Welcome, Greens


Mei-Shun’s favorite tea shop closed yesterday. She visited there with Shin to get bowls respectively; she asked him to choose one as a gift, he did the same to her. On the other hand, a saddle pad below is for Vanilla Arc only — oh, lovely Maria, you may share this with him. Mei-Shun’s current one is in navy, meant to be specific to Madoka-chan at first, yet used on every horsey who played her partner so far.

Joy at Kyoto: 4


二条城 has vast space in the center of this ancient capital. This garden accommodates a spacious pond where a heron takes a rest, a lovely little fall twinkles. You can enjoy feeding big carps as well. 本丸=hon-maru, main building of Japanese castle, was lost by fire only with a firm foundation left. Going up stairs, you would have a nice view on mountain silhouette and lightning rods on roofs.

Joy at Kyoto: 3


What a humor of 二条城 administration staffers! Entrance tickets are called 入”場”券 at museums, amusement parks and railway stations in Japan while 入”城”券 here, pronounced the same yet the latter meaning a castle. Well, morning walkers like Shin and Mei-Shun passed by the front gate, which accommodated night guards in Edo Period (1603-1868), headed into the wide garden.

Pretty Peach


Mei-Shun loves them so much. She often says her favorite is Japanese cherry, yet the reason owes a great deal to lovely looking and such short time of the best like its blossom. As for taste, the former wins a triumph. Oh, how beautiful they are, with the sweetest scent! They are agricultural products, yet really artworks. Thanks a million, Shin, who knows well his wife is a fruit bat.



Japanese Culture@holiday


Shin and Mei-Shun enjoyed on Saturday 宵々山=yoi-yoi-yama, floats exhibition held two nights before 山鉾巡行=yama-hoko-junko, march of these portable shrines of Kyoto Gi-On Festival. Here is their favorite 舟鉾=Fune-Hoko, ship-shaped one. It reminds them of their first Gi-On experience more than 20 years ago, when they met Mei-Shun’s father by chance on the way to Kyoto.

Joy at 神楽坂


One of Mei-Shun’s favorite shops there is 陶柿園. They sell a lot of tableware including these chopsticks rests. Could you see cute fishes swimming in clear glass water? Real sight of them is available in a garden of 5-floor building where various restaurants serve you. Actually, it is not so easy to find such places along narrow, winding lanes. Why don’t you therefore enjoy no-map promenade?