Half Passed


This time has come for Shin and Mei-Shun to enjoy 水無月, celebrating their halcyon life from the start of 2018. Looking at a clear full moon last night, they were full of thankfulness. With southern shutters kept open wishing to be blessed by the gentle light, they said good-night to Mikan-chan. And in this morning, according to weather forecasts, current rainy season seems to have gone!


Missing Moon


Lunar May has started from yesterday. It was a bit cloudy, yet clear enough to let Mei-Shun see lovely horseies for lessons. Oh, this was 大安 as well, the best among 六曜 for her elder sister’s birthday. “Congratulations!” e-mail took just a minute for a thankful reply. She was too tired to play piano at night, while a good result on a weight scale shed bright light into her mind.

Shortest Month


So this is it for February, just 4 weeks normally: 2018 looks forward 2020 as the next leap year. As mentioned before, those with following three Chinese zodiac symbols子=ne, 辰=tatsu or 申=saru had February 29th in years they were born. Mei-Shun is included in this 25% group with the last one, feeling nice to see her special date today which comes 100%.



Thanks a million to you all, dearest family and friends. Mei-Shun has added another year to her age on Saturday. We are never able to live alone. We always have someone to support while be supported. At least she feels so right now. What she could do for them might be a pinch of salt, yet would continue the best efforts to express her thankfulness. Once again, please kindly take her hug full of love to you.

Thank You


So this is the last post from Mei-Shun in 2017. How was it for you — full of pleasure? That is great! For the writer, half of her goals have been accomplished. She therefore put another eye onto this だるまさん, daruma doll. It is freezing outdoors, while wind stopped today to give us relief in shoulders. She wishes you, kind follower a happy new year from the bottom of her heart.

Merry Christmas


So this is it. Christmas Day is very special for Shin and Mei-Shun, their wedding anniversary. Since the best is to dine at home, the latter is quite busy. All the more this year because new-year greeting cards are due by today to reach on January 1st, 2018. She wrote them up by 14 : 00 o’clock, drove to the nearest post office before going shopping. Now she has to start — oh, you have already come!

     Who put this shoe?