Joy of Raku


吐玉泉 Fountain is one of the most favorite places to visit for Shin and Mei-Shun. Clear water continues to come up to run around a bluish white well curb made of marble, leave to become a little fall. So it goes as we have 寒露=kanro, the 5th of autumnal 二十四節気 today. It means cold dewdrops on leaves of grass in the field, where she cannot go out to see lovely horseies.

Joy of Piano


Two pianos heard the same scores; “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum” and “The snow is dancing” composed by Master Debussy, “Nocturne cis-moll, Op. posth.” by Master Chopin at places of two families. One belongs to Mei-Shun’s elder sister, while Ms. Piano as the other of course. These two sisters used to practice on the former, a generous gift from their grandmother of mother’s side.

Joy of Hagis


Mei-Shun visited her mother’s place after 3 months: August saw them in 草津. Handmade delicacy following below welcomed the former, although a bit delayed. And oh, it was the first time for her to meet this bushclover in full blossom, descended from the late grandma of mom’s side. She immediately understood why it is one of the most popular autumnal flowers.

Sweet Ohagi
Hagi, queen of autumn

New Nostalgia


Master Bando kindly recorded 恋の手習い=love lesson from 京鹿子娘道成寺 for Mei-Shun. Music source of the former is a cassette tape only, not CD nor memory stick. The latter therefore had to order a converter, hoping to give longevity to it. It reminds her of beloved Master Mei-Shu who used to make walking exercise on such a gadget called “walkman”.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Which would you kind followers prefer, mountain or beach for a little summer vacation? Mei-Shun does the latter, although she means chilling out by the lakeside. She sat in Ms. Scarlet for 7 hours in total yesterday, with the safest driver Shin. They visited mother of the wife in 草津, enjoyed cool weather, pretty 桔梗 balloonflowers loved by their own beloved one and — amazing all three kinds of woodpeckers.

On a Fan


Mei-Shun visited Mr. O, husband of beloved Master Mei-Shu the other day. There she has it in her tiny new home — 2nd 紋=mon, seal of our kabuki dance party. 鳴鼓宝隆信女 is Master’s religious name; “鳴” and “隆” come from her secular ones, with the former her last 名取 takes over, while “鼓” means drums and “宝” treasure. It nicely represents what she was for the Os.

Vidro Popping


Here a lovely ビードロ or ぽぴん from Nagasaki follows below. Mei-Shun asked Shin to purchase one when he visited that beautiful city in Kyushu on business. She has been there only once when was a student, before seeing grandmother of father’s side lived in Fukuoka. A smaller “vidro” as a souvenir handed from a granddaughter in faraway Tokyo seemed quite satisfied the latter.

Performance Promised


Master Bando gave Mei-Shun a phone call, informing that 邦楽発表会 would be safely held in November. Other impresarios including Masters Wakayagi and Fujima also kindly approved her to dance on the stage. Master Mei-Shu, your last 名取 is so happy to let you know on this matter. She chose 恋の手習い of 京鹿子娘道成寺, instead of being checked by Master Sen-Sha=扇舎 or a kabuki actor Mr. 尾上菊之助.

Master Mei-Shu on stage after one-night lesson





There are two important persons regarding 邦楽発表会; Mr. K and Master Bando, one of close friends to beloved Master Mei-Shu while the former a neighbor in charge of community center, where Mei-Shun needs to reserve a room to practice kabuki dance. Now restrictions related to the novel coronavirus are almost all lifted, she would be pleased to contact them.

Here is the 3rd mademoiselle …

With a supporter later.


Tough Tokyo


Mei-Shun changed today’s reservation at a hair saloon in 御徒町 for a cut, newly into one nearby 東京 station next week. The latter gave her a phone call to inform their suspension in April, yet returned to normal business 2 weeks after that state of emergency lifted. This is also the day her beloved father went on a long journey 11 years ago. She hopes to see him at mom’s home soon.

His favorite hydrangea in sky blue is missed as well.