Protection Pls


We had 大安=tai-an, the best of 六曜 yesterday. Mei-Shun dropped in the nearest shrine today in 赤口=shakko, among above meaning inconvenient for business, to draw 2 omikuji lots; one for Shin, the other for herself. What, 凶=kyo and 末吉=sue-kichi? They are the worst and second-worse lucks respectively. Could you dear N-狛犬 keep these on behalf of the couple?

Dawn & Dusk


They sing at, higurashi cicadas Mei-Shun means. She visited the nearest shrine by car, not on foot during midsummer. Surprisingly, both omikuji lots for Shin and herself drawn first were 凶=kyo, the worst luck — her long interval to show honor to Gods might be criticized. She put other coins into the box and tried again. Now two 吉=kichi, good and normal luck appeared.

Silent Sight


It was cool and all-through rainy today. Mei-Shun visited a nearby hair salon, enjoyed a glass of pineapple juice while waiting for dyeing medicine to calm down. She found a little slide in a park across a lane, nearly covered with wild grass on lower steps. Perhaps no children play here after the pandemic shock — astounding reach of a global disease.

Cover Crusher?


Shin might be. His mats and blankets often get tears by a foot nail, grow little by little to become big pockets at last. However, this one made onto a futon does not seem to accommodate his legs — too thin to warm them. Mei-Shun therefore remove it, changed into another one still safe. She would like to do the same to his T-shirts with holes, yet he likes supple texture of such items.


Hi or Bye


Mei-Shun decided to see her home dentist Dr. M today. She actually had a part of swollen gum at the bottom of artificial Ame-chan, a molar on upper right jaw last Friday. If it affected her shape of cheek, she should have made an immediate appointment. Fortunately or unfortunately, it stayed within mouth giving no pain, yet with pus formed on the surface.

Rice Routine


Oh, no, Mei-Shun gained another bag of sugar around the waist. Perhaps the reason is clear; less output, more input. Kabuki dance is relatively slow and static in 女舞, roles of women, giving her a kind of silent perspiration. On the other hand, horsey riding is dynamic enough to let her feel hot even in the middle of winter. If she wants to keep current eating, exercise must be augmented.

You are to be made into more porridge.

Abandoned Again


Mei-Shun found, the Spanish test, Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española expected to be held in October. The one in June was also canceled because of the novel coronavirus, let this student (a bit lazy) have extra time to prepare. Well, does it mean she can spend more time with Ms. Piano? Of course not. The radio program would go ahead, so would her own study on a textbook.

Empty bus in Osaka, taken by Shin on business

Still Stay


July would be finished up with today, expecting the most torrid month from tomorrow. However, rain continues to make the field of Mei-Shun’s horsey riding club a wide rice paddy. She enjoyed dancing with Princess Maria and Mr. Tea Time yesterday, perspired and refreshed after as long as 2 weeks. Yet a scale at home let her know that no bag of sugar had gone during above period.

Upside-down twins



Ms. Scarlet has been hit in the left rear tyre for several times so far by Mei-Shun. Now it came at last: a scar reached breaking point with a weird, dull sound. She continued to drive toward the nearest station to pick up Shin. The wife is normally dull at any trouble on a car, yet recognized rattling noise started just after the couple met. The husband immediately told her to stop, made first-aid by following one.

Cook Carefully


Mei-Shun is used to 日高昆布, dried kelp grown in Hokkaido, for miso soup. However, her favorite net shop runs out of this breed these days. She therefore tried 利尻昆布, from another city in the same prefecture. To her astonishment, much of that fermented soybean paste is trapped by stronger viscosity of the latter. Saltiness is released after a night, contracts her tongue and eyes in the morning.

Not a cup of kelp tea.