Full Moon


Thank you so much, Professor S. She gently sent Mei-Shun an oval-cut Saudi diamond or “Desert Star” as birthday gift, made into a lovely pendant head. Another in brilliant cut is anticipated to become a pair of earrings with an emerald, currently enjoys an expedition on a ship of white shell within bedroom dresser. Would you two join her tonight to watch your beautiful mother in the sky?


Farewell For


… just 6 months from February, Mr. Tea Time. Please let Mei-Shun say congratulations for your promotion. Since he acquired a kind of certification to be a “rental horsey”, she cannot designate him as a partner to dance with for a while. Good luck, stay healthy. Icy rain forced her to cancel today’s reservation on the back of you and Princess Maria. Here are cubes of raw sugar, your favorite snack.


Yellow Yawn


You seem like, Princess Cymby. Taking nearly a whole month, younger bud finally started to bloom. It is really amazing to see her loosen fists one after another in greenish shade. By the way, following image is ready for 蝋梅 or wintersweet flowers, isn’t it? Coming from mom’s garden, it was expected by Mei-Shun to show fragrant dresses around new year.

After 5Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for half-an-year check today. The latter lady protected herself more: added to a face mask, a transparent shield covered from forehead to mouth. It seems harder for her to survive COVID-19 environment than this ex-inpatient. Now is the time to go home — something from above? Unbelievable raindrops! She hung futon mats outdoors, believed morning weather forecasts.

First flower coming soon


So Sorry


Oh, that was why. Mei-Shun recommended Shin to put on a sweater on shirt this freezing morning. He replied, “I would have done, if I could”. They are in such a position: weight is a top secret even between husband and wife. The former seems to gain several sugar bags during recent two years, while the latter lost the same. It is therefore an important job for her to help him.

Please wait for a while, Mr. Sweet.

My Day


It is, the first of this year. I had my hind left paw bleed lately, mom shocked and half-cry when she greeted me in early morning. It was just caused by a claw who failed to peel well, no pain left. I do not mind, so don’t you please. By the way, great to hear Ms. Piano sing again after one- night pause. That busy player squeezed a time to cut nails, stopped ticking on keys. Purr …

Can U find a white moon?

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Big News


Do you seem, Mr. Pot. Mei-Shun loves steamed dishes, so does Shin. The wife therefore changed a normal pot into a steamer using a plate full of tiny holes. However, according to the husband, it began to smell corroded metal. With millions of thanks, they said good-bye to it while hello to the one follows below on Mr. Blue. Egg custard in cups, Chinese-style bun and various vegetables are ready to be cooked.

Half Moon


Oh? What happened with a bang, one of speakers? Did you mean to inform Mei-Shun that we have 大寒=dai-kan, the 6th and last of winter 二十四節気 today? Or to let that pupa come out of your covering? She knew it fell into there months before, yet left it alone. Sorry and hi, nice to see you clearly again. One week has passed since she gained one more year old on the 1st of lunar December.

Proved Prince


Princess Cymby has recently found Mei-Shun recognized a little boy trying to reach elder sisters. Since younger one took as long as almost a month to bloom soon, it allowed her to draw a sigh of relief. Good for Your Highness, they could wait you to grow enough. Wondering why she stays home today? It is too windy to drive toward home of Master Bando.

Pretty Pink


Here is カプすけ=kapu-suke, lovely birdy on a puffed strawberry chocolate. It is for the first time when Mei-Shun picked him up from a sweets wagon at a drug store — it has always been Shin who won him so far. Now she kisses you, darling, keep a good boy not to stay around her waist. He is also in weight control these days, let her enjoy you only in the morning, peacefully alone.