Lift Lips


It is the last date of April, on Friday this year. Mei-Shun feels it nice because her weekday schedule ends with a month. Golden Week holidays started from yesterday, yet Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectures are under the 3rd Covid-19 state of emergency. Faraway from relaxation in mind, she would just be careful not to gain any sugar bag around waist.

Red Rose


Mei-Shun often has a sore throat after catching a cold. Coughing for weeks has lead to awful bronchitis. Such a condition is too inconvenient to balance with active life, she concentrates on care by gargle, iodine lotion and medical drink. Yes, water plays a very important role; a glass of it easily lets slight fever go, humidity weakens viruses including that novel one perhaps.

First in 2021

Warm White


Today’s music aired at the horsey riding club reminded Mei-Shun of her repertoire again — Impromptus, Opus 90, Allegro composed by Master Schubert. She practiced that bright tune too much after dancing with Princess Maria, has got a bit hurt in fingers. The former is currently better at reining the latter lady, might receive message from the  great artist.

Karin-chan, one of stable-dwelling cats

Silent Saver


So we would see the first full moon of lunar 2021 tomorrow. It is a bit cloudy from this morning, relieves Mei-Shun of hanging futon mats outdoors. Almost no sunlight, yet open windows for fresh air. It has become one of new customs to avoid infection of the novel coronavirus. She heard that less people passed away in our country last year, partly thanks to such manners perhaps.

Spring Special


Another pink and green have come to follow strawberry. Mei-Shun is a lover of 桜=sakura, cherry who cannot stop purchasing flavor of those flower and fruit. On the other hand, 抹茶=powdered green tea often accompanies 桜 sweets. It might mean to lead us to image of 野点=nodate, tea party held outdoors. It was inhibited last year under cherry trees, cordially wished soon.

Spring Start


A Happy New Year to you, kind moon lovers. Mei-Shun was very busy from early morning to late at night. She first cooked a bowl of お雑煮=o-zoni, rice cake soaked in chicken and green vegetable soup for breakfast. Next appointment was at a nearby hair saloon, before going to a post office to send St. Valentine’s gift to respected doctors. After lunch, she went ahead to another police station to renew driver’s license.

Thanks for holding MS’s recent 末吉 omikuji, N-chan.

After 5Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for half-an-year check today. The latter lady protected herself more: added to a face mask, a transparent shield covered from forehead to mouth. It seems harder for her to survive COVID-19 environment than this ex-inpatient. Now is the time to go home — something from above? Unbelievable raindrops! She hung futon mats outdoors, believed morning weather forecasts.

First flower coming soon


Silky Suede


Thank you so much, Shin, for following sneakers as Christmas gift to Mei-Shun. She decided coloring of each part, he kindly ordered them last year. That is why the box behind is read “N by U”. Actually, last month saw her say good-bye to several old shoes including a similar pair, boots, etc. She wished them to leave her feet carrying away a lot of pernicious viruses.

Rain Ready


Or snow on the roof floor. Mei-Shun cleaned it yesterday to remove dust and fallen leaves from little drains. How long did she take from previous time? At least a whole year before, when an awful pool appeared there to flow down toward the ceiling of Shin’s study. Actually, some of plugholes were in danger. Such strainers were difficult to move, stuck with dry mud made of … oh, fragments of worn flooring!

Princesses cheered MS up.

Happy Hi


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. M for artificial Ame-chan, who looked hurt inside 2 weeks before. This sad patient was prescribed antibiotics to take at 3 serial nights, had no pain in mouth but in mind. Now her home dentist declared no problem, suggesting to watch it every 4 months of regular check-up. Oh, beautiful 3rd crescent floats in dark blue sky, attended by Jupiter and Saturn.