Full Moon


Here she comes up. Her shining, perfect round shape means that we are in the middle of lunar October, doesn’t it? Mei-Shun went up to the roof floor after months to see her above backyard gingko tree. He has grown so tall and wide that all eastern view is covered by leaves. Oops, fallen ones almost clogged drainage. It is time to clean them up to stop making a dangerous pool here.

Joy in Miyagi: 4


Shin and Mei-Shun expected to stroll around 竹泉荘 in early morning before heading for Mikan-chan at home. Although a bear prevented them from it last year, they would have a chance this time. However, not only calicobacks but that fluffy animal welcomed the couple again. A small garden is available at Room 301, while it looks safer to keep following tiny door closed.

Joy in Miyagi: 3


Room 301 at 竹泉荘 accommodates 2 baths; a big tulip indoors, a spa surrounded with rocks outdoors. The former cannot be filled with natural hot water, yet accompanied just  beside by a glass shower box. The latter has no washing space, only to warm yourself feeling nice breeze. However, nature gave Shin and Mei-Shun a challenge: it is too hot to stay for 5 minutes!

Trick or Treat!


It was 3 weeks before when Shin brought cookies from the U.S.A. for Mei-Shun. However, she normally refrains from sweets aiming at a whole-body health check scheduled soon on November 5th. He does as well, yet his prohibition is more against a bowl of rice — his favorite. It is the reason why Pumpkin Patch is regularly consumed while Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake is still untouched.

A pumpkin made of horseshoes

From Backdoor?


Lunar October starts from today. Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine on weekend, found smaller 鳥居=torii gate missing God — seriously, a kind of name tug attached to it lost “神” letter. It seems some of Gods living there were in a hurry, departed for 出雲 a few days earlier. Others might leave later through larger front gate, next to a stone monument explaining history of the shrine.

“Lucky” omikuji she drew.

Time Table


Spanish radio program Mei-Shun listen to is broadcasted from Monday to Wednesday. The same 15 minutes on Thursday and Friday seem to be for those who already won the 4th or even 3rd grade of the “Evaluación del Conocimiento Lengua de la Española”. She therefore made it a rule to train her ear, mouth and brain for above easier three days a week. What would come into the vacancy of two weekdays?

Oh, poor old textbook of Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.

Yellow Shock


Mei-Shun’s first-tailored 下駄 finally made a debut last night. It was clear with bright moonlight, let her put them on walking to a nearby community center. She gave a lesson in kabuki dance to Professor M there, while had her own practice to make smooth steps on these pair of wooden sandals. When she came back home to put them off, her white 足袋=tabi, kimono socks were found … contaminated.