Second Resonance


We have 大寒=daikan, the last and coldest of 二十四節気 today. However, it has been so warm for a few days that Mei-Shun felt really comfortable walking to the nearest shrine. To her surprise, the priest sat still in the main building. She had to ask him omikuji lots instead of helping herself. No.8 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest for Shin. What would come next for her?

All the same, as they had on NY Day.

Welcome Back


It stopped raining by noon. Dad’s three-night business trip to Shanghai ended, he gave mom a phone call from Narita Airport. She smiles like gentle sunlight coming through thin clouds, purr. They enjoyed tea time on a cup of coffee and … meow? Are you going out again, daddy? Such a hard worker needs to charge himself with our love and hospitality at home.

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First Riding


It is on you, Princess Maria. How have you been during year-end and new-year vacation? Quite short for you from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2 while between Dec.27 and Jan. 5 for this mom. A staff said you look like rice cake, which is one of the reasons why she added one bag of sugar around waist. Others include a birthday cake for her mom-in-law, handmade red-bean rice, etc.

Inedible, just cute


Just Thankful


Mei-Shun sometimes wonders if she can exactly express her gratitude to Shin, yet please let her say that his generosity, patience and … love is profoundly appreciated as always. Beautiful bouquet full of her favorite colors, too heavy to hold in a silver pot representing their 25th anniversary. Cool helmet for horsey riding with velvet surface and Swarovski stones. Lovely 簪, a kimono accessory coated by Japanese lacquer.

First Buds!


Here is a young 蝋梅=robai, chimonanthus praecox tree Mei-Shun brought from her mother’s garden. It took three years to be ready to bloom perhaps, like Momo-chan did. The former her late father loved, while the latter mother does missing her own mother. Since the cymbidium Ms. Yellow Card pods bring no shade of flower this winter, it would be your turn, 金ちゃん or Mr. Gold, named right now.


Blessed Walking


It was great for visiting the nearest shrine with you, Shin. Both he and Mei-Shun drew “lucky” omikuji lots on weekend, felt hopeful going into the last three months of the year. Fluffy goldfish, you therefore may embody her luck when picked up from the floor of a dressing room, changing into an angler with an antenna on the head. If you prefer a dining table to a bag, please go ahead.

Made It


Yes, she did. Mei-Shun found her minimum weight on the scale last night, after playing with Ms. Last One and Mr. Tea Time. Not so much perspiration like in mid summer, enough hydration. It therefore seems her methods are working well, while is partly thanks to Shin who is on severer control. She wishes both of the couple the best results in November.

Ever-slender, sleepy Madoka-chan