Japanese Culture@holiday


Here comes Golden Week. It was named by the film industry who gain big profits during these serial holidays, they say. And many farmers use it to water their rice paddies before planting seedlings. Mei-Shun overslept a little this morning, saw two farmers already start working on her way to the shrine. Sorry to interrupt you.

Mornin, guardian.

Good morning, guardian.

Dandelion Fluff


One of green necklace pods has been found growing it. So cute is this puffball on a long and slender stalk, isn’t it? Each seeds will fly away with one strong message to prosper anywhere. Oh, it reminds Mei-Shun of Dr. A, not a message recorded but saying “Yes” on a phone call at Sunday night.

tanpoko (2) tampoko2 (2)

Polish Pottery


They followed a pair of glasses from Niijima Island, included in Izu-Shichi To=seven islands of Izu where volcanoes are so active that we can enjoy nice hot springs while 抗火石=koukaseki, meaning the rare lava-rock, is used as one of ingredients to make such beautiful olive green arts.

potteries2 (2)

A Professional


… in diet Mei-Shun could be called actually. Since her junior high school days, she has repeated weight loss and gain. It never seems good for health, the more you lose and gain sugar bags all over the body as insuline spike does in blood. Her goal is to reach BMI 22 first of all, and keep it as long as possible — for her whole life, hopefully.

National Bird


When Shin walks to the station, his wife joins these days. He heads to the west, she does to the north. Mei-Shun is lucky to see two male pheasants on the way to the nearest shrine. They look struggling for territory beside rice paddies soon watered to accommodate frogs, egrets and herons.

phesant (3)

pheasant2 (2)

After 1Y+3Wks


Mei-Shun reserved a beauty salon in Shinagawa again, not to avoid a phone call from Dr. A. Shin’s schedule allowed them to meet there only today.

A 加賀(=Kaga, current Ishikawa Prefecture) cuisine restaurant always guides them into a room called 寿椿, meaning celebrated camellia. A wooden “pheasant” welcomes them as usual, yet his blue feather is all different from normal ones. You are a peacock, aren’t you?

… Woops, no message was recorded on our home phone.


Gorgeous Sakura


They have 3 breeds of 八重桜 at 乙戸沼 Park. One looks like holding a lot of 桜餅=sakura-mochi, a seasonal Japanese sweet with leaf-flower combination of brown-violet pink. Another has less browned-normal pink while the last one green-delicate shade of light pink as follows.

yae-sakura1 (2)

Crasher Clouts


How shocking it is to see her glasses broken! A metal frame for drying clothes suddenly fell on Mei-Shun. This is the 2nd time — they always protect her eyes sacrificing one of themselves. Thanks and sorry, kind twins. “You didn’t get any hurt, did you?” said Shin first when his wife informed on the misfortune.

Oh, Babies


These little sprouts of gingko in our backyard while in a row at 乙戸沼 Park are so cute, looking like green shells. However, the former was found to work as stairs for Tora-chan to reach Mei-Shun, Shin and Mikan-chan living on the 2nd floor. Good girl, we cannot let you in. Please keep free, save your territory including our garden.

our gingko gingko park (2)