese castle, was lost by fire only with a firm foundation left. Going up stairs, you would have a nice view on mountain silhouette and lightning rods on roofs.

Waiting For …


Our ancestors she might be, a white lily at the shrine Shin and Mei-Shun walk to in the morning. It takes just a week for buds to be clearly recognized — three flowers could be seen on this stalk soon. Another pleasure of the couple was the luckiest omikuji, all the same in number and fortune they drew respectively.

Rice ears began to appear on the top of each green, attracting many blue dragonflies with little white flowers.



Pretty Peach


Mei-Shun loves them so much. She often says her favorite is Japanese cherry, yet the reason owes a great deal to lovely looking and such short time of the best like its blossom. As for taste, the former wins a triumph. Oh, how beautiful they are, with the sweetest scent! They are agricultural products, yet really artworks. Thanks a million, Shin, who knows well his wife is a fruit bat.



Joy at Kyoto: 2


Shin reserved a hotel in front of 二条城 this time. It is very nice to see such a popular sightseeing point through a window, avoiding crowd. Early in the morning, they enjoyed walking around the garden after breakfast. Another pleasure to stay here is a nice French restaurant “C’EST SYMPA“. They serve really beautiful dishes and wines for amazingly reasonable price, while net shopping is available.