You Too?


It rained all through yesterday. Mei-Shun found a window in the kitchen dropping tears from above — just like the one beside a shower room 3 weeks before. It suddenly began to beat tissue-box ducky, shocked and made her rush to the lavatory. Oh, the other was safe, peacefully dry thanks to her labor in cleaning up the roof floor. Well, where is your pool? It seems small since you stopped weeping in 5 minutes.

Made Pool


Both Shin and Mei-Shun deserved drops from the ceiling. It was caused by flood on the roof floor. Drain was clogged by dust which came from vegetable pots the former set there years before, while the latter never cleaned up. Since they were made of paper, broken little by little with rainwater and snow, spreading filled soil. It crawled into corners to work as plugs, yet removed by a kind repairer.

Not inundated, just ready to plant.

Returned Luck?


It might be, tiny gold frog. When Mei-Shun picked up winter clothes at a laundry, you came back in a plastic bag written “left in a pocket”. Shin and his wife drew the same omikuji lot at 橘寺 with you attached. Nobody knows which of the couple you belong to, yet anyway it means she nearly let you beat hard in a big machine. Is it the reason why her latest lots were 凶, the worst luck and 末吉, the least lucky?

Please take her deep apology, again.

Avoid Pool


Mei-Shun was astonished when she found a drop of her thumb size, from above. It is a long window beside a shower room that has become a tap. To tell the truth, she already  recognized a narrow stream on the left side of its frame, on snowy days so far. However, this morning saw another on the right side and — on the top as well. Since humid season soon comes, she must make a good preparation.

Oh, No,


Mei-Shun lost almost all of left detergent for a fluffy belt which Princess Maria, Mr. Silver Pure and other white horseies use. Since it is made of lambskin, special care is imperative to keep clean. She thought attached detergent is also from Poland, not easily available, so tried to save it as long as possible — yet let the bottle lie on its brochure. She wishes it would arrive safely soon from the U.S.A.

Full of Mistakes


Text application here says that it is ginkgo, not gingko. On the other hand, Mei-Shun’s old English-Japanese dictionary shows that either is correct. Well, as for the youngest mademoiselle, it is not right or left but seems to be up or down. What is going on you, honey? If you have no problem, it does not matter at all. However, it seriously does when a bottle of clothes-softener is replenished toward the top.

Dish Washer!!


You too, quite young — just 2-year-old one? Shin ordered 2 gas cookers for Mei-Shun and his mother respectively, adding you for the wife only. Have you been envying busier environment of your colleague? No, it was from the first day when you refused to work. Or it might not be your error but of the mechanic who was in charge of your installment. Anyway, latest model would replace you soon.

Farewell tonight.