Performance Promised


Master Bando gave Mei-Shun a phone call, informing that 邦楽発表会 would be safely held in November. Other impresarios including Masters Wakayagi and Fujima also kindly approved her to dance on the stage. Master Mei-Shu, your last 名取 is so happy to let you know on this matter. She chose 恋の手習い of 京鹿子娘道成寺, instead of being checked by Master Sen-Sha=扇舎 or a kabuki actor Mr. 尾上菊之助.

Master Mei-Shu on stage after one-night lesson





There are two important persons regarding 邦楽発表会; Mr. K and Master Bando, one of close friends to beloved Master Mei-Shu while the former a neighbor in charge of community center, where Mei-Shun needs to reserve a room to practice kabuki dance. Now restrictions related to the novel coronavirus are almost all lifted, she would be pleased to contact them.

Here is the 3rd mademoiselle …

With a supporter later.


Tough Tokyo


Mei-Shun changed today’s reservation at a hair saloon in 御徒町 for a cut, newly into one nearby 東京 station next week. The latter gave her a phone call to inform their suspension in April, yet returned to normal business 2 weeks after that state of emergency lifted. This is also the day her beloved father went on a long journey 11 years ago. She hopes to see him at mom’s home soon.

His favorite hydrangea in sky blue is missed as well.


Play Accurately


Mei-Shun has some bars in musical scores where she often makes errors. Honestly, “often” is better than “always”: she has practiced such parts over and over. In order to raise success rate toward 90%, more intensive working out is required by Masters Chopin and Bach. It seems similar to dance with a horsey, where other parts than gallop including walk, amble and trot are improved at the same time.

So Sorry


Mei-Shun has meant to eat and make exercise carefully for a month, when lives tend to be sedentary for many people on our mother earth. It is therefore nonsense if she should attribute her bags of sugar around the waist to lovely horseies — she owes it totally to herself. Now she arrived the nearest shrine, greeted Gods and drew omikuji lots. Oh, no, it was 凶=kyo, the least lucky for her again.

A-chan with fine teeth

Please safe MS, Ng-chan

Japanese Culture@holiday


1st of this month was 八十八夜=hachi-ju-hachi-ya, 88th day from 立春. It is said to be the best timing to pick up young leaves of green tea. Mei-Shun is therefore looking forward to purchase some, yet things are a bit different this year. Her favorite shop seems to suspend sending a pamphlet for order by post. She would wait until they return to normal business.

Great to see you again, little cherry tree.

Miss U


Oh, Princess Maria, Ms. Last One, Mr. Tea Time and Ms. Sagittarius, Mei-Shun has to wait for at least 3 weeks to see you all again. A horsey riding club they belong to informed her that it would be closed until the state of emergency goes ineffective. Well, it might be right: although members can stay away from three Cs outdoors, indoor environment is almost the same as other business.


Master’s Home


Shin went on a business trip to 徳島. Mei-Shun has not visited that prefecture where Master Mei-Shu was from, while famous for 阿波踊り=awa-odori, a dance performance on parade. Their main airport featuring above dance in name gives free lesson to tourists. When the loved lady joined them for a joke, she was awarded the best performer of that day.

Lunar March


So recent お彼岸=o-higan passed by, lunar calendar reached solar one. Mei-Shun visited her mother who kindly waited with handmade ohagi of course. It was one of favorite sweets of beloved father, has smooth surface these days stroked with wet cotton cloth. “When we were young, it was a bigger ball like a full moon covered with a lot of little horns,” she always says with a smile.

Queen Mom, mother of Momo-chan

Chocolate Day


Or St. Valentine’s Day has come. Mei-Shun ordered much of that delicacy from a chocolatier located in western Tokyo. Bringing one among them chocolate-coated apple jelly, she visited her mother’s home for lunch joined by her elder sister. Time flew above these three women, chat after chat. By the way, that saint seems to prosper again in Europe these days.