Sincerely Yours


Japanese dance joined cat and piano in Mei-Shun’s life approx. 10 years ago. Now, has she been capable of mentioning equally these three biggest joys here so far? Health, diet and exercise tend to eat away music these days, don’t they? With 朔 accompanied by lunar September tonight, she should straighten herself up again to stay loyal to Ms. Piano whose tuning has been delayed for 2 months.


Welcome Back


It continued to rain for 6 days from last Thursday. We saw beautiful sunlight only in the morning of yesterday, followed by a lot of clouds in late afternoon. That’s was why Mei-Shun rushed to walk in 乙戸沼 Park, worried a little if all leaves frozen and browned. To her great relief, a scarlet friend found the first step of her getting off the car. A flock of wild duck swam lively beside wind-distorted fountain traces.

Relax Pls


Hi, Tora-chan. Did you throw mom-in-law onto a tatami mat to occupy that chair? A fluffy cloth with black dots is to make a soft toy of your species, isn’t it? You look so graceful on it. Such a princess does not need to come down to a camera meowing — your Highness could be changed into lowness. Please kindly let Mei-Shun enjoy this heartwarming picture.

Calm Down Pls


Mei-Shun cannot help confirming that we are in October right now. It must be one of the most comfortable months, yet has both summer and winter this year. Our air conditioners sounded weird at first when she asked them to warm rooms: they played the opposite tune last week. It has been Mr. Aladdin who worked as one and only warmer so far. Oh, Mikan-chan, how clever you are to know the best place.


it’s warm here.

We are stared,

by whom?

Mom, it’s UUUUU(grimace) …

Double Leaves


Here is our grapefruit pots. Interestingly, each leaf keeps a little “spare” nearer to the stalk. When bigger parts seem to get sick, Mei-Shun cut them out as follows expecting smaller ones to work. The latter do not grow themselves while facilitate birth of another bud. And the former still stay perfumed in that sweet fruit, currently dried to go back home soon.

Pink Rice


It is actually not, yet Mei-Shun called them so in her early childhood. (お)ままごと=(o) mama-goto, house playing was one of her favorite. It means to play a role of mother who serves good meal. She is not sure that was why she drew a omikuji related to harvest after finding that lovely plant the other day, while feels very happy. Shin’s one mentions fishing, together reminds them of good ancient days in Yayoi Period (300B.C.-250A.D.).

Summer Helped?


Three weeks have passed since Mei-Shun saw her best weight in September. After riding horsey friends in three lessons, perspired much and starved, she had expected to get on a scale. Well, she did in half; one lesson in daytime boiled us, two at night washed and dried us by cold shower and wind. It was found that she is quite good at controlling herself, not thanks to a serious headache.