Summer’s Come!


10 days are said to be the hottest in our country, after the end of rainy season. It really seems to Mei-Shun — news this morning informed us that the long-stayed front (delayed 8 days from average, amazing 30 days compared to last year!) has finally left Kanto Area. Heat wave and humidity descend toward the Japanese archipelago at the same time, more and more cities hit nearly 35 degrees Celsius.

Going into her 5th month, keeps fresh



Go Cool


Lunar May starts from today. Chestnut trees are already in full bloom, giving sweet scent which let Mei-Shun feel coming rainy season. Rice paddy is growing enough to hide waterfowls among green stripes. Black Tea rose in our garden bloomed well this spring, with the last flower in autumnal shade. And Ms. Last One, here is a summer saddle pad for you.

Thorny Friends


You are getting bigger and bigger year by year, mother cactus. Stronger than cold winter of our country, powerful enough to hold so many babies on edge. Some of your thick fans look like Mickey Mouse with a crown between his ears. Next to you is another breed who has a lovely flower stem. Your respective way to grow is all different from each other, impressing watcher Mei-Shun.

Brave Beauty


It is you, pheasant boy. Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine between showers, heard him sing a love song. Looking around, and there he was — quite nearby a lane she stood.  Striding elegantly through dry rice paddy, he greeted a couple of wild duck. Then continued to go ahead, stopped at grassed low bank. Full of sunlight, he flapped several times and yes, sang.


Warmer Rain


We have 雨水=usui, the 2nd of spring 二十四節気 today. It really does — raindrops started to fall before noon, much earlier than forecasted. Well, as 大寒 was with spring in the air compared to snowy 小寒 last month, blossom season might follow sooner this year. By the way, Mei-Shun wonders what would come for tonight when supermoon is expected to be seen.

Just cloudy in the morning.

Dear Rainy


We Japanese call it during dry season 良いお湿り, good humidity. To our relief, last Saturday saw a slight rain after weeks. Mei-Shun hopes that it would make air cleaner to help Shin who already has a symptom of hay disease. Drops from the sky could wash cedar pollen down on the ground. However, three clear days have passed since then. Now snows, never being heavy, are preferred.

Taken fm Las Vegas sky

Flower, Bird,


Wind and Moon represent seasonal beauty in our country. Maybe because it was too torrid this summer, titled two seem trying to repair themselves in recent cool weather. For example, pheasant guys often come out of bushes to sing. Trees bloom or grow new leaves to nourish from branches to trunks. Please take care, since we have 立冬=ritto, the first of winter 二十四節気 today.

Can you find him?