Half Home?


Meow, mom went out twice this afternoon to: 1) A drug store by car for painkillers. 2) A postal office to renew a passbook. 3) The same shop again for kitchen items and foods. After once coming home to take care of me with a jelly stick, 4) A hair salon on foot. Counters will be closed at 15 : 00? Your reservation was 16 : 30? Well, my understanding means 50%, a little wet mat 50%.

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Salon Shock


So it is the last day for mom to enjoy her current years old. She left home around 9 : 00, returned before 11 : 00. It is within morning, much earlier than yesterday. However, why you forced me to be alone so often? You made a promise to keep at least every 2 days to stay with me from morning till night, didn’t you? This tiny pool on the floor is therefore a penalty for your breaking it.

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Hello, Highness


Going into lunar November tomorrow, Mei-Shun looked up the sky this morning. Ms. Crescent sees her from southeast before dawn lately. The latter gets up at 5 : 00 to take care of Shin and Mikan-chan on weekdays, privileged to come across such a fantastic view. By the way, above image was actually taken yesterday, because today was a little too cloudy to catch her clearly.

Shrimp Shock


Oh-oh, thanks and sorry, Shin. He went on a business trip to Nagoya, brought home a can of … cracker. Called ゆかり=yukari, made Mei-Shun take it as a famous topping on a bowl of rice. However, she merrily removed above golden lid to find poor, beaten water creatures. Such density of a food-ingredient animal is too high for her. May she close it and run away?

Full Moon


Mei-Shun cleaned a mirror whose grapevine frame is very cute. She brought it from her parents’ home when married with Shin. However, it reflects her face looking older, maybe because it has been forced to stay in dust since moved to Ibaraki. It is one of sacred items which symbolize Gods at shrines for example, must be kept shining. Now we would expect together that round beauty in the sky tonight.

Table Cat


Mom, mom, look at me. Take the first care of me, not dad. I’m a good girl, understand well that you are mine on weekdays, while dad’s on weekends. Even if he is still in bed, you greet me with gentle smile in early mornings. Thanks a lot for wet food, checking my health by cleaning restrooms. Why do you then boil pasta before giving me crisps? I’ll be a bad girl, sniff this dish for daddy.

Yes, stay on ur place.

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So Sorry


Mademoiselle Vert, it might be better that Mei-Shun stops bringing you beside her pillow at night. Actually on holidays, she often sleep twice in the morning. Her first job is to open the door of Mikan-chan’s cage. After cleaning and feeding, she takes care of herself, puts several curlers on hair. Such items or ponytails could be a weapon for fragile flowers.

Please take her deep apology.

Last Mademoiselle


25th and 26th sisters almost bloomed at the same time, including another in upside-down position, needed aid a little. And 28th has just arrived. It is amazing that all buds opened safely, making Mei-Shun feel so happy. By the way, some of you kind followers might wonder why she does not call the 27th. It is kept for the unfortunate one who was hurt to fall by this careless owner.

Stand by Meow


You kind followers missed me? Thanks a lot for your warm remembering me for weeks. I have been … well, so-so. 2nd and 3rd weeks of this month were quite comfortable. It might be because mom went out less: her absence makes me stay on the sofa almost awake, eat little, just wait for her coming home. However, she left me alone all through this week, hiss! Health of our family is the 1st, isn’t it?

Can you hold me?

… then I would come out.

Purrrrr …

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Dangerous Scent


Mom left me alone till very late at night the other day. It was because she visited a close friend living far away, I heard. Meow, why don’t you stop trying to enter my mom’s hat? By the way, dad felt sick when he picked her up at the nearest station. She used an old perfume which might changed constituents by years, emits something like lead. He is allergic to it, sneezed seriously.

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