10 Years


Mei-Shun has seen since she first performed on a stage. Called 梅の栄=Ume no Sakae, prosperity of plum, it was one of pieces for 名取 examination in 菊ノ上流 party. The other was 松の緑=Matsu no Midori, green of pine tree. The former was for women while the latter men. These two were changed into 京鹿子娘道成寺 only by Master Hanakawa, who instructed Master Mei-Shu.

狛犬 A-chan, with plum blossom over

狛犬 N-chan, with wild cherry in full bloom

Hanako, Flower Girl


Mei-Shun finished to learn how to dance 乱拍子の段, instrument-only part of 京鹿子娘道成寺. It was very slow compared to her previous pace to dance at least two scores an year. Well, Shin might mean to encourage his wife to perform on a stage again by giving her not an arrangement but a bouquet. He always handed her such a gorgeous beauty, surprised friends in Kikunoe Ryu’s waiting room.

Master’s Kimono


Master Mei-Shu gave several ones to her last 名取 in 菊ノ上流. Following is one of them, which Mei-Shun pulled out recently from the closet. Oh, she has not recognized this brighter red line at the bottom of inner cloth. It looks like flowing from outer patterns in the same, yet more chic shade. So which obi sash and 舞扇=fan would be the best? Effective practice seems to come partly from good combination.

Japanese Dance!


Mei-Shun really loves it. Heading for 邦楽発表会 held yesterday, she went to Tsuchiura City Hall Saturday to see rehearsal performances by dancers from 藤間流=fujima-ryu, 若柳流=wakayagi-ryu and 坂東流=bando-ryu parties. The last one has Master Miho-sho on the top, an elegant and gentle lady who hosted her own stage in April. Oh, everyone has been involved in hard practice so far.

Hi, Hanako


Shin and Mei-Shun met her at 鹿乃子 Japanese sweets shop in Ginza on weekend. It was so sunny and hot that they took there かき氷=shaved ice with syrup and みつ豆=algae jelly with sweet simmered peas after strolling from 維新號. Satisfied and cooled down, Shin went downstairs for payment followed by his wife who recognized something calling her from right side.

Dance, Hanako


Mei-Shun decided to instruct Professor M in all of her favorite scene of 京鹿子娘道成寺 where 白拍子花子, the leading role who is a dancer in entertainment business puts on a red kimono with 金烏帽子, a golden cap handed from visiting priests of the temple. Although Kikunoe Ryu test for 名取 removed a part Hanako expresses her emotion around the big bell, it seems indispensable for the story.