2021, 12


Meow, it was mom’s first-of-the-year kabuki dance lesson today, given by Master Bando. Almost snowy, it made her put more on into layered knit above and below waist. Please be careful not to fall down stepping on such a long skirt. I’ll keep a good girl until you come back safely, purr … oh? Hi, welcome home. Did you bring something good for me in that big bag?

99999 km driven by Ms. Scarlet

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Two Teachers


A small table to hold Mei-Shun’s 名取-related items fell down this morning. She took it as a message to clean, vacuumed around a stereo where a name plate, wooden sake cup and photos are displayed together. Oh, Master Mei-Shu, great to see you again in a 2-D image. Your second-to-last student feels happy to resume lessons lead by Master Bando, who shares love to kabuki dance with you.

Can U recognize 丑, 2021 symbol?

Boots and Kimono


Oh, Ms. Piano, Mei-Shun misses you so much. A slight cold, came from Shin perhaps, prevented her from even touching you for these several days. In addition, she had to get used to a new lifestyle; twice horsey-riding lessons a week, once kabuki-dance. Since it is all the opposite of her pattern from October, she has found it difficult to control a different kind of fatigue.

22, 2020


Meow, it is the last of my days in this year, come once a month. Mom visited Master Bando for final lesson as well, left me alone at home. Well, that is all right. I am a good nurse, know well how to rectify myself … hi, mom, welcome back. Thanks for cleaning something I threw off onto the floor and restrooms. Lunch please, and bedtime on your legs follows. Purr … purrr …

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What Would


… be the best as winter gift to Master Bando? She is the person of the year for Mei-Shun: kindly lead the latter toward kabuki dance again. They are still involved in 京鹿子娘道成寺, yet in a bit different way after recent stage. 恋の手習い was dedicated to beloved Master Mei-Shu, while 花のほかには松ばかり=”only pine trees other than cherry” would be in Bando Ryu style.

After Acknowledgement


Two weeks have already passed since Mei-Shun received a gorgeous bouquet from Shin on the stage. She learned how to enjoy it for longer: draw roses from a vase before they get too tired. Hangers are ready to dry them outdoors, while fragrant and snow-white lilies stay indoors with fresh water. They gently have made bedroom of above couple full of sweet aroma.

First Lesson


… it is today, after Mei-Shun performed precious role of 白拍子花子 on a stage. When she asked if Master Bando gives other lessons within 2020, the latter lady replied “yes, as usual”. On the other hand, beloved Master Mei-Shu used to wrap them up in November. Both ideas seem proper; one master takes 邦楽発表会 a special event, while the other a kind of workout.

Shin’s bouquet drinks much to bloom more.



To Shin for warm support, Master Bando for gentle encouragement to her new student, two mothers, Mikan-chan for being sweet, Professor M, Professor S, friends, Mr. O, 嘉扇=ka-sen-san, kind members of みほし会=mihoshi-kai and … Master Mei-Shu.

Last Lesson


… it is in 2020 given by gentle Master Bando to Mei-Shun today. The latter is cordially grateful to kindness and ardent instruction from the former lady so far, for intensive one and a half month. She has already decided to come back to 白拍子花子, one of the prettiest and the most difficult roles in kabuki dance. Hopefully on another stage after vaccination and specific medicines are firmly established for COVID-19.