Face to Face


Mei-Shun visited Master Bando instead of Tuesday. Since another Friday student canceled today’s lesson, it became much more intensive than usual. It is always concentrated of course, yet long-time student like Ms. K often joins others in performance. She has learned so many scores that helps new comers who sometimes forget how to do next.

Exciting Excursion


So Mei-Shun’s hair was finally cut today, postponed twice. Quiet afternoon brought a head covered with a bit slovenly long, black ones into a train, yet one of her favorite seats was occupied by a girl on the right side to Tokyo. It sees Ushiku Pond, a cup noodle-shaped chimney and a wedding site while Skytree on the left. The latter lit a few stars under evening sky when she returned to Ibaraki.

Boots and Kimono


Oh, Ms. Piano, Mei-Shun misses you so much. A slight cold, came from Shin perhaps, prevented her from even touching you for these several days. In addition, she had to get used to a new lifestyle; twice horsey-riding lessons a week, once kabuki-dance. Since it is all the opposite of her pattern from October, she has found it difficult to control a different kind of fatigue.

Hasty Hair?


Mei-Shun visited a beauty saloon nearby Tokyo Station for curling today. It is her first experience of “air-wave” technology to dry rolled rods in lower temperature 50-60 degrees Celsius, compared to “digital” one at approximately 100. The apparatus looks like an astronaut who returns to our mother earth soon to bring a capsule filled with miracle of solar system.

Color Combination


Here are face masks Mei-Shun purchased at her horsey riding club. Oh, please do not kick us, Mr. Tea Time. This candidate of your mom would like to dance with you more, yet is currently able to spare only once a week. She is looking forward to December when her performance on stage would be safely over. Ms. I and you will be reserved to complete her mission: canter on you.


Older one stayed on the bottom of laundry basket!

Happy Recovery


Rainfall and a sore throat had prevented Mei-Shun from exercises; daily stretching, walking and horsey riding until recently, for longer than three weeks. The first one is available indoors followed by kabuki dance practice, yet jumping must be avoided upstairs. Today saw it start raining a bit outdoors again, made her pull hung laundry into the shower stall to dry by an electric fan.

Utnay Lake, Hokkaido

Evening@horsey riding club

Joy of Cat


It’s me who is on the top of mom’s list, purr. She recently purchased a food processor to make my stew smoother in mouth. Thanks, I can eat it more. By the way, meow, who is this red tabby? He lives in a soba noodle restaurant mom and dad visited the other day, sniffed her scarf carefully to recognize me. Well, such an attitude is quite favorable — not too friendly but polite.

Their table set open to a little pond full of goldfish

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Marvelous Medicine


Mei-shun ordered a melon from Tottori Dunes. It took three days to become mellow, emitting sweet scent with softer bottom. Since she cannot touch them on supermarket shelves recently, such pleasant communication is allowed just at home. On the other hand, Shin brought home a bag of mint candies made in Hokkaido. It works very well when you have a heavy stomach.

Hydrangea Collection


It is Mei-Shun’s joy of rainy season to watch this flower planted in gardens along her route toward the nearest shrine. The first is like bridal bouquets, followed by bright blue ones to bring happiness to couples newly wed. Several more steps are required to see 3rd in violet next to 4th in bluish grey, full of lace. And the left of trio in the backyard of the Ys changes its color day by day.

How Luxurious!


Mei-Shun visited a beauty saloon in Tokyo, the one she tried to compare with the other. Hmm, his technique is fine, makes her hair healthier. He might win her intention for curling next time. Quite satisfied, she dropped in a department store to purchase some cookie. It is a kind of excursion for her as well, including a short trip on train. As cool wind blew to smooth tall buildings, sunset dyed them bluer and bluer.