Welcome, But…


Oh, please do not scare Mei-Shun, darling. She put off glasses, prepared to bathe when she recognized something moving up on the wall. It was a lovely little gecko, not the awful creature in similar size. Actually, she fought with a family lived under green necklace pots, sprayed pesticide all over balcony floor the other day. So your vague silhouette was a light punishment.



Good Job


You have run so much kilometers in safe so far. Please kindly take our sincere gratitude. However, something weird often sounds from your engine these days. Your coatings on the roof, bonnet and rear bumper have begun to blur. Oh, how heartbreaking it is for Mei-Shun who took you over from her late father. She has to wait for another guy to replace you soon, handing you to Shin who has less time to drive.

Brought Autumn?


Hello, dragonfly. You would always love to stay on our laundry stand, or on car antennas especially when we spread water to cool them down in sunbathing. Actually, following photo was taken last week when it was clear. Their transparent wings seem to work better on such days, not in the rain. Mei-Shun feels so sorry for them, with weather forecasts calling current one the coolest obon in 40 years.

Chestnut Carpet


It is amazing to see so many of them in green on the ground. As rice grows, summer is going steadily into the next season. Actually, following photo was taken the week before last when Shin and Mei-Shun visited the nearest shrine. He has refrained from exercise including walking these several days since a sudden pain on the right back last Friday, upsetting his wife.

Second Time


Mei-Shun fell from horseback again. It seemed better than the first, horrible one in which she hit muddy ground on left hip. She nearly got off Tie Crescent from legs, staggered a little to kneel. Thanks to a vest with airbag, she had no hurt.

However, failure is failure. Actually, she might know the reason: she felt something weird in riding technique, let her concentration wander.



Shocking Pink


Mom, why are you laughing alone? Your fitness pants? Meow, what happened to it?? She drove to 乙戸沼 Park in the morning, walked around the pond looking for lady’s tresses. When she stretched her right leg, tight feeling on the left thigh suddenly disappeared. She saw inner cloth say hello between navy threads. So you found another pink on yourself instead of the ground. Purr …

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Oh My Cheek


Just terrible. A mosquito might bite Mei-Shun on the face. Or her sleepy scratch at night caused it. It seemed a round, red spot in your thumb nail size suddenly appeared this morning. However, she put on glasses all day yesterday. It might have already enjoyed that place. She spread prescribed ointment on it, found it so glossy that everyone including herself would be shocked.