Stand by Meow


You kind followers missed me? Thanks a lot for your warm remembering me for weeks. I have been … well, so-so. 2nd and 3rd weeks of this month were quite comfortable. It might be because mom went out less: her absence makes me stay on the sofa almost awake, eat little, just wait for her coming home. However, she left me alone all through this week, hiss! Health of our family is the 1st, isn’t it?

Can you hold me?

… then I would come out.

Purrrrr …

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Dangerous Scent


Mom left me alone till very late at night the other day. It was because she visited a close friend living far away, I heard. Meow, why don’t you stop trying to enter my mom’s hat? By the way, dad felt sick when he picked her up at the nearest station. She used an old perfume which might changed constituents by years, emits something like lead. He is allergic to it, sneezed seriously.

Copyright © 2018 Mikan-chan All Rights Reserved.

Sudden Farewell


Oh, no, it was all split down the middle. Since X-ray image was taken in parallel direction of the crack, we had no information on it. After administering an anesthetic, Dr. M started to shave the molar head. To Mei-Shun and Dr.’s disappointment, they found above fact — there was no choice but an extraction. Good bye, darling, thank you so much so far. She would give you a nice posthumous name.

Could never catch her.

Angel Songs


Besides “La chevaleresque”, Master Burgmüller gave Mei-Shun another favorite. “L’harmonie des anges” literally soothes her mind. It is so hard to keep yourself in equanimity with sorrows, had better do something you like. Gentle-touch song by Ms. Piano would be one of the best for her, while precise technique is required to reach the goal. Oh, please do not make a mistake, fingers.

Not hurts, my nose

It’s recovered.

Prayer fm Kyoto


Shin and Mei-Shun felt heart-broken for victims in western Japan hit by extraordinary rainfall which triggered flooding and landslides. However, they decided to keep the reservation fixed months before, wishing to serve a drop of financial aid to those displaced. Sunny morning of Sunday allowed them to visit 八坂神社=祇園さん to return =chimaki they purchased last year.

Oh, Girl,


Tora-chan. You are not allowed to stay there. Mei-Shun told you not to come up stairs, didn’t she? Even if you stopped jumping over the last gate, it is against our rule anyway. Look, it took more than an hour for Mikan-chan to forget a shock of unforeseen encounter, sit down relaxed beside mom before going asleep. We feel so sorry for you to say, yet it is she who is our one and only Princess Indoors.

Sincerely Yours


Japanese dance joined cat and piano in Mei-Shun’s life approx. 10 years ago. Now, has she been capable of mentioning equally these three biggest joys here so far? Health, diet and exercise tend to eat away music these days, don’t they? With 朔 accompanied by lunar September tonight, she should straighten herself up again to stay loyal to Ms. Piano whose tuning has been delayed for 2 months.