Not So


… easy it is. Mei-Shun meant to resume kabuki dance practice at home in preparation for stage performance in autumn. However, having been used to spend weekdays in horsey riding, Spanish and piano, she has to squeeze out time available keeping good health. One idea therefore is to shift into her own “summer time”: loosen schedule to dance with horseies who prefer winter.

Would you agree, little snowy?

Love Lesson


How long does it take for Mei-Shun to resume practicing 恋の手習=koi-no-tenarai, the most important part of 京鹿子娘道成寺? Three years, Master Mei-Shu. You kindly tried to teach it to your last 名取 who wished to gain certificate of 師範. However, it was too hard for your body to do it in person, forced you instead to find a DVD performed by another member of 菊ノ上会.

There we see prompt buds of Momo-chan.

Five Years


… have passed since Mei-Shun had that operation. She has always been grateful to healthy days so far; praising, holding and taking care of Mikan-chan, playing Ms. Piano, dancing kabuki dance while with horsey. And she would from now on of course. It seems not necessary to increase the number of what she finds happy. The more her passion is poured, the bigger pleasure they give.

Hi, I’m Silk Traveler.

Happy to sniff U.

Honoring Her


Mei-Shun instructs Professor M in kabuki dance on Wednesdays. Actually, today is the first lesson in 2020 since the former was sickened on her left eyelid last month. Biscuit-colored silk kimono (thanks a lot, Shin) was planned to put on for celebrating new year, yet it seems too late in this second month. She therefore decided to use one of obi sashes Master Mei-Shu kindly left.

Kikunoe Lasts


Mei-Shun is currently giving lessons to Professor M in 梅の栄=ume-no-sakae, Prosperity like Plum Blossom. It was designated as the score for 名取 examination before she started her own lessons under the wings of Master Mei-Shu a decade before. Also the first performance on a stage, it reminds her of fresh days learning what kabuki dance is.

Love To


Master Bando gave Mei-Shun a phone call thanking to an year-end greeting sweets the latter sent the other day. Actually, she was under a warming machine to let dyeing paste absorb into her hair when her smart phone rang. Master Mei-Shu would laugh if she saw her last 名取 chat with both ears covered by protective caps. Anyway, Kikunoe, Mei-Shun intends to stand on a stage next autumn.

Nostalgic Kimono


One and a half year have passed since Mei-Shun said good-bye to Master Mei-Shu II. To profound gratitude of the former, Mr. O, husband of the late master, kindly invited her and Professor M to home tonight. They held a tiny party to celebrate 2019 going soon, their health and friendship tied over kabuki dance. Which of these three should be put on by your last 名取, sensei?