Japanese Culture@holiday


Golden Week, our serial holidays in this month is also a chance to see temporary farmers plant young rice on watered paddy. Mei-Shun also heard a love song by an uguisu or Japanese nightingale boy. Well done, you must have practiced hard to give such a dulcet voice. She cannot treat you to this, yet please just see a box of sweets — popular chocolate collaborated by a patisserie, sister company of たねや.


Sweet Sakura


Mei-Shun loves cherry; not only those fruits lovely and tasty, but also flowers in various shape and shade attract her so much. Their leaves and flowers are often used for spring cooking, especially in sweets. Following is her best hit of 2020, cookie sticks coated with white chocolate of cherry flavor. Approximately 100kcal per serving, gives satisfaction with a pinch of salt.

In a pretty box as well.

Summer Bowl


Meow, mom found following watermelon in a little cart at a grocery shop where 羅臼昆布, her favorite kelp is sold. She told me that a lot of such bargain sales are seen around here these days. One of the reasons might be postponement of 陶炎祭=hi-matsuri held in 笠間, according to a hairdresser who always serves nice tea cups. Why don’t you visit there next year to pick up my water bowl? Purr …

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Wilder Cherry


Mei-Shun loves it, partly because this breed has ever supported her on business. When felt tired, she used to remove sight from the desk and took a glance at a window. There one of them looked her back, sometimes in full blossom. Other times let it snow by petals. Their longevity compared to popular 染井吉野 attracts her as well, with shades ranging from bright pink to white.

Little sakura indoors

Garden Queen


Momo-chan, your evolution is really incredible — getting more and more beautiful year by year. Although a bit too soon, your sleeves seem to have all buds open. Oh, lovely petite white-eyes came to sip your honey. And it is Mei-Shun’s great pleasure to find out your sweet scent for the first time. When she raised parking gate at night, it suddenly took and almost enamored her.

Bullying Book


Oh, you are so cynical to say “d.e.b.” toward Mei-Shun twice. She might be still a bit, yet please do not disturb her studying English to widen her vocabulary more, continued for decades. Now rainfall seems like to prevent her from dancing with Ms. Sagittarius, Princess Maria and Mr. Tea Time today. She has to tighten appetite, greatly helped by strawberries picked on weekend.

Front and Rear


We have 雨水=usui, the 2nd of spring 二十四節気 today. It means snow would shift into rain, while 2020 seems already to be warmer. Mei-Shun enjoys plum blossom through an eastern window at home, appears in person at the nearest shrine. The latter accommodates two plum trees bloom in white, yet she has not recognized one just beside the front torii gate.

Greeting Green


Hello Mr. Tea Time, looking so cute as usual, while a hair accessory on your forehead lost one of rhinestones. It would be a great pleasure of Mei-Shun to change it into another already prepared. Listen, Antwerp, the city of jewelry, brought her the best choice of emerald ring via Shin. Their couple of clear and green gemstones would therefore wait a bit more to become a pair of earrings.

Who’s foot is below right?

Leap Year


So 2020 is, since we are in 子=ne, mouse of Chinese zodiac or 干支=eto. Others are 辰=tatsu, dragon and申=saru, monkey years come in every 4 years. Mei-Shun was born in the latter, lucky to have one more day at the end of this month. And one of the most interesting matters for her is that above three animals are small-large-medium in size respectively.

Newly on the table

Look Like?


Following below is a new teapot Mei-Shun purchased at her favorite shop. Its handle is put like a teacup, 90 degrees less angle compared to normal 180 toward spout. That makes it compact enough to save shelf space, while never allows her to pour by right hand only. She cannot but support the bottom by left hand covered with an oven mitten. Please keep safe such a thin arm, honey.

Or an ear?