Teeth First


Mei-Shun visited her home dentist Dr. M today. After a regular check last month, she should have finished it within 2019. However, her careless nature put necessary insurance card somewhere else instead of usual place. She looked and looked for it, took up 30 minutes to drive. This time everything went fine, let her make a new-year greeting to the doctor.

First Riding


It is on you, Princess Maria. How have you been during year-end and new-year vacation? Quite short for you from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2 while between Dec.27 and Jan. 5 for this mom. A staff said you look like rice cake, which is one of the reasons why she added one bag of sugar around waist. Others include a birthday cake for her mom-in-law, handmade red-bean rice, etc.

Inedible, just cute


First Greeting


… toward Gods at the nearest shrine, Shin and Mei-Shun made it on New Year’s Day. The husband walked to there by himself this morning, told the wife that all staffs in white kimono sat still in the main building to serve for well-wishers. However, it was only he who visited that pressure from them let him pray in a second and run away. That might be why our 豆苗 babies suddenly went green.

Dry paddy in winter

Akemashite Omedeto


Meow, a happy new year. Mom told me that 2020 sounds like my voice, while I think Japanese has to wait 3030 (pronounced meow-meow). Here our day is set on coming February 22nd with three 2s, dog’s day on November 1st with three 1s (wow-wow-wow). Mom said 11th is better, yet four 1s do not look suitable to me without 22nd month on the solar calendar.

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Love To


Master Bando gave Mei-Shun a phone call thanking to an year-end greeting sweets the latter sent the other day. Actually, she was under a warming machine to let dyeing paste absorb into her hair when her smart phone rang. Master Mei-Shu would laugh if she saw her last 名取 chat with both ears covered by protective caps. Anyway, Kikunoe, Mei-Shun intends to stand on a stage next autumn.

Fluffy Friends


Hi, do you reside here? Where is your partner or child today? This is the second time Mei-Shun see him/her and looking-like another on the way to the nearest shrine. His/her elegant beige coat, beady eyes and round smile was so attractive that she could not stop taking a photo. Thanks a lot for your good posing. And you as well, Tora-chan, just before rushing towards this photographer or a close friend outdoors.

Never Welcome


Mei-Shun heard an interloper call her when she was involved in picking up gingko leaves on balcony floor. Hey, Tora-chan, what are you doing there? You remember that she told you over and over NOT to enter Mikan-chan’s territory, don’t you? It includes this outdoor space surrounded by a fence. Shin and Mei-Shun quite like you staying downstairs. Please keep a good girl.