New Moon


Lunar August starts from today. It is also 八朔=hassaku, a timing to prepare for typhoons like 二百十日 and 二百二十日 counted from 立春=risshun, the first of 二十四節気. Well, not a storm but a tropical cyclone might come up to cover Kanto Area. Mei-Shun visited the club to dance with Princess Maria, Mr. Hallelujah Sunday and Mr. Tea Time, perspired enough to see her goal weight at night.


Shut Sake


Mei-Shun learned that alcohol affects her weight much, or the most. She drank it 3 times in August, twice at home “WAKAZE” and once out just a glass of “Shandy Gaff”. Although it had been getting better, next-day scale always saw sugar bags ranging from 1.7 to 0.6. Now it looks she has managed to reach the point of Oct. 2019 thanks to rice porridge method. The real goal is within a stone’s throw.

Fresh juice@beauty saloon

Diet Destination


Mei-Shun saw a bit better figure on the scale after dancing with sweet Ms. Snow Quartz today. Since she has got awful one and a half bags of sugar around waist within July full of rainfalls, another method to get it off is to be adopted. She currently stands on the point of September 2019, where her favorite cooked rice, shining like pearls in a bowl, must be replaced by porridge.


Still Stay


July would be finished up with today, expecting the most torrid month from tomorrow. However, rain continues to make the field of Mei-Shun’s horsey riding club a wide rice paddy. She enjoyed dancing with Princess Maria and Mr. Tea Time yesterday, perspired and refreshed after as long as 2 weeks. Yet a scale at home let her know that no bag of sugar had gone during above period.

Upside-down twins

Mischievous 17


Mom told me that Gion Festival; usually held today for 前祭=saki-matsuri, while on 24th for 後祭=ato-matsuri, was canceled this year caused by that weird coronavirus. Meow, anything would happen, you have only to anticipate the next chance. What is more dreadful is that you gained 1.7 more sugar bags around waist during 17 days rain prevented you from going out to see horseies.

Can you see where I am?

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Half-year Prayer


Yes, this is a kind of special day for Shin and Mei-Shun. Six years have passed since they made it a rule to enjoy 水無月=minazuki, our way to call June while following delicacy popular in Kansai area. Cut into two triangles, the couple share it by another half; thanking one for allowing happy and safe life to them, keeping the other in the freezer to see later when they succeed in weight control.

Up and Down


Mei-Shun seems to suffer weekend overeating syndrome from the beginning of this month. On 6th, Shin’s birthday, he and his wife ate all day long, as much as they like. 12th let her enjoy soba. It takes at least 3 days to come back to her normal diet with 3 methods; biggest breakfast, 8-hour carbo and candy-first. And weight control is easier when the couple do together, while difficult if one of them drops out.

Destroyed Dessert


Oh, Mei-Shun did it again. She boiled a stick of alga powder, meant to pour it into a container to store in the refrigerator. However, since it was too hot to handle, she shifted her gear from cooking to cleaning. Now what should be done on it? Re-heating is not a proper way, dangerous with a high risk of burning. The best is to cut it directly within the pan. Yes, she is used to such a slight accident.

Mischievous Message


Mei-Shun’s favorite English textbook call her “d.e.b.” again. Well, she keeps one bag of sugar around the waist for as long as half an year. She has mild muscle ache in thighs from Monday, enjoyed dancing with Princess Maria and Mr. Little Rainbow after 6-week respite. So you mean to give her a kind of warning, don’t you? Expecting active season of much perspiration, she would go ahead for the goal.

Sweet Supporter


Mei-Shun is so happy to see her favorite tea shop open. They have a few green tea newly picked on 八十八夜 left behind reservation, let her purchase one in vacuum packaging. She also found the last bag of green tea candy, taste great and Shin’s favorite. He loves Japanese-style candy like this, while restarted severe weight control. All right, it would be kept safely in the refrigerator until he can enjoy it soon.