Scary Season


Since new-year weight gaining, Mei-Shun managed to control it into her new normal. It is said once you get obesity, body would like to keep it. In other words, even if your weight is lost, it would easily return to the maximum point anytime. She therefore has to keep fighting against her appetite and negligence for life to stay healthy. Here our St. Valentine’s Day full of chocolate approaches.

Never Bite


Here are ice milk balls which help Mei-Shun much these days. Similar to hard candies in size and calories, this product satisfies her especially after meal. Although the former take long time to melt in mouth by heat, the latter promptly flow into throat keeping cool texture. Still, a feeling almost the same as a spoonful of ice cream is given. Better than leaving half a cup or a bar, isn’t it?

Beer Better


Mei-Shun tried a soft drink tastes like that refreshing alcohol. There are a lot of such products with no calorie, might help people control their weight. Half of a can is quite nice, nearly a real one. However, she felt something else in the other half poured into a glass. Hop flavor has gone, same to the comfortable foam. Even if the price is one third, she prefers titled above to just a light brown soda.

Back to the …


Weight at the point of no return Mei-Shun came. Or less half bag of sugar, made her rejoice. She chose calvados again for dinner dessert, had no problem this time. Dear handmade cakes by mom-in-law stored in a freezer, please wait a little more. She would be happy to see you once a week, in the morning after she checks herself on a scale at previous night returning from the horsey riding club.

Handmade trail mix, a fiasco

Gained Again


Oh-oh, a scale tells a truth. Mei-Shun recognized some sugar around her waist — it was a bit like a nightmare for her at the end of last month. Shin made a business trip to Vietnam from 24th, immediately after enjoying Kyoto. Rainfall continued for a whole week, for the first time in 69 recorded years, that prevented her from going out for walking or horsey riding.

Weighing one bag of sugar


Within Nov.


Mei-Shun hopes to lose her last one bag of sugar, while lunar month of the same starts from today. Well, may she count the latter? No, no way. Although she has gained less than a half bag after the point of no return, brilliant solar December is only three days ahead. She already reserved leading products of たねや=taneya, one of her favorite sweets shops, to arrive on Christmas Day.

@宝泉, Kyoto Station

Two Third


… of you seems to have already lost, Shin. He asked Mei-Shun to prepare thicker suits for winter. Many of his previous ones were discarded months before when he put off more than several bags of sugar. Now she has to think about white shirts, stored in a wardrobe well ironed. “Ha-ha,” here he comes. Oh-oh, he can hold another half of him within it.