Happy Recovery


Rainfall and a sore throat had prevented Mei-Shun from exercises; daily stretching, walking and horsey riding until recently, for longer than three weeks. The first one is available indoors followed by kabuki dance practice, yet jumping must be avoided upstairs. Today saw it start raining a bit outdoors again, made her pull hung laundry into the shower stall to dry by an electric fan.

Utnay Lake, Hokkaido

Evening@horsey riding club

Joy of Cat


It’s me who is on the top of mom’s list, purr. She recently purchased a food processor to make my stew smoother in mouth. Thanks, I can eat it more. By the way, meow, who is this red tabby? He lives in a soba noodle restaurant mom and dad visited the other day, sniffed her scarf carefully to recognize me. Well, such an attitude is quite favorable — not too friendly but polite.

Their table set open to a little pond full of goldfish

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Marvelous Medicine


Mei-shun ordered a melon from Tottori Dunes. It took three days to become mellow, emitting sweet scent with softer bottom. Since she cannot touch them on supermarket shelves recently, such pleasant communication is allowed just at home. On the other hand, Shin brought home a bag of mint candies made in Hokkaido. It works very well when you have a heavy stomach.

Hydrangea Collection


It is Mei-Shun’s joy of rainy season to watch this flower planted in gardens along her route toward the nearest shrine. The first is like bridal bouquets, followed by bright blue ones to bring happiness to couples newly wed. Several more steps are required to see 3rd in violet next to 4th in bluish grey, full of lace. And the left of trio in the backyard of the Ys changes its color day by day.

How Luxurious!


Mei-Shun visited a beauty saloon in Tokyo, the one she tried to compare with the other. Hmm, his technique is fine, makes her hair healthier. He might win her intention for curling next time. Quite satisfied, she dropped in a department store to purchase some cookie. It is a kind of excursion for her as well, including a short trip on train. As cool wind blew to smooth tall buildings, sunset dyed them bluer and bluer.


Tasty Again


Shin and Mei-Shun ate out for the first time in as long as 3 months on weekend. いしじま, their favorite peanut shop and soba restaurant located nearby, looked quite fine even in such a rainy day. The wife found a soba shochu, distilled spirit on a menu, ordered a small bottle to be diluted by 蕎麦湯=soba-yu, hot water used to boil the noodle. Hmm, it is not bad.

Followed by dessert of course.


What Next?


Ms. Piano sings almost every day as Mei-Shun continues Spanish learning. Since her favorite program on radio finished within March, she listens to new one started last month for listening. When new words and grammar come out, how a story goes in half an year, they all depend on an instructor. It is therefore a kind of thrilling challenge to catch what she has already learned.


Plus Pink


Our “backyard” plum trees are in 80% blossom right now. It is interesting for Mei-Shun that their shade all depends. Many of the strongest pink are seen in classical gardens, while weeping ones tend to put on pale tones. Above one is not in tears, whose petals have a pinch of violet. Oops, it has just started raining. Please do not make sudden resonance with this context.

Day by Day


Mei-Shun resumed Spanish learning. It means she may allow herself to practice that lyrical score by Master Chopin. Looked a bit complicated, she hesitated to go ahead at first. However, it is actually simple enough for her fingers. Many serial tiny notes let this score sound glamorous and quite difficult. Now she plays it almost every day, expecting to reach levels of other favorite scores.

Never Bite


Here are ice milk balls which help Mei-Shun much these days. Similar to hard candies in size and calories, this product satisfies her especially after meal. Although the former take long time to melt in mouth by heat, the latter promptly flow into throat keeping cool texture. Still, a feeling almost the same as a spoonful of ice cream is given. Better than leaving half a cup or a bar, isn’t it?