Butler Service


He is ready at Satsuki Suite of a hotel in Osaka regular for Shin and Mei-Shun. If they order some items except for foods, he would put them into following space between a door and a closet. A little yellow light would be on among room phone buttons to inform guests that he served. However, he always appeared in person ringing the doorbell. What on earth do they mean??

Open this door,

and he serves.

Joy at Nara: 2


飛鳥寺 accommodates the first large Buddha statue in our country. Shin admires that beautiful entity, saying it resembles Mr. O, the first boss of his wife. To her interest, neither of them has taken any photos of their favorite artworks. One of the reasons for such an attitude might be that both of 六臂如意輪観世音菩薩 and 飛鳥大仏 are kind enough to wait for their annual visit.

Mysterious delicacy only available at 飛鳥寺

Joy at Nara


It gave Shin and Mei-Shun an excellent, refreshing experience. Cycling around this ancient capital under clear sky is always happy, while might be the best at just before the end of cherry blossom. Chinese milk vetch planted in rice paddy blooms lively, while a white, petal-layered cherry already does to welcome the couple. Oh, beautiful 六臂如意輪観世音菩薩像 at 橘寺, it is great pleasure of the wife to see you again.



Shin and Mei-Shun visited one of their favorite soba restaurant for lunch. Yes, he is going for a business trip on weekend, made today off to stay with her. After a nice meal, they drove to a site where beautiful cherry trees are accommodated; violet pink, weeping one in similar shade, pale pink 染井吉野, etc. The last is almost full bloom in Tokyo, yet still in buds around here.

Fried soba is among normal tempra.


Spring Symbol


Shin and Mei-Shun enjoyed lunch at 大志満 in 高輪 area. It was cloudy around noon, a little sad cherry blossom looked in 30%. However, every dish was full of pink shade starting from following bowl of squid and 麩=fu, wheat-gluten cake with tofu-sauce topped. A twig of flowering cherry was attached to sashimi plate. Dessert included sakura-flavored bean jelly.

Friends Fly


Shin and Mei-Shun visited 乙戸沼 Park after months. It was her proposal, hoping to see winter waterfowls before their departure. Oh, here you are, including wild ducks, swans and larus ridibundus or black-headed gulls. They saw fulica atra as well, increasing in number rapidly these days (according to mom). So chic a white beak among all-black body. Great to see you.

Joy on Weekday


Shin took a half-day off today, met Mei-Shun at Tokyo Station in early afternoon. They went up by an escalator, window-shopping winter items, toward restaurant floor of a department store. Hmm, tempura looks the best for lunch. He ordered 3-course ones including rare 大浅利=oh-asari, a shellfish much bigger than normal size. And 大山=oh-yama sake for his wife who won’t drive after this.

Why in an iron pot?