Diminutive Dino


Oh, where are you, darling? Mei-Shun washed winter covering of her futon, meant to replace it by summer one full of you and your eggs. She purchased another in grey with apple trees, still in a package. However, neither of them was found in the closet where she surely expected. She drove to a shed Shin rents, yet heard no reply. All right, she would ask bluish flowers to work instead of shy guys.

Cover Crusher?


Shin might be. His mats and blankets often get tears by a foot nail, grow little by little to become big pockets at last. However, this one made onto a futon does not seem to accommodate his legs — too thin to warm them. Mei-Shun therefore remove it, changed into another one still safe. She would like to do the same to his T-shirts with holes, yet he likes supple texture of such items.


Confusing Control: 1


Mei-Shun actually experienced a roller coaster of weight in recent 2 weeks. After exaltation at her goal numbers on a scale, she burst into party eating. It is never easy to get out of, continued a few more days. One bag of sugar was then found added around her waist a week later. She refrained from alcohol and sweets, yet felt a bit tired on weekend. Just one sip of plum wine would be fine.

Shin’s souvenir from Hokkaido

March Moving


Mei-Shun planed to visit a police station in Tsukuba to renew her driver’s license. Since a piece of photo is necessary, she used an automatic photographer twice — one in kimono, the other taken before riding a horsey. Shin preferred the former, chosen to work for 5 years. Now every item is ready, she started Ms. Scarlet … oh? Where is it, driving navigator? There is no building, just an empty ground.

Thank you so much, Master Mei-Shu.

After 5Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for half-an-year check today. The latter lady protected herself more: added to a face mask, a transparent shield covered from forehead to mouth. It seems harder for her to survive COVID-19 environment than this ex-inpatient. Now is the time to go home — something from above? Unbelievable raindrops! She hung futon mats outdoors, believed morning weather forecasts.

First flower coming soon


My Day


It is, the first of this year. I had my hind left paw bleed lately, mom shocked and half-cry when she greeted me in early morning. It was just caused by a claw who failed to peel well, no pain left. I do not mind, so don’t you please. By the way, great to hear Ms. Piano sing again after one- night pause. That busy player squeezed a time to cut nails, stopped ticking on keys. Purr …

Can U find a white moon?

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Half Moon


Oh? What happened with a bang, one of speakers? Did you mean to inform Mei-Shun that we have 大寒=dai-kan, the 6th and last of winter 二十四節気 today? Or to let that pupa come out of your covering? She knew it fell into there months before, yet left it alone. Sorry and hi, nice to see you clearly again. One week has passed since she gained one more year old on the 1st of lunar December.

Triple Three


Shin and Mei-Shun were in a car called “Diamante”, meaning diamond in Italian and Spanish. The wife inherited it from her beloved father 12 years before, while the husband has kept excellent maintenance on it so far. Now is the time for a cup of tea, coming back home soon. It is windy outdoors, sounds like raindrops — oh, no, not rain but bird. Did you finish supper nearby?

Rain Ready


Or snow on the roof floor. Mei-Shun cleaned it yesterday to remove dust and fallen leaves from little drains. How long did she take from previous time? At least a whole year before, when an awful pool appeared there to flow down toward the ceiling of Shin’s study. Actually, some of plugholes were in danger. Such strainers were difficult to move, stuck with dry mud made of … oh, fragments of worn flooring!

Princesses cheered MS up.

Joy of Moon


Lunar October started yesterday. Shin and Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine together, after an interval of longer than half an year, to make wishes respectively. The husband drew an omikuji lot of 凶=kyo, the worst luck while the wife 吉=kichi, lucky. Well, the latter also mentioned 大凶=dai-kyo, worse than 凶 if she would not improve anything bad right now. Two commandments must be taken to hearts.

Moon Fish, 1 family-1 genus-1 species