Cute Copyright


Thanks a million, Shin. He went on a business trip to 八戸, Aomori Prefecture on weekend, brought home a lot of souvenirs including T-shirts featuring 蕪嶋=Kabushima Shrine. It is on his list of visit recommendation, famous as a breeding site of black-tailed gull called ウミネコ=umi-neko meaning “sea cat” in our country. Their voice sounds like soft meow by Mikan-chan who captions above “orange or me for mom, black for dad”.

Joy of Park: 2


Only one of fountains installed in 乙戸沼 was working under clear sky. What happened to others? It seems to Mei-Shun that water has enough oxygen currently. When all three upside-down parasols are seen, it means that residents here are kept lively enough to feed waterfowls. After nice walking, she found half of sugar bags, gained during Golden Week holidays perhaps, gone with the wind.

Joy of Park: 1


Lunar April starts from today, meaning a new moon at night. 染井吉野 has long been expected to bloom in the same month on solar calendars, yet often does within March these days. On the other hand, iris seems to stay in their best season. 乙戸沼 Park accommodates a lot of aquatic plants including that violet beauty, gives Shin and Mei-Shun a kind of relief.

Cherry Change


Oh, how lovely fruits your branches are full of! Shin and Mei-Shun visited 乙戸沼 Park together after almost half an year. They missed 八重桜=yae-sakura, petal-layered cherry blossom here, yet could greet children of that beauty. It might be the biggest difference between above breed and 染井吉野. The latter is so artificial that has no pistils for reproduction.

Trip to Tokyo


It is alone for Mei-Shun today, Shin went on one-night business trip to Hokkaido. And it is never nonessential or non-urgent for the wife to go out for a hair saloon, feeling of excursion just follows. Ushiku Pond, rippled by northern wind and Cup-noodle Chimney, redecorated to give clear white steam looked friendly as always through windows. Sky Tree, great to take your photo at dusk.

Live Longer


Thanks for bringing home nice snacks, Shin. He went on a business trip last week to Nagano where his alma mater is located. Mei-Shun often visited 蓼科高原 there in summer vacation, yet this child’s memory seems to stay only on images of her family. It might be a person or couple who is able to make good plans in advance to enjoy beautiful sights, hotel and gourmet.

Joy of the Sea: 1


Shin and Mei-Shun visited Aquamarine Fukushima on weekend. Their first stopover at this aquarium was actually a decade before, when they sought to find good sushi or sashimi restaurant. An amazing shoal of sardine was kept in a huge tank, while lovely seahorses in a tiny one. And oh, lovely cyclopteridae, great to see you again. You are called “konpeito“, prefer to stay alone.

Welcome, fluffy ones.

Joy of En


Now 偕楽園 story all appears here together. They held a festival featuring bushclovers last month, still kept lanterns and red-cloth-covered benches. Thanks to it finished, Shin and Mei-Shun were alone able to enjoy wide view of that queen. Fragrant olives already bloomed as well, give sweet scent all around the garden. Maples would make them wait for a while to flush beautifully.

烈公 and guest samurais played “go” outdoors.

千波湖 Lake also accommodates a fountain.

Crape myrtle fruits

Joy of Raku


吐玉泉 Fountain is one of the most favorite places to visit for Shin and Mei-Shun. Clear water continues to come up to run around a bluish white well curb made of marble, leave to become a little fall. So it goes as we have 寒露=kanro, the 5th of autumnal 二十四節気 today. It means cold dewdrops on leaves of grass in the field, where she cannot go out to see lovely horseies.

Joy of Kai


Shin and Mei-Shun visited a beautiful park in 水戸 on weekend. A big tree of 十月桜, October cherry gently greeted the couple beside a small gate. A clerk asked the husband if they live in Ibaraki Prefecture. When he gave a yes showing his driver’s license, their tickets became complimentary with a piece of paper follows below. That novel coronavirus seems to creep into such wide space.