Oh, Girl,


Tora-chan. You are not allowed to stay there. Mei-Shun told you not to come up stairs, didn’t she? Even if you stopped jumping over the last gate, it is against our rule anyway. Look, it took more than an hour for Mikan-chan to forget a shock of unforeseen encounter, sit down relaxed beside mom before going asleep. We feel so sorry for you to say, yet it is she who is our one and only Princess Indoors.


Sincerely Yours


Japanese dance joined cat and piano in Mei-Shun’s life approx. 10 years ago. Now, has she been capable of mentioning equally these three biggest joys here so far? Health, diet and exercise tend to eat away music these days, don’t they? With 朔 accompanied by lunar September tonight, she should straighten herself up again to stay loyal to Ms. Piano whose tuning has been delayed for 2 months.

Welcome, But…


Oh, please do not scare Mei-Shun, darling. She put off glasses, prepared to bathe when she recognized something moving up on the wall. It was a lovely little gecko, not the awful creature in similar size. Actually, she fought with a family lived under green necklace pots, sprayed pesticide all over balcony floor the other day. So your vague silhouette was a light punishment.


Second Time


Mei-Shun fell from horseback again. It seemed better than the first, horrible one in which she hit muddy ground on left hip. She nearly got off Tie Crescent from legs, staggered a little to kneel. Thanks to a vest with airbag, she had no hurt.

However, failure is failure. Actually, she might know the reason: she felt something weird in riding technique, let her concentration wander.



Never Read


This is my intention. Mom shouldn’t have left me alone. She tries to bend down on newspapers even after coming home. No, you cannot, hiss! Brush me, look at me eating and hold me. That’s it, purr. It is cool today, a bit freezing for me. I had to stay in the restroom twice in the morning. Now it’s getting better. Meow, what’s this blue one? Iris, you went out to see them at 乙戸沼 Park.

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Never Rides


Hi, Tora-chan, would you join Mei-Shun for shopping? It might be crows who broke your treat plate made of rubber, bought for your kittens. It has four spaces to put baby food respectively for Marimba, Viola, Piano and Harp while you always ate them all by yourself. Has your missing them stopped? Mei-Shun remember well the day when we forced you to say good-bye to them at Dr. O’s clinic.


Little Lovely


Narcissus and tulip began to grow in our garden. They seem to appear on the ground all of a sudden, yet we know how hard they prepared. Actually, their bed works as a restroom of Tora-chan in winter — we can see her paw marks cover bare soil. What surprises and move us is that she never scratch spring greens. Oh, good girl, we cannot let you in, so sorry. Today would be the last to have such frostiness.

Narcissus, 水仙