She Punished?


Ame-chan, Mei-Shun’s beloved molar extracted the other day, gave TWO BAGS of sugar in a week. No impunity must have been allowed to such a careless owner of that little, milky-white girl meaning both “candy” and “rain” by her name in Japanese. She had a slight fever, no appetite for a few days from the doleful process. And it followed — she burst into eating. Now half of the disastrous bags has gone.


Sudden Farewell


Oh, no, it was all split down the middle. Since X-ray image was taken in parallel direction of the crack, we had no information on it. After administering an anesthetic, Dr. M started to shave the molar head. To Mei-Shun and Dr.’s disappointment, they found above fact — there was no choice but an extraction. Good bye, darling, thank you so much so far. She would give you a nice posthumous name.

Could never catch her.

Angel Songs


Besides “La chevaleresque”, Master Burgmüller gave Mei-Shun another favorite. “L’harmonie des anges” literally soothes her mind. It is so hard to keep yourself in equanimity with sorrows, had better do something you like. Gentle-touch song by Ms. Piano would be one of the best for her, while precise technique is required to reach the goal. Oh, please do not make a mistake, fingers.

Not hurts, my nose

It’s recovered.

Moon Missed


… in full shape, on Saturday when the atypical typhoon Jongdari hit Japanese Archipelago. It went from east to west, just opposite to normal, still continues to walk above southern Kyushu. However, cautious preparation in Kansai area worked very well this time, makes Mei-Shun feel relieved. We and Mars would be able to enjoy our propinquity tonight in clear sky.

Double rainbow in Okinawa. Copyright © 2018 Shin All Rights Reserved.

Stormy Melody?


They said rainy season tentatively returned, yet it rather seems a typhoon. Windy, rainy, cloudy, sunny and windy again in every 10 minutes. Such a day would never let Mei-Shun go out to see horseies. Dearest One-one (or Last One), please wait your mom of brown sugar until next week. She would practice “La chevaleresque” by J. F. F. Burgmüller at home, dreaming of galloping with you.

Rescued by mom-in-law.

Blue Messenger


Shin and Mei-Shun visited the latter’s mother in 草津 last Saturday: it is the day beloved father of the same passed away 9 years ago. His car inherited by his younger daughter departed their home at 8 o’clock, arrived the lodge at noon. This cute flower called コアジサイ or baby hydrangea, with a gentle and sweet scent, welcomed the couple exhausted by jam-packed driving.

Color of Sky


Here are hydrangea in mom’s garden. Mei-Shun loves it, while the one mom-in-law planted is a bit too strong in blue. Light shade of the former was preferred by her late father as well. And oh, mantis babies, welcome to our balcony. You are so clever that were born before the season of rain after rain comes. Please do not hesitate to stay on grapefruit leaves for a while.