Joy in Miyagi: 2


Shin chose a suite room with a private garden spa at 竹泉荘. Natural hot water here has no color, no scent while its alkaline component might stimulate a bit your small cut or scratch by fluffy pets. It keeps you warmed for long time, would not need any makeup if bathe in the morning. Mei-Shun put on sneakers expecting to walk around the hotel, yet disturbed by an unexpected guest — a wild bear!



Coffee, Please


Last time when Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon by 5-minute walk from home, a cup and saucer was served. Soooo cute as usual, makes her happy to see. Some of her friends do not like dots pattern, while is quite fond of by herself. Such red and small round shapes remind of holly fruits to represent merry Christmas, don’t they? At least this tree in our backyard would agree on the idea.

Happy Reunion


Mei-Shun met her high-school classmates Yuko-san and Kaori-san at 維新號 in Ginza. She was so happy to see them after around 2 years when the latter kindly came all the way from Tokyo to Tsuchiura, with her husband to see 汐汲. They looked satisfied with lunch of 7 courses, making the organizer feel relieved who lists this Chinese restaurant on the top.

Thanks, Kaori-san.




They canceled 花傘巡行=hanagasa-junko, a parade including lively children carrying portable shrines, women in kimonos and hats with handmade flowers, geiko ladies, maiko girls and etc., in Kyoto to avoid dozens of heatstroke patients this year. Meow, mom and I agree with 八坂神社 who organizes Gion Festival, flexible enough to make such a clever decision.

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Nice Combination


Mei-Shun went to 高輪, Tokyo for a haircut. She actually has two hairdressers; one a woman who manages a saloon taking her 5 minutes walk from home, while another a man she enjoyed an excursion of one hour and a half on train to visit today. Both have excellent technique; with the former in charge of maintenance and sometimes makeup advice, the latter styling.

With green tea in green.

7-5-3 Method


A weather forecaster talked about it the other day. That does not mean our celebration for children’s growth but distance to a rain front which brings current season on Japanese Archipelago except for Hokkaido. When it stays 700km away from Tokyo area, we could see the sun. If it comes up to 500km, it would be cloudy. And pressed above to 300km or nearer than 八丈島 Island, it would bring rainfall.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Our Golden Week seems the best time for rice planting. Utilizing these serial holidays, half-and-half farmers and salaried workers let the former do it. It is so refreshing to see watered paddy, partly with green babies in line already. A wild duck couple is so quick to find their best food table and swimming pool. Thanks friends, for flying away which let Shin and Mei-Shun admire your blue feather inside wings.