No Sweets


Flowers are better as souvenir for you, mom-in-law. Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home today, confirmed that the latter is fine. They chatted on lunch and ohagi, rice ball coated with sweetened red-bean paste, of her handmade as dessert. She knows her younger daughter never rejects this delicacy for equinox, even if her weight is not well controlled. Well, actually it is.

And healthy you, cotton candy.

Made It


Yes, she did. Mei-Shun found her minimum weight on the scale last night, after playing with Ms. Last One and Mr. Tea Time. Not so much perspiration like in mid summer, enough hydration. It therefore seems her methods are working well, while is partly thanks to Shin who is on severer control. She wishes both of the couple the best results in November.

Ever-slender, sleepy Madoka-chan

Shall We?


… go to a sushi shop for lunch, Mei-Shun told mom-in-law on Friday. “I’ve already finished it”, she replied, “how about going for dinner?” Well, it might be inconvenient for the former who is quite getting along on 8-hour carbo method. However, laziness toward weekend let her start breakfast around 10 : 30 — rather brunch. Why doesn’t she put priority on happy face of the latter?

Finished by 18 : 30, making sense.

Longer Moratorium


Shin and Mei-Shun’s schedule for a total health check was postponed toward November. At first, this point of no return was set within August. It lead the couple to harder-than-usual weight control, gave good results for both. However, the husband forgot to make an appointment with a clinic between his business trips abroad. It was a kind of relief for the wife, who treated herself to a chocolate after riding today.

Angelic Sweeteners


Dieter Mei-Shun realized that she is quite fond of sweet drinks, including coffee and tea to add sugar by herself. Or it might not be correct, because this sweet friend of her is a bit too caloric to get along every day. Here artificial ones like acesulfame K, aspartame, sucralose and erythritol while extracts from natural plants like stevia, monk fruit and xylitol help.

Kind 10 kcal per 100ml, muscat-flavor green tea

Lollipop City


Following below is Shin’s souvenir from Las Vegas. It was skin-grilling there, yet so dry that felt quite easy, he told Mei-Shun. On the other hand, they are in the latter half of rainy season here, with temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. However, 100% humidity almost every day makes them feel heavy both in mind and body. It is not an excuse by the wife whose weight keeps stagnant lately.


Piano to Pizza


Stormy last Saturday forced Shin and Mei-Shun stay at home all day long, pressed appetite button in the husband’s brain. He asked the wife’s permission to order pizzas at night. Following sunny Sunday made him exhausted enough to rush to sushi dinner, took time from the wife to play piano. Oh, brilliant full moon accompanied by Jupiter, please help this couple to lose weight and gain muscle.