Postponed Project


Mei-Shun meant to gain a certificate in horseback riding within this month. Now, why did she failed in it? One of the reasons seems imbalance between her mind and muscle. Greed (to save money, for example) might lead to mental haste, deprive her of concentration. She should calm herself down, return to her primary purpose to go to the club; pleasure in good communication with beautiful horses.

Manifest, chestnut-brown lady

Welcome, But…


Oh, please do not scare Mei-Shun, darling. She put off glasses, prepared to bathe when she recognized something moving up on the wall. It was a lovely little gecko, not the awful creature in similar size. Actually, she fought with a family lived under green necklace pots, sprayed pesticide all over balcony floor the other day. So your vague silhouette was a light punishment.


Listen, Listen


They are so curious. We should not speak ill of others along a lane between them, or they could absorb nefarious words to taste bitter. Harvested soon, we sincerely wish them taste sweet. It is interesting that only this space accommodates a different breed every year. Planted later than normal ones, they might not need so much sunlight compared to the latter.

She’s Satisfied


Mei-Shun introduced another strategy into her diet, calling it “before 18 o’clock” method. It has joined 8-hour-carbo system, makes her finish eating rice, bread and high-calorie fruits including banana, grape and melon at least 3 hours before going to bed. Implemented from lunar July 1st, it gave a remarkable result: let her lose nearly 1 bag of sugar in less than a week.

Penguin couple serving sugar-free soda

A polar bear helps as well.


Mt. Moss


Mei-Shun found it spread over left-over soil –she took care of tomatoes and cucumbers in three pots on the roof floor. It might have seen two summers there, humidity of current one helped as well. Nobody knows if sultry weather in this July comes back, that would hurt this plant anyway. Hi, new friend, would you come to a balcony downstairs? Your green friends say they cannot wait to see you.

Candy Helps


This is みすず飴=misuzu-ame, Shin’s souvenir from Nagano Prefecture. Fruitful jelly wrapped with 和紙=washi, Japanese artistic paper is one of Mei-Shun’s favorite. More reasonable product in transparent package was a pet for her grandfather on mother’s side, a Nagano native. He stayed at a hospital for long, peacefully made his last journey just one week before his younger granddaughter’s marriage.

Biting Eyes


Mom took care of grapefruits. Three babies have lied in one pot, losing energy day by day grown toward the limit. She therefore removed two of them, prepared new beds while augmented nutritive soil into the original one. Purr, well done. After she put off balcony slippers, my food flied onto them. You cannot stay there, hiss! Mom, open this glass window. I’ll help you to clean up.

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