Step by Step


Or should Mei-Shun call it finger by finger? To tell the truth, she practiced passing the 3rd page of that piece by Master J. S. Bach until recently, where sharp position changes from F key to G. It results in more mistakes than other pages, forced her to make special workout in hands for such “difficult” part. It is like she feels a kind of tense in gallop on horseies; she has only to augment experience for progress.



What Gods mean by this, Mei-Shun wonders. She visited the nearest shrine, drew two omikuji lots as usual — one for Shin, the other for herself. They are twins both in number and luck as follows: The 44th Lucky. Those who see this lot have bad and good luck as well, like black and white stones on a 碁=go game board. Take care of others and make efforts, and everything would go better.

Joy? of Diet: 2


Shin, tortured by cedar pollen these days, reserved complete medical checkup in summer. He and Mei-Shun would go to a clinic in Tokyo, examined from the top of the head to the bottom of feet. The wife has never taken a brain test, quite interested in. Now her appointment with Dr. A is at the end of July, another X-day was set. She will do her best, treat herself to the biggest 冨貴寄 can on the day after success.

Apple juice would be all right in the morning.

Going So-so


Mei-Shun means her diet. She resumed walking to the nearest shrine at least 4 days a week, with the latest omikuji lot says:

The 20th Lucky: those who see this lot would find light in the dark like a bright moon. Still, watch steps forward and Gods would give protection to reach happiness.

狛犬 couple A-chan and N-chan, could you bring her half-lucky one to your master?

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After 3Y + 45Wks


Thank you so much, Dr. A. She gave Mei-Shun an “Yes” phone call yesterday. Of course from the hospital, therefore after a snowfall on Saturday. Please take good care of yourself, A-sensei, it is sincere wish of your ex-inpatient. And another gratitude to mom-in-law who kindly cooked お赤飯, red-bean rice thanks to above white weather. It was served on your daughter-in-law’s table for celebration.

After 3Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun saw Dr. A today. “If this time’s CT image, blood and cell samples check have no problem, next appointment would be in July”, the latter said. Now to be Yes or No: that is the question. In a way to stop thinking about it, the former experienced bone density measurement for the first time. Results at lumbar and femur are different, yet in good health.

Full Moon


She is so beautiful tonight, looks a bit powerful than usual. Listen, Shin’s birthday gift to Mei-Shun was too gorgeous to keep freshness for a long time. It was Saturday when she purchased these laundry circles to dry them, just a week after they arrived at her hands as an arrangement. Please help them to stay alive in good shade, while the couple to enjoy it as long as possible.