Romantic Rain


We have 小暑=shousho, the 5th of summer 二十四節気 today, which seems a bit weird because of the timing. It is said to be the beginning of torrid days, meaning the end of rainy season. However, we are often in the middle of the latter, cannot see 七夕=tanabata stars tonight. Perhaps both of 織姫 and 彦星 are too shy to appear in our gaze from below.

Welcome to our veranda.

Sleepy Princess


Meow, mom seems to refrain from going outdoors today. More precisely, she only drove dad to the nearest station before dropping in the shrine she normally walks to. Welcome back, how was your omikuji lot? Both of two you drew are 吉=lucky, that’s great. White lilies have grown up toward your thighs, sounds nice. What, Tora-chan was on your mom-in-law’s bed? I cannot say purr for it.

It is my privilege.

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Up and Down


Mei-Shun seems to suffer weekend overeating syndrome from the beginning of this month. On 6th, Shin’s birthday, he and his wife ate all day long, as much as they like. 12th let her enjoy soba. It takes at least 3 days to come back to her normal diet with 3 methods; biggest breakfast, 8-hour carbo and candy-first. And weight control is easier when the couple do together, while difficult if one of them drops out.

Best Soup


Hi, a larger package of 羅臼昆布, welcome onto the table of Shin and Mei-Shun. The wife has to take good care of you from now, since weather forecasters said minutes before that rainy season seemed to start today in many areas of our archipelago including Kanto. However, it is clear with strong breeze. Well, it often occurs as soon as we come into that period of humidity.

Destroyed Dessert


Oh, Mei-Shun did it again. She boiled a stick of alga powder, meant to pour it into a container to store in the refrigerator. However, since it was too hot to handle, she shifted her gear from cooking to cleaning. Now what should be done on it? Re-heating is not a proper way, dangerous with a high risk of burning. The best is to cut it directly within the pan. Yes, she is used to such a slight accident.

Mischievous Message


Mei-Shun’s favorite English textbook call her “d.e.b.” again. Well, she keeps one bag of sugar around the waist for as long as half an year. She has mild muscle ache in thighs from Monday, enjoyed dancing with Princess Maria and Mr. Little Rainbow after 6-week respite. So you mean to give her a kind of warning, don’t you? Expecting active season of much perspiration, she would go ahead for the goal.

Joy of White


Mei-Shun loves flowers from the end of this month to all through next; hydrangea, orange, cape jasmine, iris, etc. However, she forgot your name, darling of early rainy season in the nearest shrine garden. May she call you Lady Veil? And oh, it was you, one of Siamese twins. She thought a white-hair lady is working here, hurried to a handkerchief in a pocket to cover her mouth.

First Fruit


Mei-Shun’s chimonanthus praecox in the garden has a little violet-brown vase on the top of a branch. When she asked her mother how to treat it, the latter replied that it would drop onto the ground to raise babies. “If you do not want any, just pick it up”, she said. Well, mom-in-law is the person to decide. By the way, you are a round vase as well, Tora-chan.

In & Out


Hi, Tora-chan, you look like bound with mom-in-law’s futon hunger. Yes, raining hard with gale from yesterday, it is the best to stay home. What are you staring at? Ah, Dora-chan or Alto, you are that boy who has continued to call her for around a month. However, you two resemble each other too closely. That means she should not be your partner, doesn’t it?

Shining Smile


Mei-Shun visited her home dentist today for a check in every 4 months. Actually, she felt slight stains on upper incisors, worried that they might get decayed. Dr. M was kind enough laughing it off, saying it is caused by tea. Her assistant then cleaned it off, let this patient regain white teeth. Not only their technique but also finely sanitized environment is highly esteemed.

Can U find a lovely green plum?