Butler Service


He is ready at Satsuki Suite of a hotel in Osaka regular for Shin and Mei-Shun. If they order some items except for foods, he would put them into following space between a door and a closet. A little yellow light would be on among room phone buttons to inform guests that he served. However, he always appeared in person ringing the doorbell. What on earth do they mean??

Open this door,

and he serves.

Full of Mistakes


Text application here says that it is ginkgo, not gingko. On the other hand, Mei-Shun’s old English-Japanese dictionary shows that either is correct. Well, as for the youngest mademoiselle, it is not right or left but seems to be up or down. What is going on you, honey? If you have no problem, it does not matter at all. However, it seriously does when a bottle of clothes-softener is replenished toward the top.

Floppy Blossom


Well, well, we had 清明=seimei, the 5th of spring 二十四節気 last Friday when lunar March began at the same time. Mei-Shun meant to fix this shoji sliding door within the same month on solar calendar, yet canceled such plan due to freezing weather often returned. She therefore decided to do the job during Golden Week, 10 serial holidays this year from abdication of our current emperor.

Hello Again


Season has come for pheasant guys to sing loudly. At least two compete for territory in rice paddy spread under the hill which accommodates the nearest shrine. Mei-Shun listens to their song walking along a lane, sometimes finds them flap in sunlight. However, they are so clever that photo taking is difficult. She therefore chooses cherry trees who kindly give enough chance.

Can you kind followers see him?


Floating Clouds


Oh, Mikan-chan, please stay asleep on the sofa when mom plays “Lieder Ohne Worte” Op.53.No.2, composed by Master Mendelssohn. It is one of her favorite pieces, sounds nice and serves good for finger stretching. Or if she practice more to gain a flowing tune, would you listen quietly like Momo-chan, Princess Peach in our garden does? She bloomed from 10% to 60% in a few days.

Japanese Culture?@holiday


Mei-Shun visited a beauty salon for a hair-dye in the morning. Shin is at a barber right now for a haircut. They never share a shop for hair-dressing, seems to be normal in our country; many women go to the wife’s favorite, men do the husband’s. As 春分 or vernal equinox today, we might be separated equivalently into day and night. By the way, her reason for not going with him is skin trouble with razor.


An Enigma


Dieter Mei-Shin tends to eat slowly, masticating well. It looks good for health, yet might as well stimulate her stomach little by little to crave one more bite, over and over. She therefore takes too long a time to eat 80% of capacity. On the other hand, Shin and his mother eat so quickly that his wife still has half of her serving when they finish theirs up. Why one of them burly while the other skinny?