Effective Lesson


When Mei-Shun forgets how to play a score on Ms. Piano, it looks like a chance to her. Since fingering so far has been reset, she can try from scratch to find out better way. “Pavane …” is a good example, left behind Masters Bach and Debussy. And it seems that memory to play that musical instrument is saved not only in brain, directly connected with eyes but also in 10 fingers with necessary muscles.


Friendly Food


Following below is a bag of ottotto, salty crisp shaped like fish which Mei-Shun likes from childhood. Thanks to packaging, calories per serving is so clear that she feels a kind of safe. Such products are for little kids, including other cookies and rice crackers, yet work very well for this adult dieter. Mom-in-law is also much helped by baby dishes, easily available compared with those for elderly persons.

Very rare to see them.

Vegetable flavor joined!

Superior Piano


Never taking Spanish inferior, yet Mei-Shun chose its test in October. That is because she would like to brush up her technique in playing several scores. Master J. S. Bach is on the top of the list which accommodates “Life of Merry-go-round”, “Le Cygne” and “Pavane pour une Infante Défunte”. She loves the last one, practiced earnestly years before yet played around others for a while.

Thanks Shin, working hard from early morning.

Layered Shoji


Yes, she made it. It was shocking 4 years before when these 障子, sliding door made of wooden frame and paper were refreshed by Mei-Shun. Hoping to come back from the hospital in better health, she removed old paper to be replaced with new one. Since fruitful paper for smaller shoji was left a little, she tried an experiment to use 2 different patterns.




They say Spanish tests would be held in June and October. Now, Ms. Piano, which month is better for Mei-Shun? She meant to be soaked in concentrated study, chose just one score composed by Master J. S. Bach. However, Shin likes it so much that his wife practiced it almost every day for “joy of his desiring”. Having come in the opposite direction, is she ready to go back to the starting point of 2019?

橘 at 橘寺, what’s your opinion?


Once Again


Mei-Shun’s latest diet started from April 28th, 2018. It had 5 good months (May-August and October), 4 so-so (September, November-January) and 2 bad  (February, March) ones. It forced her to resume 2019 version, aiming at whole-body health check planned in August. Shin, who has not yet reserved it, joined her to gain fine results together.

Joy? of Diet


So February has seen Mei-Shun spoil herself. According to results of health check (including physical measurement) conducted at the end of last month, she is healthy on the whole, yet has a slight tyre around lower body. Well, absolutely. Even if staying within the borderline, she has never reached the ideal weight calculated by BMI for a decade.

You are slender under a fluffy coat, honey.