New Moon


It is called 八朔=hassaku, meaning lunar August 1st today. Mei-Shun meant to walk to the nearest shrine early in the morning before rainfall, yet it was too late. Such a dim, 100%-humid weather could prevent her from visiting there even if she brings one of her favorite umbrellas. Anyway, a night without moonlight lets her play “Clair de Lune” by Master Debussy.

Hi, I joined Ms. Piano lately.

Farewell & Hello


Mademoiselle Vert, you decided to say it at last. Mei-Shun found one of lovely green flowers closed and a little browned the other day. It happens to one after another, only 10 are still kept fresh among 28 twins this morning. It breaks her heart, yet should be accepted as what every life on earth has to face. Please take her admiration for your beauty and longevity, quite difficult for human beings.

Got Them


Yes, Shin finally brought Mei-Shun to 丸屋履物店 in Shinagawa, Tokyo. They sell many kinds of Japanese sandals including 下駄=geta, made of wood. She has put on 草履=zori, plastic ones so far in kimono. Since light and dry sound of geta steps match summer yukata better, she is so much satisfied to have one tailored for the first time in her life.

Another Beauty


Professor S generously gave a pretty necklace made of brown agates, when Mei-Shun visited her last week. “How nice”, Shin said immediately when he saw it. Of course it is handmade by that gentle lady who designed a lot of accessories before going to a shop of precious stones in 御徒町. She is very good at finding unique, reasonable ones to feature in her next works.

Longer Moratorium


Shin and Mei-Shun’s schedule for a total health check was postponed toward November. At first, this point of no return was set within August. It lead the couple to harder-than-usual weight control, gave good results for both. However, the husband forgot to make an appointment with a clinic between his business trips abroad. It was a kind of relief for the wife, who treated herself to a chocolate after riding today.

Listen to U


We have 処暑=shosho, the 2nd of autumnal 二十四節気 today. Well, partly thanks to successive rainfall from Tuesday, heat wave over 35 degrees Celsius seems to have gone. It serves Mei-Shun who feels something sacred to see rice paddy full of ears along the lane leading to the Gods’ place. And oh, beautiful white lily, you have a brave heart to stand against gale by the typhoon.

My Day


Meow, it comes once a month. Today I would let you know my favorite places to relax. First is the northeastern corner of dad’s study. Second is indoor wooden terrace in the bedroom. Third and rare is here, behind a television where previous one was set when a terrible earthquake attacked us years before. It had a Braun tube, allowed me to relax on in winter.

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Among many kinds of cicadas singing around Shin and Mei-Shun’s home, a new face made a debut this summer. They are called クマゼミ=kuma-semi, meaning bear cicada, found mainly in western part of our country. Since her late father was from Kyushu where above ones are normally heard, their songs reminds her of childhood. Do you have any reason for reaching her current residence?

She stares another breed.


Joy of Stones: 2


Mei-Shun designed another necklace featuring a Venetian beads, as she reported the other day. Professor S put it on a special board, checked balance of color and atmosphere. “It would be better if calmed down by dark blue”, she said, picked up some lapis lazuli from her toolbox. Oh, she really means. Cute, dice-like stones removed amethysts from the first idea as well, enabled another pair of earrings.



Joy of Stones


Professor S, please kindly take Mei-Shun’s deepest gratitude. It was a kind invitation from the former lady to visit her place for the latter today. Two pairs of “handmade” earrings motivated their appointment. They were so loosely attached onto metal parts that they have high risk to fall — her fingers are all thumbs. On the contrary, how quick and precise hands of this Madame Prof. are, to repair them!