Master Bach?


Since mom had a hair cut and curl last week, she has looked a little weird. I wondered why and knew the reason: her tresses are too tight. Meow, you burst into laughter at dresser mirror, saying the image is just like paintings on the wall of music classroom. That great composer in 18th century always puts on a wig full of horizontal curls, while whose scores are never seen on Ms. Piano.

I’m curled as well.

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Happy Encounter


We have 小満=shoman, the 2nd of summer 二十四節気 today. It means every plant has grown up to reach standard size. Still too young to call them so, rice paddy spread along a lane to the nearest shrine seems already doubled in height. Are you kind followers capable of finding a wild duck couple, float like green boats on water? A white egret and a gray heron also greeted Mei-Shun.

Joy of Garden


They live next to a bank Mei-Shun uses. Sorry to interrupt you, yet please do not worry. No information would be known by anyone to reach your place. Oh, how excellent they are this year when 旧古河庭園, one of her favorite place of roses, had their garden bloom 2 weeks earlier than usual. And her family also accommodates some including brown-red mentioned on Monday, white and pink flowers.

Pumpkin Salad


Oh, they failed — or made one Mei-Shun does not like. She prefers ほくほく=hoku-hoku texture in this vegetable full of beta-Carotene and sweet potatoes. Such ねっとり=nettori, creaminess is literally for dairy products, she complains. However, foods should not be thrown away. Then a good idea came across: how it would be if frozen? She was just right, succeeded in yummy ice cream.

Thai Taxi


Shin went on a business trip to the country of smile last week, took this car from a hotel to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. We see such flashy design on big trucks in Japan called デコトラ=deco-tra, meaning decorated trucks. It looks Thai people prefer to put it inward. And the driver served cacophony of 演歌=enka, Japanese country music for the shocked client.

Dance & Diet


This tiny flower was found blooming on an arrangement plate celebrated Mei-Shun’s performance on stage two years before. It might kindly come to remind her of the days strictly controlled in preparation. Yes, too much weight could be a disturbance for dancers, while for horseies as well. With lunar April starts from today, she wishes to lose another bag and a half of sugar soon. 

Tea Rose


It is a group of those beauties whose scent is the most admired. However, following image blooms in our garden with a name of Black Tea itself. When Mei-Shun saw it at a shop, a flower between salmon pink and orange in photo attracted her. She brought it home, planted carefully in accordance with attached instruction. And this is the result — reddish brown blossom in spring, pinky orange in autumn.