Europe Admirer


Mei-Shun actually is, since she was a student. However, she has been only to the U.K., Ireland and France. On the other hand, Shin travels through the globe; perhaps has not covered Southern America and Antarctica. Now do you kind followers think the wife envies the husband? She never does. He makes business trips, not plays around. Her job at home is to keep on smiling.

Napoli in summer

Pink Twins


Mei-Shun feels so happy for finding three lady’s tresses in the garden. They share microbes with lawn, often grow on it not-so-much taken care of — like the wide garden of the museum she and Shin visited the other day. Clay images shaped like ancient warrior, pot and horsey, among which she most loves the last one of course, are arranged in front of the main building.

In her garden

At the museum

Tasty Cat


He, le chat aux yeux d’or, comes from 友部 Service Area on 常磐 Highway. When Shin and Mei-Shun dropped in there returning from 水戸, they were lucky enough to encounter stalls of pottery. Many pretty bowls for natto, fermented soybeans, were featured this time. After scrutinizing every shop, they decided to bring him home. Please help Shin to diet, darling.



Mei-Shun’s latest omikuji lot drawn at the nearest shrine is 吉=kichi, lucky while the one Shin brought home for her yesterday from Yamaguchi Prefecture 中吉=chu-kichi, luckier. Getting better, the former says she would recover from diseases if she stay watchful; the latter she should not take care too much. As for examinations, it would take time; she should improve her laziness and set the goal ASAP.

錦帯橋, Kin-tai Bridge

Beijing Delicacy


Mei-Shun heard that Chinese people celebrates 端午の節句 today, lunar May 5th cooking 粽=chimaki, steamed rice ball wrapped by fermented (perhaps) bamboo leaves. Shin brought home some as follows below, with a bag of tree-dried jujubes. The former includes simple rice ball, red-bean one and millet ball with red beans. The latter is the first experience for her, incredibly superb.

Center is a cotton bag of herbs.

Petite Réunion


Mei-Shun visited a beauty saloon in 高輪, Tokyo for a haircut and curling. It took 2 hours and a half, made her a bit tired in such humid air. However, she went ahead toward 吉祥寺 to meet Kaori-san who arranged dinner at “Épée”, a nice bakery-café. The former put off contact lens to enjoy conversation as much as possible, sharing several dishes with the latter.

Always accompanied by tasty bread.

Reiwa Starts


Purr, mom stays with me on her legs for a long time, watching TV from yesterday evening. I’m so satisfied that … purrr … oh? Did you go out while I took a nap on the roof floor? You enjoyed watching wild wisteria putting on a coat and eye-shadow in the same shade. Many of them bloom along a highway toward 東雲の丘 in 十余三, where they found a rare airplane just arrived at Narita Airport.

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