Sorry, Necessary


Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon in 御徒町, Tokyo again. Actually, she reserved another one to choose the best for cut and curl. However, current stay-home campaign let the latter suspend business for 4 weeks until next month. Yes, we are supposed to think carefully about any action to go out. Since it seemed important to look neat, she decided to do it within a few hours.

Lively open

Lovely waiting sofa


New Tune


Mei-Shun make it a rule to play “Clair de Lune” composed by Master Debussy on rainy days, while Prélude Op. 28-15 or “Raindrop” by Master Chopin when it is clear and dry. However, she was forced to change partly this routine with unusual rainfall last month. Alternation happened also in her list of hair saloon. She visited one in 御徒町, Tokyo today wishing her style play refreshing melody.

Meow, I’m free to collide mom’s dry bouquet put under Ms. Piano.

Saloon Shopping


Mei-Shun’s hair is taken care by two; a woman for dyeing, a man for cut and curl. However, she has to change the latter, search one nice. Required conditions might depend on you kind followers — hers from the most important to more are technique, communication and price. Location is also imperative, expected in Tokyo to enjoy date with Shin or friends.

Friendly Lunch


Mei-Shun went to 吉祥寺, Tokyo to meet with Kaori-san. Since they could not chat enough in Kyoto last month, fixed an appointment on today to fill their tea cups of satisfaction. Although both of them had a slight cold, they gave energy one another by shopping around, nice meal and lemon squash. The former is mainly in charge of listening while the latter speaking.

Her Excursion


Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon in 高輪, Tokyo today. It rained in early morning, stopped when she went out yet still hazy. 牛久沼=Ushiku Pond had no view of Mt. Fuji, while a unique chimney equipped on a noodle factory was giving lively steam. Skytree pushed its head into low clouds, looked like Port Tower in 神戸 on the way to our capital city. Almost all gingko trees were in bright yellow.



Joy at Kyoto: 3


Every place is packed with sightseers especially in spring and autumn here, yet not so much in early morning. Shin and Mei-Shun strolled along 鴨川=Kamogawa River, enjoyed beautiful foliage of maple, gingko and cherry trees. Oh, lovely birds are on breakfast, including wild ducks, herons and a couple of kite. Why don’t they join them before heading for Merry-go-round to see Kaori-san?

Joy at Kyoto: 2


As Mikan-chan meowed on Friday, Shin and Mei-Shun stayed in the ancient capital of our country on weekend. One of their many purposes was to dine at 畑かく where ぼたん鍋, wild pork simmered in an earthen pot is served during its hunting season from this month to March. They dropped in 月餅屋 to purchase two baskets filled with cute delicacies; one for themselves, while another for Kaori-san.