Never Again: 2


Mei-Shun’s new rice cooker loves clean workplace. It must be washed every time after job, or would not work precisely. Here is much おこげ=okoge, baked rice at the bottom of a pot. Actually, she neglected cleaning just once before making it. It would be all right if other cereals like millet are mixed, yet awful if she should serve Shin a bowl of white pearls, his favorite.


Hasty Women?


Yes, he is correct. It is not served by a post office nor a parcel delivery. He does not need any signature. At least a few years have passed since Shin and Mei-Shun ordered pizzas for the last time. So funny with the latter who prepared a name stamp when the bell rang. And you are as well, Princess Peach. We are still nearby the middle of March. Please calm down and think twice.

Out of Blue Bags


Mei-Shun learned it the other day. Her soup never became salty enough even after she added 4 teaspoons of the white, dry grain. She took it as coming from her condition, gave up to make more. When Shin tried hearing his wife’s wondering, he also failed, just told her “it tastes all right”. Now, he opened a corn can, spread a pinch of salt on it and burst into laughter — it was granulated sugar!

Oh, Girl,


Tora-chan. You are not allowed to stay there. Mei-Shun told you not to come up stairs, didn’t she? Even if you stopped jumping over the last gate, it is against our rule anyway. Look, it took more than an hour for Mikan-chan to forget a shock of unforeseen encounter, sit down relaxed beside mom before going asleep. We feel so sorry for you to say, yet it is she who is our one and only Princess Indoors.

Oh, My, …


Master Mei-Shu finally gave a phone call to Mei-Shun. Fracture in the left arm? Oh, 鳴脩-sensei, please be more careful. You have osteoporosis, although improving little by little thanks to medicine through injection. You take a time to recover, that means one of Mei-Shun’s 2017 goals would fail. Well, it depends. She just wishes her master to regain mental and physical health as soon as possible.

Calm Down Pls


Mei-Shun cannot help confirming that we are in October right now. It must be one of the most comfortable months, yet has both summer and winter this year. Our air conditioners sounded weird at first when she asked them to warm rooms: they played the opposite tune last week. It has been Mr. Aladdin who worked as one and only warmer so far. Oh, Mikan-chan, how clever you are to know the best place.


it’s warm here.

We are stared,

by whom?

Mom, it’s UUUUU(grimace) …

Lovely Horsey


Madoka-chan, Vanilla Arc, Mei-Shun missed you so much. Lessons reserved last week had to be canceled for rain on Thursday, while for a sore throat on Saturday. Actually, she already felt slight one last month when tropical temperature began to leave at night. She should have taken good rest before succumbing to it: 3 days in bed is much better than 3 weeks in patience.