Safely Alive


Mei-Shun’s smaller molar, younger Ame-chan on right upper jaw made a narrow escape. Although infected and cracked, inner nerves were partly kept healthy. Well, thank you so much, late elder Ame-chan. You saved your twin sister by sacrificing yourself, informing this careless owner on troubles in another half of you by the first, slight pain just like the one she felt in you last year.


Dance, Hanako


Mei-Shun decided to instruct Professor M in all of her favorite scene of 京鹿子娘道成寺 where 白拍子花子, the leading role who is a dancer in entertainment business puts on a red kimono with 金烏帽子, a golden cap handed from visiting priests of the temple. Although Kikunoe Ryu test for 名取 removed a part Hanako expresses her emotion around the big bell, it seems indispensable for the story.

Japanese Culture@wkday


Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home to celebrate お彼岸=(o)-higan, a week with Autumnal/Vernal Equinox Day in the middle, helping the latter make ohagi. Her late father, who was the second boy of an old family in Kyushu, loved this Japanese sweets from his childhood. He missed it for a while after coming to Tokyo, felt so happy when his young bride served handmade ones.

Mom’s hagi

Our hagi

Hi & Bye


Here is new phone, called Mr. Chocolate by Shin and Mei-Shun. Advanced technology is seen on such a nostalgic machine as well, looks quite convenient. Happiness is sometimes accompanied by sorrow: butterfly babies have gone. Both of them were clever enough to move to another pot, yet might become easy for their predators including birds, bats or dragon flies.

She Punished?


Ame-chan, Mei-Shun’s beloved molar extracted the other day, gave TWO BAGS of sugar in a week. No impunity must have been allowed to such a careless owner of that little, milky-white girl meaning both “candy” and “rain” by her name in Japanese. She had a slight fever, no appetite for a few days from the doleful process. And it followed — she burst into eating. Now half of the disastrous bags has gone.

Sudden Farewell


Oh, no, it was all split down the middle. Since X-ray image was taken in parallel direction of the crack, we had no information on it. After administering an anesthetic, Dr. M started to shave the molar head. To Mei-Shun and Dr.’s disappointment, they found above fact — there was no choice but an extraction. Good bye, darling, thank you so much so far. She would give you a nice posthumous name.

Could never catch her.

Angel Songs


Besides “La chevaleresque”, Master Burgmüller gave Mei-Shun another favorite. “L’harmonie des anges” literally soothes her mind. It is so hard to keep yourself in equanimity with sorrows, had better do something you like. Gentle-touch song by Ms. Piano would be one of the best for her, while precise technique is required to reach the goal. Oh, please do not make a mistake, fingers.

Not hurts, my nose

It’s recovered.