Box Seat


Here are new earring cases follow (so cute, aren’t they?). Yes, for that type of accessory only with a tiny cushion accommodating two holes. Mei-Shun expected it to have a H-shape cut to hold rings as well, yet ears are added. All right, no problem. Mr. Emerald and Mrs. Desert Star, please move onto this white shell. You would change into a special pair of earrings some day.

Full Moon


We are expecting 仲秋の名月, the best moon of the year tonight. However, clouds are so much spread in the sky that it looks very difficult to hold a party serving rice-cake balls for the gentle, bright figure. Mei-Shun feels sorry, yet autumn has just begun. Cicadas are still singing lively on sunny days, while cricket chorus is getting louder night by night.

White Sand


Shin returned from Perth, Australia yesterday. He sent to Mei-Shun following photos taken at nearby dunes between business, moved her a great deal. She feels that such a shining place accommodates guardian deity. That might be one of the reasons why he came home safely and quickly from Narita Airport, where access was severely hit by Typhoon Faxai.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Yesterday was our 4th Mountain Day, set on January 1st, 2016. Since it was Sunday, we have serial holidays including today. And that might make 9-day summer vacation added to obon period (13th-16th) with following weekend for some of business people. So please, Shin, take it as your privilege to enjoy enough rest at home. First shower, 2 weeks after the end of rainy season helps well.

Baltic amber in cherry shade

Bloom Soon


Following below is lilies in the garden of the nearest shrine. They always show pretty white flowers, let Mei-Shun walk toward here to see. However, it was a bit too late to greet Gods: the door was already closed. And she bought a box of bath aroma with lily scent by chance at night. Really the last box on the shelf of a drug store, might call her who believes a saying 残り物には福がある, the last one means the best.

Can you believe we have 立秋=risshu, the 1st of autumnal 二十四節気 today?

Summer’s Come!


10 days are said to be the hottest in our country, after the end of rainy season. It really seems to Mei-Shun — news this morning informed us that the long-stayed front (delayed 8 days from average, amazing 30 days compared to last year!) has finally left Kanto Area. Heat wave and humidity descend toward the Japanese archipelago at the same time, more and more cities hit nearly 35 degrees Celsius.

Going into her 5th month, keeps fresh



Pretty & Tough


Mei-Shun found a butterfly baby on the wall of front porch last night. No leaf around it, alone, looked a bit bizarre under lamp light. His/her intention was clear, to grow into an adult to fly from here. In this morning, it was safe with yellowish shade. And it took only a few hours to make a green pupa. Mademoiselle Vert, you keep blooming for amazing 4 months. Please give your power to that tiny soul.