Kiss Kitty


Ohhhh, nobody would be able to hurt you. Who knows the way to start using you two, appear shyly from the edge of these metal tubes of lip balm? Thanks to Shin who brought home a bath kit including a similar product from different brand, a kind of moratorium was given to Mei-Shun. Do you agree with mom, Mikan-chan? Wow, a silver ammonite is here instead.


Dutch Pottery


Hello Miffy, whose original name is rare to be heard in Japan, welcome onto Mei-Shun’s hands. Shin found her in Netherlands last week, fell in love at a glance. A sleepy shop clerk told him that only Japanese people purchase this rabbit girl, apologizing lack of an official box. No problem at all — who need it when they never think of selling you to others? Please share a job to store coins with our pink piggy.

Horsey on Piano


Mei-Shun played “La chevaleresque” by F. Burgmϋler at a concert when she was an elementary school student. Translated into 貴婦人の乗馬 meaning “Lady’s Horseback Riding”, she dreamed of a graceful lady in long dress. However, such costume seems never suitable for the sport she currently enjoys. Well, thanks search engines, you are quick enough to let her know they have side saddles.


Another Tora-chan


Hi, great to see you, cute tabby. You stay too distant from Mei-Shun to recognize your gender, yet either would be all right. Do you know our garden girl? She puts on a coat like yours, so friendly that rushes to anyone of our family just after they come outdoors. Oh, please do not try to climb Mei-Shun toward her arms. She must avoid bringing your scent to Mikan-chan, her indoor princess.

Ready Already


Here under Momo-chan, 姫空木=hime-utsugi is waiting for her turn to bloom in white. I’m not so much interested in flowers, while like sister Mei-Shun who often gives me a treat. She told me smiling that the backyard gingko, whose trunk is good to scratch, evinced many leave buds. Meow, they are too little to help me reach her balcony. I hope my nails would stimulate one of their beds to grow enough soon.

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Never Again


On you two whites, Vanilla-san and Maria-chan. Mei-Shun was so exhausted to clean up following saddle pad in blue that she decided to purchase another in their color or beige. Although they do not perspire much these days, change from winter coat to spring one is still going on. It is fun to take care of horseies and riding equipments, yet she has many other to enjoy with Mikan-chan treatment on the top of her list.

Who Told U


It is Shin’s brother-in-law who takes care of cars owned by him and his wife. When he brought Mr. Diamond to their place the other day, no sticker of tax certificate was on the front glass. Next morning made him rush to Mei-Shun, certify the blue-gray chic. She found following audience, told him how lovely they were. He replied, “ah, they are buds of cauliflower, aren’t they?” Oops, oops.

Brassica oleracea var. italica