Best Orange


Called 山下紅=yamashita-beni, they are so beautiful both in taste and appearance that Mei-Shun cannot wait until she meet them at the beginning of winter. Mikan-chan, here are mini-moms you are named after. You are clever enough to know that, greet them peacefully while normal cats do not like them. One of Mei-Shun’s cat fancier friends loves oranges so much. However, he has to go to another room for this dessert since his boy always get angry at it and hit dad by paws.


After 1Y + 34Wks


Mei-Shun had a computed tomography held once an year today, on 朔日=saku-jitsu, the first date of a month in lunar calendar with a new moon at night. Thanks to the good timing of CT scanning, she was able to learn a little how to read the image from Dr. A. She said it looked fine, adding that she would give a “Yes” phone call after 2 weeks. Actually, before visiting the hospital, Mei-Shun walked to the nearby shrine and won the luckiest omikuji fortune.

Hello Again


Ms. Piano sang after an interval of nearly a month. Since it rained last night, Mei-Shun played her favorite scores featuring moonlight. The trident of this weblog comprises dance, lovely animal and music — represented by Japanese dance, cat and piano respectively right now to symbolize writer’s long-dreamed life. On the other hand, it is not easy to take pleasure in all of these three every day except for Mikan-chan. It might be better to choose “per week” idea.


Tropical Family


Mr. Banana stands quietly in morning sunlight, with a new leaf looking half-frozen. How’s Baby Avocado? … Oh, he looks safe, upheld in snow-covered garden. It is awful that current cold wave forces Mei-Shun to arrange protector against frost for them so soon. On the other hand, she found five flower buds of Princess Cymbidium just after returning from the roof floor to watch Mr. Banana. Kindly let her show great pleasure, your highness.

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First Snow


We are in November, aren’t we? Somebody in the sky should have made a mistake, pushing buttons for a snowfall to bring white Christmas. Meow, everyone would be happy if the same come one month later. It started around 7:00 when dad finished preparation to leave. He told mom who were also ready to drive him to the station, “stay home today, I’ll use mom’s car”. I agree with him, because Aladdin is murmuring that he was hungry. Please go ahead, mom, to feed him. I’ll stay a good girl here.


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Japanese Culture@holiday


Following yesterday, another natural disaster might beat us tomorrow — snowstorm. If really happened in November, it would be the second record after the first one 54 years ago, they say. It rains a little, chilly in Tokyo today. Buildings on Namiki Street, Ginza are so charming adorned with Christmas lights and ornaments. Convey our warm regards to such amusement, while never to unseasonable Snow White.

Nice Couple


We had 小雪=shosetsu, the second of winter 二十四節気 today with an unwelcome earthquake early in the morning. It reminded Mei-Shun of five years before — she seems to have a kind of allergy to image of tsunami since then. Her symptom might not appear if Shin, too busy last night and forced into a hotel in Tokyo, stayed with her. They were unable to represent いい夫婦の日 this year, reading numbers of November 22nd in Japanese.


Happy Riding


More than 2 weeks have passed since Mei-Shun rode horseback before. She was a bit tense until seeing Admire Serena for the first time, yet such a feeling immediately flew away when she found her round eyes with brown, long eyelash catching her own. Yes, all you have to do on horseies is to trust them. They are so clever that you should just relax to inform them of the next action. By legs, spurs and short- or long-whips if necessary, although Mei-Shun does not like the last one.

Gorgeous Sight


It really is in Tsukuba right now. Most of main streets are trimmed by trees beautifully bloom in spring, colored in autumn. Mei-Shun’s favorite includes Japanese maple whose coats depend on daily temperature and weather in summer especially. Perhaps the latter made one yellow instead of red, with already browned leaves on the top. Another keeps green while in part turning into bright red. The only problem is that they are too attractive to keep drivers’ eyes on the road.

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Horsey Day


… it must have been today, yet Mei-Shun had a pressing job. She therefore canceled lessons in the morning. After finishing what to do, she felt quite sore in throat. It has continued from last night actually, followed by a slight hurt. All right, how does thermometer analyze this symptom? It shows that she has a fever, a little as well. What a disappointing result! Lovely T.T., she misses you so much. However, she has to take care of herself to avoid any accident involving you.