Silky Suede


Thank you so much, Shin, for following sneakers as Christmas gift to Mei-Shun. She decided coloring of each part, he kindly ordered them last year. That is why the box behind is read “N by U”. Actually, last month saw her say good-bye to several old shoes including a similar pair, boots, etc. She wished them to leave her feet carrying away a lot of pernicious viruses.

Rain Ready


Or snow on the roof floor. Mei-Shun cleaned it yesterday to remove dust and fallen leaves from little drains. How long did she take from previous time? At least a whole year before, when an awful pool appeared there to flow down toward the ceiling of Shin’s study. Actually, some of plugholes were in danger. Such strainers were difficult to move, stuck with dry mud made of … oh, fragments of worn flooring!

Princesses cheered MS up.

Happy Hi


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. M for artificial Ame-chan, who looked hurt inside 2 weeks before. This sad patient was prescribed antibiotics to take at 3 serial nights, had no pain in mouth but in mind. Now her home dentist declared no problem, suggesting to watch it every 4 months of regular check-up. Oh, beautiful 3rd crescent floats in dark blue sky, attended by Jupiter and Saturn.


Returned Rhythm


Ms. Piano, did you miss Mei-Shun a bit for these past two months? Her attention sometimes wondered even during practice on you, since she had been easy to be lead by 白拍子花子 into kabuki dance in brain. Now Spanish also came back onto her desk, though nobody knows if the test “Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española” be safely held next summer.


Hi or Bye


Mei-Shun decided to see her home dentist Dr. M today. She actually had a part of swollen gum at the bottom of artificial Ame-chan, a molar on upper right jaw last Friday. If it affected her shape of cheek, she should have made an immediate appointment. Fortunately or unfortunately, it stayed within mouth giving no pain, yet with pus formed on the surface.

Alma Mater


One weekend TV program featured an university Mei-Shun graduated from. Young students called the founder lady with no Professor or Ms., seemed quite audacious. However, it was the same for this ex-student decades before. School days might be spring time; with little idea of hot society, butterflies enjoy going between classes and club activities.

Piano Pit


Mr. O, home “doctor” of Ms. Piano gave Mei-Shun a phone call. It was to make a reservation to tune the former: an annual check, very important for her health. According to recent news, much less people take such tests this year. The latter is one of them, looking forward to going 六本木 after we can stay safe with that novel coronavirus.

Enviable Okinawa cat, long-legged

Charming Coincidence


Careless Mei-Shun often drops items on the floor. The most recent one was her diary from a table, when a piece of paper slipped under a chair. It was a memo from Dr. A who has given this ex-inpatient “Yes” phone calls for these 5 years. According to it, that happy message was first received on February 8th in 2020. How about the second after half an year? It was on August 8th.

Ripe rice ears

Shut Sake


Mei-Shun learned that alcohol affects her weight much, or the most. She drank it 3 times in August, twice at home “WAKAZE” and once out just a glass of “Shandy Gaff”. Although it had been getting better, next-day scale always saw sugar bags ranging from 1.7 to 0.6. Now it looks she has managed to reach the point of Oct. 2019 thanks to rice porridge method. The real goal is within a stone’s throw.

Fresh juice@beauty saloon

5Y + 20Wks


Yes, Dr. A gave Mei-Shun a phone call of “Yes” 10 days before. It is a big mistake of the latter to forget such an important report to you kind followers. At the same time, this ex-inpatient feels really happy to be relaxed enough to face this matter, thanks to you all. On the other hand, she immediately let Shin know in 江差, Hokkaido on a business trip while mother in 草津.

Fruits of rosa rugosa