Japanese Culture@holiday


Our Golden Week seems the best time for rice planting. Utilizing these serial holidays, half-and-half farmers and salaried workers let the former do it. It is so refreshing to see watered paddy, partly with green babies in line already. A wild duck couple is so quick to find their best food table and swimming pool. Thanks friends, for flying away which let Shin and Mei-Shun admire your blue feather inside wings.


Merry Christmas


So this is it. Christmas Day is very special for Shin and Mei-Shun, their wedding anniversary. Since the best is to dine at home, the latter is quite busy. All the more this year because new-year greeting cards are due by today to reach on January 1st, 2018. She wrote them up by 14 : 00 o’clock, drove to the nearest post office before going shopping. Now she has to start — oh, you have already come!

     Who put this shoe?

Late Autumn


It might be one of the most beautiful scene in Japan — rice paddy after harvest dotted by persimmon trees with ripe fruits left on naked branches. Mei-Shun chose a different route today to go shopping on foot, looking down her normal lane to the nearest shrine from opposite side. Still before 15 o’clock, sunlight cannot warm her shoulders any more. It stops at yellow leaves to make them shine in gold.

Generous Lady


Purr, mom stays at home all day today. Although she overslept a little, I was all right. Warm room with sunshine comes in, saying good morning. After breakfast, I went up to the roof floor to take a nap. Oh? There is only my white bed. The pink one, I tried once and gave up, where is it, mom? You served it for the tabby friend of mine living outdoors? Meow, no problem.

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Japanese Culture@wkday


We have 霜降=soko, the 6th and last of autumn 二十四節気 today. It means morning dew could be frozen by cold air, while the opposite temperature warmer than 20 degrees Celsius covered Kanto area after Typhoon Lan’s attack. It washed up Mei-Shun’s car as well who saw a mantis dry his/her wings in sunlight. Fourth-day crescent floats peacefully in western sky.

Peaceful Lane


We would be able to see them all in gold soon at 乙戸沼 Park. Still 40%-60% in green and yellow right now, gingko lines serve walkers and joggers a clean road in early mornings. Cherry trees put on colorful coats; green, yellow, orange and red. It seems the last one means a kind of graduation, because many scarlet leaves have already fallen on the ground to make friends with Mei-Shun’s shoes.


Gingko Nuts


Autumn has already reached 乙戸沼 Park. Fortunately, these pale orange fruits, perhaps blown together on the brick lane by storm, were not ripe enough to emit that odor — you have only to be wary not to step on them. On the other hand, your hats would be safe passing under these red candies whose mother tree might be a 楠=kusunoki, camphor grown in our backyard.