Yes, it is such a season. Mei-Shun means that there are a lot of 凶=kyo, the worst luck in the omikuji box at the nearest shrine. That might be because the priest would like to make more visitors happier in January: if they draw bad lots on New Year Day, and shrine maidens have to hand gloomy pieces of paper to them, following year would seem lugubrious for both of them.

Round, Round


Purr, it does not only express me on mom’s legs but rice cakes she is into these days. Dad bought them in Kyoto last year-end, too much to consume within new-year holidays. She wraps up frozen one by two pieces of fried tofu, ready to make お稲荷さん=o-inari-san or a rice ball in a tofu bag, before steaming it. Be careful not to make the same shape on your belly.

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Five Years


… have passed since Mei-Shun had that operation. She has always been grateful to healthy days so far; praising, holding and taking care of Mikan-chan, playing Ms. Piano, dancing kabuki dance while with horsey. And she would from now on of course. It seems not necessary to increase the number of what she finds happy. The more her passion is poured, the bigger pleasure they give.

Hi, I’m Silk Traveler.

Happy to sniff U.

Plus Pink


Our “backyard” plum trees are in 80% blossom right now. It is interesting for Mei-Shun that their shade all depends. Many of the strongest pink are seen in classical gardens, while weeping ones tend to put on pale tones. Above one is not in tears, whose petals have a pinch of violet. Oops, it has just started raining. Please do not make sudden resonance with this context.

Silky Spring


We had 春一番=haru-ichiban, the first southern wind blows between 立春 and 春分 on Saturday (Cat Day as well). So it is warm enough this morning, seems nice to go to the club. However, hay disease prevented Shin and Mei-Shun from doing so — the former is a serious patient. Another reason was a phone call from Ms. I informing that Mr. Silk Traveler, the latter reserved, changed his job into the first horsey for new comers only.

Isn’t it too soon, dandelion?

Cook Carefully


Mei-Shun is used to 日高昆布, dried kelp grown in Hokkaido, for miso soup. However, her favorite net shop runs out of this breed these days. She therefore tried 利尻昆布, from another city in the same prefecture. To her astonishment, much of that fermented soybean paste is trapped by stronger viscosity of the latter. Saltiness is released after a night, contracts her tongue and eyes in the morning.

Not a cup of kelp tea.

Knocked Down


Mei-Shun chose taneya sweets to treat herself heading for the goal of weight control. Actually, their recent message featured “White Day” collection. It is counterpart of St. Valentine’s Day, set on March 14th. Girls would receive marshmallow, candy and other gifts from boys, like they did the opposite mainly by chocolates. How strong temptation from white baumkuchen is!