Blue Sky,


White cotton clouds, green paddy. It is great to see you after a week. However, it was yesterday when Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine. They have gone immediately to bring heavy rainfall from midnight. What a pity — horseback riding club is closed on Tuesdays. It takes at least one whole sunny day for the field to dry. And her appointment with Last One and Madoka-chan is on Thursdays.


After 3Y + 10Wks


Thank you so much, Dr. A, family and friends of Mei-Shun for taking care of her on this matter. Actually, the ex-inpatient has not had any time to think about it until Dr. A gave her a “Yes” phone call: she was forced to study the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, related regulations and current management of this law to prepare for the seminar held on last Friday.

Once in 3Y


Mei-Shun needs to renew her certificate for immigration-related jobs, being in a hurry a bit this time. Hers will be expired at the end of next month, so she planned to attend an imperative seminar in April at Yokohama. However, it seems they failed to reserve a hall there, replaced it by one in Okinawa! Anyway, one of the relics of Edo Castle gave gentle words of “well done” to her.

Subtle Irises


This is one of yukatas or summer kimonos Master Mei-Shu gave her tall student. When Mei-Shun bowed sitting on her legs for a lesson the other day, something popped between thighs. She immediately knew what happened. Since Master is thin and short, her yukata cannot endure bigger pressure. The strongest thread for futon mat is necessary to repair it.

Night Guard


Hi, Tora-chan, relaxing on a chair in a guestroom downstairs. Oh, sorry to interrupt you. A good girl never ignores her friends, full of hospitality. Mei-Shun just wanted to take your photo — looking elegant with a green stone on your neck. Mom-in-law allows you to stay indoors in daylight these days, while darkness keeps everyone including Dora-chan and Kuro-chan our garden cats.

Master Bach?


Since mom had a hair cut and curl last week, she has looked a little weird. I wondered why and knew the reason: her tresses are too tight. Meow, you burst into laughter at dresser mirror, saying the image is just like paintings on the wall of music classroom. That great composer in 18th century always puts on a wig full of horizontal curls, while whose scores are never seen on Ms. Piano.

I’m curled as well.

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Pumpkin Salad


Oh, they failed — or made one Mei-Shun does not like. She prefers ほくほく=hoku-hoku texture in this vegetable full of beta-Carotene and sweet potatoes. Such ねっとり=nettori, creaminess is literally for dairy products, she complains. However, foods should not be thrown away. Then a good idea came across: how it would be if frozen? She was just right, succeeded in yummy ice cream.