Japanese Culture@holiday


Yesterday was our 4th Mountain Day, set on January 1st, 2016. Since it was Sunday, we have serial holidays including today. And that might make 9-day summer vacation added to obon period (13th-16th) with following weekend for some of business people. So please, Shin, take it as your privilege to enjoy enough rest at home. First shower, 2 weeks after the end of rainy season helps well.

Baltic amber in cherry shade

Brilliant Assignment


Mei-Shun pulled out Venetian beads which Professor S gave her several years before. When they met on weekend before last, the former put on a necklace designed by herself while kindly finished up by the latter lady. It was so much a pleasing experience that she felt like doing it again. Now, this most unique one would be her next challenge. Since many shades are included, it might require a kind of color dilution.

Typhoon Soon


Mei-Shun went to a nearby hair saloon this morning. It was really hot with grilling sunlight, made her run from shadow to shadow between 5-minute walk to there. Rainy season seemed to have gone, yet it still stays around Kanto Area where Nari, the 6th typhoon of this year targets as a goal. According to weather forecasts, it would give heavy rainfall on weekend.

Snowfall on a cup and saucer

Fly Away


Mei-Shun found the pupa stayed at the porch already empty this morning. Yes, Shin told her last night that its color changed from bright green to brown at the bottom. So a beautiful swallowtail butterfly was safely born here. Which of you flying above our garden is the one? Anyway, let her pick up this shell to dry and keep as an amulet. Oh-oh, it sticks to the wall so tightly that requires scissors to remove.

Pink Twins


Mei-Shun feels so happy for finding three lady’s tresses in the garden. They share microbes with lawn, often grow on it not-so-much taken care of — like the wide garden of the museum she and Shin visited the other day. Clay images shaped like ancient warrior, pot and horsey, among which she most loves the last one of course, are arranged in front of the main building.

In her garden

At the museum

Tasty Cat


He, le chat aux yeux d’or, comes from 友部 Service Area on 常磐 Highway. When Shin and Mei-Shun dropped in there returning from 水戸, they were lucky enough to encounter stalls of pottery. Many pretty bowls for natto, fermented soybeans, were featured this time. After scrutinizing every shop, they decided to bring him home. Please help Shin to diet, darling.

Golden Horsey


Shin and Mei-Shun drove to a museum in 水戸 on weekend to see the crown trimmed with horse-shape metal beads found in 三昧塚 ancient grove. On the ground floor, you can enjoy putting on a replica set around a black cap. Another mock-up more similar to the real one is exhibited in a glass box upstairs, accompanied by a pair of earrings. Beautiful full moon, they shine just like you.