Piano Pit


Mr. O, home “doctor” of Ms. Piano gave Mei-Shun a phone call. It was to make a reservation to tune the former: an annual check, very important for her health. According to recent news, much less people take such tests this year. The latter is one of them, looking forward to going 六本木 after we can stay safe with that novel coronavirus.

Enviable Okinawa cat, long-legged

Charming Coincidence


Careless Mei-Shun often drops items on the floor. The most recent one was her diary from a table, when a piece of paper slipped under a chair. It was a memo from Dr. A who has given this ex-inpatient “Yes” phone calls for these 5 years. According to it, that happy message was first received on February 8th in 2020. How about the second after half an year? It was on August 8th.

Ripe rice ears

Shut Sake


Mei-Shun learned that alcohol affects her weight much, or the most. She drank it 3 times in August, twice at home “WAKAZE” and once out just a glass of “Shandy Gaff”. Although it had been getting better, next-day scale always saw sugar bags ranging from 1.7 to 0.6. Now it looks she has managed to reach the point of Oct. 2019 thanks to rice porridge method. The real goal is within a stone’s throw.

Fresh juice@beauty saloon

5Y + 20Wks


Yes, Dr. A gave Mei-Shun a phone call of “Yes” 10 days before. It is a big mistake of the latter to forget such an important report to you kind followers. At the same time, this ex-inpatient feels really happy to be relaxed enough to face this matter, thanks to you all. On the other hand, she immediately let Shin know in 江差, Hokkaido on a business trip while mother in 草津.

Fruits of rosa rugosa

Eyes On


… Mei-Shun, kind Master Bando would soon. The latter lady arranged music source and 手拭 cloth for the former. Now they both wish a safe stage available in autumn. And the lesson would, well, be given if heat waves of current bon holidays calm themselves down a bit more. Although early morning sky shows cooler clouds, daytime summer might even take your life.

5Y + 17Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for a regular half-an-year check today. Many changes were seen there; visits were prohibited for inpatient families, all doctors and hospital staffs put on face masks in summer, less cars and outpatients including this ex-inpatient. She would wait for a phone call, yet without thinking about the result as so far. Just drive back to home, still in time for Spanish radio program.

14th and 15th mesdemoiselles opened, made a perfect bouquet

Bye and Hi


Mei-Shun found a fluffy ball of dandelion seed in the eastern veranda. She loves such a strong plant who lives a short, pretty life on narrow soil. Please, honey, come back to see her again next year. Another finding indoors was at the foot of Mademoiselle Vert. It looks all different from little leaf buds grew on her top. Are you going up or down, while to … bloom?

Your cousins in similar blossom, on one bank of nearby rice paddy

Growing day by day


Miss U


Oh, Princess Maria, Ms. Last One, Mr. Tea Time and Ms. Sagittarius, Mei-Shun has to wait for at least 3 weeks to see you all again. A horsey riding club they belong to informed her that it would be closed until the state of emergency goes ineffective. Well, it might be right: although members can stay away from three Cs outdoors, indoor environment is almost the same as other business.


Sorry, Necessary


Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon in 御徒町, Tokyo again. Actually, she reserved another one to choose the best for cut and curl. However, current stay-home campaign let the latter suspend business for 4 weeks until next month. Yes, we are supposed to think carefully about any action to go out. Since it seemed important to look neat, she decided to do it within a few hours.

Lively open

Lovely waiting sofa


Knocked Down


Mei-Shun chose taneya sweets to treat herself heading for the goal of weight control. Actually, their recent message featured “White Day” collection. It is counterpart of St. Valentine’s Day, set on March 14th. Girls would receive marshmallow, candy and other gifts from boys, like they did the opposite mainly by chocolates. How strong temptation from white baumkuchen is!