Pretty Pink


Here is カプすけ=kapu-suke, lovely birdy on a puffed strawberry chocolate. It is for the first time when Mei-Shun picked him up from a sweets wagon at a drug store — it has always been Shin who won him so far. Now she kisses you, darling, keep a good boy not to stay around her waist. He is also in weight control these days, let her enjoy you only in the morning, peacefully alone.

Happy Horsey


No exercise. No abdomen with good growling. It was Mei-Shun’s recent (正月)三が日=(shogatsu)-san-ga-nichi, first three days of a new year. That made her regain one sugar bag around the waist again. Mr. Tea Time, Princess Maria, how was your first weekend of 2021? You always bring an empty stomach which symbolizes her health. Please kindly continue to help her control both body and mind.

Got Goal


Mei-Shun made it. Precisely, this year saw the number on a scale three times including today. The first one came in September, stopped for around a month with half a bag of sugar. Then she started to lose it before 邦楽発表会, feeling tense. Regaining weight she lost would be the biggest dismay, yet it has not occurred so far. Even if a narrow escape, she will keep a stiff upper lip with her own methods.

Tks a lot for yr kind help.

Surreptitious System


Mei-Shun has a heavy stomach in the morning when she eats late at previous night, precisely much carbo after 18 : 00. With no appetite, she takes only a cup of hot milk for breakfast. However, assaulted by greater desire for food around noon, she would be forced to cook twice as much as she normally does. Full-up mouth covets no more, fruits and nuts are enough to cover her supper.

Rice Routine


Oh, no, Mei-Shun gained another bag of sugar around the waist. Perhaps the reason is clear; less output, more input. Kabuki dance is relatively slow and static in 女舞, roles of women, giving her a kind of silent perspiration. On the other hand, horsey riding is dynamic enough to let her feel hot even in the middle of winter. If she wants to keep current eating, exercise must be augmented.

You are to be made into more porridge.

Amicable Adversary


Mei-Shun has told you kind followers that alcohol impedes her weight control. It might be because such drinks facilitate her appetite, let her ignore calories to reach sweets even after a meal. She therefore makes it a rule to take it less than once a month, on condition that a tyre around her waist is smaller than one bag of sugar. Now Shin brought home this delicacy from Nagano, best friend and foe of Professor S!

Piano Pit


Mr. O, home “doctor” of Ms. Piano gave Mei-Shun a phone call. It was to make a reservation to tune the former: an annual check, very important for her health. According to recent news, much less people take such tests this year. The latter is one of them, looking forward to going 六本木 after we can stay safe with that novel coronavirus.

Enviable Okinawa cat, long-legged

New Moon


Lunar August starts from today. It is also 八朔=hassaku, a timing to prepare for typhoons like 二百十日 and 二百二十日 counted from 立春=risshun, the first of 二十四節気. Well, not a storm but a tropical cyclone might come up to cover Kanto Area. Mei-Shun visited the club to dance with Princess Maria, Mr. Hallelujah Sunday and Mr. Tea Time, perspired enough to see her goal weight at night.


Shut Sake


Mei-Shun learned that alcohol affects her weight much, or the most. She drank it 3 times in August, twice at home “WAKAZE” and once out just a glass of “Shandy Gaff”. Although it had been getting better, next-day scale always saw sugar bags ranging from 1.7 to 0.6. Now it looks she has managed to reach the point of Oct. 2019 thanks to rice porridge method. The real goal is within a stone’s throw.

Fresh juice@beauty saloon

Diet Destination


Mei-Shun saw a bit better figure on the scale after dancing with sweet Ms. Snow Quartz today. Since she has got awful one and a half bags of sugar around waist within July full of rainfalls, another method to get it off is to be adopted. She currently stands on the point of September 2019, where her favorite cooked rice, shining like pearls in a bowl, must be replaced by porridge.