Mr. Melon


Shin rents nearby parking space for two cars; one for his own, the other for guests. Since mom-in-law gave up her driver’s license a few years before, he should have canceled one of above. However, he continues to pay for both. That seems to be the reason why Mr. F, the owner visits Mei-Shun to hand お中元=o-chugen, summer gift and お歳暮= o-seibo, winter one every year.

Real Researcher


Mei-Shun’s mother loves birds and plants. Not only beauty of nature but also scrutiny into variety seems her interest. For example, the former walked to the nearest shrine, found lovely white flower the other day. She took it as hydrangea hirta, sent the latter a photo. She gave a glance at it, quickly replied that it might not be. Several other photos went from daughter to mother, lead them to a result.

Viburnum wrightii

Iron Items


Purr, it is not so hot, nice breeze came up. I like such a weather, mom does as well, who burst into laughter at one of big booming cubes. She found a paper cutter and an USB flash drive from behind a rubber packing, too much stained to use again. Almost half an year has passed since both of them were washed in dad’s pocket, she told me. Meow, shall I lend you my hand, then?

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Friendly Food


Following below is a bag of ottotto, salty crisp shaped like fish which Mei-Shun likes from childhood. Thanks to packaging, calories per serving is so clear that she feels a kind of safe. Such products are for little kids, including other cookies and rice crackers, yet work very well for this adult dieter. Mom-in-law is also much helped by baby dishes, easily available compared with those for elderly persons.

Very rare to see them.

Vegetable flavor joined!

Made Pool


Both Shin and Mei-Shun deserved drops from the ceiling. It was caused by flood on the roof floor. Drain was clogged by dust which came from vegetable pots the former set there years before, while the latter never cleaned up. Since they were made of paper, broken little by little with rainwater and snow, spreading filled soil. It crawled into corners to work as plugs, yet removed by a kind repairer.

Not inundated, just ready to plant.

Layered Shoji


Yes, she made it. It was shocking 4 years before when these 障子, sliding door made of wooden frame and paper were refreshed by Mei-Shun. Hoping to come back from the hospital in better health, she removed old paper to be replaced with new one. Since fruitful paper for smaller shoji was left a little, she tried an experiment to use 2 different patterns.


Oh, No,


Mei-Shun lost almost all of left detergent for a fluffy belt which Princess Maria, Mr. Silver Pure and other white horseies use. Since it is made of lambskin, special care is imperative to keep clean. She thought attached detergent is also from Poland, not easily available, so tried to save it as long as possible — yet let the bottle lie on its brochure. She wishes it would arrive safely soon from the U.S.A.