5Y + 17Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for a regular half-an-year check today. Many changes were seen there; visits were prohibited for inpatient families, all doctors and hospital staffs put on face masks in summer, less cars and outpatients including this ex-inpatient. She would wait for a phone call, yet without thinking about the result as so far. Just drive back to home, still in time for Spanish radio program.

14th and 15th mesdemoiselles opened, made a perfect bouquet

Bye and Hi


Mei-Shun found a fluffy ball of dandelion seed in the eastern veranda. She loves such a strong plant who lives a short, pretty life on narrow soil. Please, honey, come back to see her again next year. Another finding indoors was at the foot of Mademoiselle Vert. It looks all different from little leaf buds grew on her top. Are you going up or down, while to … bloom?

Your cousins in similar blossom, on one bank of nearby rice paddy

Growing day by day


Miss U


Oh, Princess Maria, Ms. Last One, Mr. Tea Time and Ms. Sagittarius, Mei-Shun has to wait for at least 3 weeks to see you all again. A horsey riding club they belong to informed her that it would be closed until the state of emergency goes ineffective. Well, it might be right: although members can stay away from three Cs outdoors, indoor environment is almost the same as other business.


Sorry, Necessary


Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon in 御徒町, Tokyo again. Actually, she reserved another one to choose the best for cut and curl. However, current stay-home campaign let the latter suspend business for 4 weeks until next month. Yes, we are supposed to think carefully about any action to go out. Since it seemed important to look neat, she decided to do it within a few hours.

Lively open

Lovely waiting sofa


Knocked Down


Mei-Shun chose taneya sweets to treat herself heading for the goal of weight control. Actually, their recent message featured “White Day” collection. It is counterpart of St. Valentine’s Day, set on March 14th. Girls would receive marshmallow, candy and other gifts from boys, like they did the opposite mainly by chocolates. How strong temptation from white baumkuchen is!

Too Soon


We have 立春=risshun, the first of spring and whole 二十四節気 today. It means to get warmer on lunar calendar, while still in cold weather on solar one normally. Yes, it is quite normal for us to put on thick sweaters and coats within February. However, thinner ones are often chosen this winter. Less snow, much more rain. The latter prevents Mei-Shun from going to see lovely horseies.

White plum soon

So are baby tulips

Dry Promptly


Here are pink roses Shin gave Mei-Shun on her birthday. Beauty lasts short — it is very difficult to keep them fresh. One week seems to be the limit to let them stay on soaked sponge, from her experience. She should not hesitate to pull them out of the silver pot. If hung upside-down in time, they would not so much change both in shape and color. Returning to the throne, their longer life of princess starts.

Second Resonance


We have 大寒=daikan, the last and coldest of 二十四節気 today. However, it has been so warm for a few days that Mei-Shun felt really comfortable walking to the nearest shrine. To her surprise, the priest sat still in the main building. She had to ask him omikuji lots instead of helping herself. No.8 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest for Shin. What would come next for her?

All the same, as they had on NY Day.

Saloon Shopping


Mei-Shun’s hair is taken care by two; a woman for dyeing, a man for cut and curl. However, she has to change the latter, search one nice. Required conditions might depend on you kind followers — hers from the most important to more are technique, communication and price. Location is also imperative, expected in Tokyo to enjoy date with Shin or friends.

New Bed


… and food for you, baby butterflies. Mei-Shun felt sorry when she found 2 of 5 disappeared from their previous places — her grapefruit pots. They were not lucky enough, born on smaller trees. Now all three survivors live on the biggest, yet soon starve or caught by birds. You had better move to a kumquat tree in the garden, she would help you.

You are the cleverest.