Gingko Collection


Sleepy one in our backyard finally started to turn into yellow. It is so rapid that Mei-Shun finds him in different coat every day. To her disappointment, it rains too hard today to … oh? It stopped for a while, gave her a chance to take photos outdoors. Brown leaves on balcony floor are to remove only, charming ones in clear yellow to pick up and dry.

Joy of Friendship: 2


石神井公園 Park has a bird sanctuary to accommodate various rare birds including that blue jewel, halcyon. Mei-Shun has only seen them on TV, profoundly moved by such a chance to meet one for the first time above 三宝寺池. Thank you again, Kaori-san, who recognized his tweet while strolling around a pond for boats. Oh, here is a explanation for pyracantha, read tokiwa-sanzashi and … written 常盤山樝子!

Another one relaxes just beside U.

三宝寺 Pond


Water Princess


Great to see you again (maybe), Your Highness. Last time Mei-Shun visited your place in the garden of an Italian restaurant, 神楽坂, it seemed red guards did not count so many. It is because of your promotion, isn’t it? Please kindly take her words of congratulation. There are a lot of sweet cats here including Mr. Zai as follows, your safety must be insured as much as possible.

Saint Protection


Gingko and cherry trees planted in the garden of the nearest shrine give beautiful colors right now. It might be because their taller 欅, Zelkova serrata friends worked as heat breakers during summer. Shin and Mei-Shun cordially wish to see them well recovered in green next spring: Gods would provide good of them power to survive. Please, many other Gods still staying in 出雲 help as well.

Birdy Returned


Hello, wild ducks. Shin and Mei-Shun are so happy to see you again on 乙戸沼. They visited the park on weekend, found gingko trees serve golden lanes. And the fountains to air the pond water, while one of them distorted too much to make an upside-down parasol. Camellia-sasanqua trees already bloom in white, light and bright pinks. Oh, young trees arrived to replace older ones.


Flower, Bird,


Wind and Moon represent seasonal beauty in our country. Maybe because it was too torrid this summer, titled two seem trying to repair themselves in recent cool weather. For example, pheasant guys often come out of bushes to sing. Trees bloom or grow new leaves to nourish from branches to trunks. Please take care, since we have 立冬=ritto, the first of winter 二十四節気 today.

Can you find him?

Pink Celebration?


It is blissful for Mei-Shun to see many “red rice” flowers along a lane to the shrine. Even in such vivid color, plants always look graceful — really enviable. Another lady in the same shade to surprise us is Momo-chan, our garden princess. She gives two flowers this autumn! It has never happened so far, while reminds the writer of a wild cherry who also bloomed twice an year at University of Tsukuba.