Missing You


Eight years have passed since Mei-Shun’s beloved father started his longest journey. A bit busy in daytime, she made a phone call to her mother living alone in the evening. Yes, mom, it rained 涙雨 during his funeral, left us full of tears before seeing clear sunlight. Oh, look at that 十五夜 moon. She might kindly come up to soothe our mind in spite of rainy season.

Edible Flower?


Would you see what flower it is? It is broccoli, gave us tasty buds all though March, ending in such a lovely shape. Oh, here comes our garden cat. Hi, honey, thanks for your good job. You look staying among flowers at night these days, Shin told Mei-Shun the other day. Does that mean you decided to play the role of Fuku-chan, who sleeps next to Black Tea rose?

Welcome Back


Mei-Shun planted 蝋梅=robai, Chimonanthus praecox babies in the garden. They are called wintersweet or Japanese allspice as well, one of her late father’s favorite flowers. Her mother loves plants while an earnest caregiver. With a garden full of memories, she has raised peach, rose, wisteria, bush clover and so on. These twins are expected to follow Princess Momo-chan.

Welcome Home


Mei-Shun attended a funeral today with mom-in-law on behalf of Shin. Such a stormy weather made them feel more depressing. Soon after they came home, he emailed that he would do the same in an hour. You could not sleep at all in the plane? That might be because your late aunt wanted to let you know her start of a long journey. Oh, father of our baby elephant found in Thailand? Good for you, darling.

Delayed Chocolate


Here you are, mom, on behalf of dad. Mei-Shun’s mother has a chronic dizziness. Meeting once a month is their fixed rule, with latest visit planned on February 14th. However, a symptom interrupted and forced them to postpone the appointment. Well, you have learned how to treat yourself, look fine today. That makes your younger daughter feel relieved and happy. Let’s talk about the cute bird the latter saw the other day.


Japanese Culture@holiday


Shin and Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home, one week later than expected. Now let’s enjoy mom’s best 黒豆=kuromame, sweet-simmered black soybean and 数の子=kazunoko, hot herring roe marinade. A tree of 蝋梅=robai or Japanese allspice welcomed them in full bloom. It was her beloved father who fell in love with this winter flower soon after its market introduction. Bright yellow petals look like art works made of wax, giving the sweetest scent around — you can recognize it at a distance of 10 feet.

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Second Challenge


Mei-Shun drove mom-in-law to one of major shrines in Japan 八坂神社=yasaka-jinja  whose headquarters is located in Kyoto. It is called 祇園さん as well, since the famous Gion Festival is hosted by them. Our nearest branch of 八坂神社 was late dad-in-law’s favorite. He used to buy something at a food stand along a path to the shrine to warm up our hands during midnight queuing for hours. 17 years later, we quietly spend 30 minutes in sunshine to worship.