Lift Lips


It is the last date of April, on Friday this year. Mei-Shun feels it nice because her weekday schedule ends with a month. Golden Week holidays started from yesterday, yet Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectures are under the 3rd Covid-19 state of emergency. Faraway from relaxation in mind, she would just be careful not to gain any sugar bag around waist.

Function Facilitator


Mei-Shun sometimes enjoys feeling of empty stomach. Her appetite seems to come from eyes, rather than ears to catch under-breast growling. On the other hand, the latter is her barometer of health. It is therefore better to refrain from eating when no sound is made around the waist. Various hot drink including kudzu-root tea, milk, juice and hard candy are recommended to help her digestive system.

Lower Legs!


Mei-Shun finally saw a DVD of her performance last year as 白拍子花子: it took her 4 months to be courageous enough. Oh-oh, she makes too much bending and extending in knees to look stable — please stop jumping around the stage. More shocking is that she almost stands still showing her back and obi sash to audience, even if she meant to turn head to the left with shoulder going down toward the floor.

Oops, One


Oh, it still stays around Mei-Shun’s waist. Since she felt lighter there thanks to original methods, all the same number as last week on a scale was unanticipated. It might be partly because of a sudden rainfall while she was on the back of Princess Maria: water weighs more than solid. Or simply, weight loss is not always proportional to body shape-up.

Poor Princess


Oh, what happened to Nausicaä? Or to Mei-Shun who asked Shin to order a score book composed by Mr. H. Joe. It was to play “Windy Valley” featuring above heroine on Ms. Piano, yet these clumsy fingers touch a lot of wrong keys today. They spare no time to practice “Princess of Mononoke” instead for latest months, making it sound so-so if played slowly.

And to U, Mademoiselle Vert.


Warm White


Today’s music aired at the horsey riding club reminded Mei-Shun of her repertoire again — Impromptus, Opus 90, Allegro composed by Master Schubert. She practiced that bright tune too much after dancing with Princess Maria, has got a bit hurt in fingers. The former is currently better at reining the latter lady, might receive message from the  great artist.

Karin-chan, one of stable-dwelling cats

So Sorry


Oh, that was why. Mei-Shun recommended Shin to put on a sweater on shirt this freezing morning. He replied, “I would have done, if I could”. They are in such a position: weight is a top secret even between husband and wife. The former seems to gain several sugar bags during recent two years, while the latter lost the same. It is therefore an important job for her to help him.

Please wait for a while, Mr. Sweet.

Dancing Diet


Mei-Shun still carries a tyre of sugar in one bag around her waist. During last time she felt worse, health went ahead of good eating and exercise. When charming foods (including various sweets) jump into eyes, she immediately brought them home. However, since she returned to normal, such an indulgence must be terminated. Precedent methods will start from now on.

Souvenir sweets, a windfall

Abandoned Again


Mei-Shun found, the Spanish test, Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española expected to be held in October. The one in June was also canceled because of the novel coronavirus, let this student (a bit lazy) have extra time to prepare. Well, does it mean she can spend more time with Ms. Piano? Of course not. The radio program would go ahead, so would her own study on a textbook.

Empty bus in Osaka, taken by Shin on business



Mei-Shun tried “Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90” by Master Schubert after more than a whole month. Even if a poor performance, her fingers never hurt, that is fine.  Haste makes waste. By the way, her eldest nephew sang “Erlkönig” by above great composer last week, to piano accompaniment by his mother. His grandma came out of that cool place to listen, and would flee back soon.