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Yesterday was Children’s Day. Shin and Mei-Shun enjoyed 粽=chimaki, sweetened rice cake stick and 柏餅=kashiwa-mochi, rice cake wrapped by oak leaves, filled with sweetened bean paste. Well, the couple is in weight control, yet mentioned delicacy is indispensable. They therefore walked to the nearest shrine expecting to spend calories, while to make a wish on 朔 of lunar April.

An Enigma


Dieter Mei-Shin tends to eat slowly, masticating well. It looks good for health, yet might as well stimulate her stomach little by little to crave one more bite, over and over. She therefore takes too long a time to eat 80% of capacity. On the other hand, Shin and his mother eat so quickly that his wife still has half of her serving when they finish theirs up. Why one of them burly while the other skinny?

White Day


It is called in our country, after a month from Chocolate — oops, St. Valentine’s Day. Yes, Mei-Shun prefers chocolat blanc, yet found the fact lately that there are several foods which stop her appetite. One of them is a piece of dark chocolate. It seems to function like a cup of coffee or green tea; bitter component might be shared among them, reset her tongue.

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Tea Time


Oh, not regarding you, handsome boy. It was served at a beauty saloon the other day when Mei-Shun visited there for hair dye. A piece of cake has accompanied it years before, yet it is not for her in sweets austerity right now. Instead of snack full of sugar, she chooses nuts, popcorn and dried fruits; half-handmade trail mix between classes in the afternoon.

Enjoy Chocolate


Mei-Shun contacted her favorite maker already in January. It is interesting that St. Valentine’s Day has seen various trend in Japanese society, while almost nothing has changed in her mind. Please help yourself, Shin, she cannot join you. Since she has allowed a kind of flabbergasted eating for 2 weeks, a whole bag of sugar was found around her waist. She decided to oust it as soon as possible.

N-chan, please help dieter Mei-Shun.

Point of No Return


Not by the Phantom of the Opera, by Mei-Shun it is. She has made an effort to manage her weight so far, approaching the point which lets her smile with a sigh of relief. A nearby clinic takes 15-minute drive, serves a health check every two years. However, they did not seem to have a scale, just measured her height and abdomen size. Only the crescent might know what was going on.

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Every 2 Years


Mei-Shun has started to concentrate on her weight control — relatively severe one. She reserved a health check on coming 30th at a clinic where Shin’s company covers necessary fee. Even if her English textbook sometimes calls her “d.e.b.”, or celebration for new year, mom-in-law’s and her own birthday come together in January, nothing can avoid her to reach the goal.