CD Please


Oh, Mei-Shun made a mistake again. How careless she is — forgot to draw CD of kabuki dance music from a player at a nearby community center, where her lesson for Dr. M is given on Wednesdays. Typhoon Krosa brought short-time yet severe shower this morning, prevented her from visiting Mrs. M who owns the key. It is getting better in the afternoon, let her drop in there after the nearest shrine.

Autumn seems to have come in the sky

Umbrella Lover


Mei-Shun is, would never like to get wet even in slight rain. Shin and his mother are real antonyms — they say it does not rain when the poor wife and daughter-in-law rush back to the porch to pick up one of her collection. Its color is ranging from violet to red, texture from plastic to cloth. Isn’t it enjoyable to coordinate your clothes with that great artifice like shoes and bags?

This is her favorite.


Lollipop City


Following below is Shin’s souvenir from Las Vegas. It was skin-grilling there, yet so dry that felt quite easy, he told Mei-Shun. On the other hand, they are in the latter half of rainy season here, with temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. However, 100% humidity almost every day makes them feel heavy both in mind and body. It is not an excuse by the wife whose weight keeps stagnant lately.


Lovely Guests


Have you kind followers seen cactus flower? Mickey-face one in mom-in-law’s garden suddenly went into lemon-yellow bloom last month. Baby mantis, great to see you again. And your appearance on the floor of Shin and Mei-Shun is really appreciated, gecko darling. Hey Tora-chan, please do not try to assault the latter after shower. She is already in pajamas, would not like your paws walked outdoors.

Mr. Melon


Shin rents nearby parking space for two cars; one for his own, the other for guests. Since mom-in-law gave up her driver’s license a few years before, he should have canceled one of above. However, he continues to pay for both. That seems to be the reason why Mr. F, the owner visits Mei-Shun to hand お中元=o-chugen, summer gift and お歳暮= o-seibo, winter one every year.

Real Researcher


Mei-Shun’s mother loves birds and plants. Not only beauty of nature but also scrutiny into variety seems her interest. For example, the former walked to the nearest shrine, found lovely white flower the other day. She took it as hydrangea hirta, sent the latter a photo. She gave a glance at it, quickly replied that it might not be. Several other photos went from daughter to mother, lead them to a result.

Viburnum wrightii

Iron Items


Purr, it is not so hot, nice breeze came up. I like such a weather, mom does as well, who burst into laughter at one of big booming cubes. She found a paper cutter and an USB flash drive from behind a rubber packing, too much stained to use again. Almost half an year has passed since both of them were washed in dad’s pocket, she told me. Meow, shall I lend you my hand, then?

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