Sunlight Sometimes


Meow, mom went out for a haircut in Tokyo. Stormy rainfall has gone, it is a quiet day which I like. She finished laundry hanging indoors, left me asleep under her 半纏 kimono coat on the sofa. Mr. Blue still works well, keeping me warm from early morning. After vernal equinox on Saturday, it seems to dawn around 5 : 30 when she gets up on weekends.

Not ghost but photobomb, purr.

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Charming Comer


Hi, a ladybug with 7 stars on wings, welcome into Ms. Scarlet driven by Mei-Shun. It is warm enough here to make you wake up from hibernation, isn’t it? Please listen, she means to choose a few new scores from those layered on Ms. Piano. What would you like to sing, if you could enter her room? Oh-oh, you would not but fly away. Good luck, you know well the best way to survive.

Returned Rhythm


Ms. Piano, did you miss Mei-Shun a bit for these past two months? Her attention sometimes wondered even during practice on you, since she had been easy to be lead by 白拍子花子 into kabuki dance in brain. Now Spanish also came back onto her desk, though nobody knows if the test “Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española” be safely held next summer.


Tokyo Tree


We have 大雪=tai-setsu, the 3rd of winter 二十四節気 today. Compared to the 2nd 小雪=sho-setsu, it would be colder getting into the middle of current season. However, it is clear with almost no wind, warmer than cloudy yesterday. All the more Saturday when freezing nimbus covered Kanto region only. Mei-Shun therefore feels lucky for having her hair curled on a quiet sunny day.

Contrary Couple


So the last month of 2020 starts. Mr. Blue has been ready from the end of November to warm Shin, Mei-Shun and Mikan-chan, going ahead toward the coldest season in our country. The wife is a winter lover — one of the reasons might be that she was born in January, when cedars already begin to scatter pollen. It tortures the husband whose birthday is June 6th.

Odd Odor?


Steam humidifier is useful in current and the next dry seasons in our country. Shin and Mei-Shun have ever put one in their bedroom. The first was in pastel green, shape of a drop, diligently served for the longest 17 years. The second looked like a big chestnut, worked also as an aroma diffuser. However, he recently woke up catching strange smell from it. She therefore picked up following cloud to be the third.

Colorful light within


My Day


Meow, it is a bit cloudy from early in the morning. Mom bought a new futon with lovely coverings, among which she chose this one full of green dinosaurs for the first night. And it is my privilege of course to relax on it in gentle sunlight, purr. After taking a slight nap with me, she left at noon to dance with horseies. All right, I’ll keep a good girl until you come back.

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Joy of En


Now 偕楽園 story all appears here together. They held a festival featuring bushclovers last month, still kept lanterns and red-cloth-covered benches. Thanks to it finished, Shin and Mei-Shun were alone able to enjoy wide view of that queen. Fragrant olives already bloomed as well, give sweet scent all around the garden. Maples would make them wait for a while to flush beautifully.

烈公 and guest samurais played “go” outdoors.

千波湖 Lake also accommodates a fountain.

Crape myrtle fruits

Expectant Ears


We have 仲秋の名月, the best moon of the year tonight, while it really in full tomorrow. It was raining in the morning, allowed Mei-Shun to use an umbrella during her light walking. She quite likes it, with colorful collection of this artistic gear (on the contrary, Shin takes them just as sticks). Nice scent of garden plants comes up from here and there, carrying their pleasure of bathing after a week.

Spirited Spot


Walking to the nearest shrine alone has taken 3 months and a week for Mei-Shun. How nice to see blue sky, feeling cool breeze along green rice paddy! Yes, it seems to have been harvested safely during rainy last serial holidays or Silver Week. Omikuji lots said 末吉=sue-kichi, the least luck for herself while 吉=kichi, lucky for Shin. Red spider lilies might be over, just white ones kindly welcomed her.