Lunar August


We see the slightest moon tonight. With 朔, the best day to make a wish tomorrow, Mei-Shun is still wondering how to get along with her diet. Since it has become cooler as Mikan-chan mentioned recently, perspiration during walking and horse riding is not so much compared to the one in summer. Maybe another method is necessary — “once-a-week sweets” is on the top of candidate methods list.




Sundays might be the key for Mei-Shun’s diet: recent 3 weekends saw her have carbohydrate after 18 : 00. Latest one was better, since she rode Madoka-chan and Vanilla Arc on Saturday, perspired much. Rain prevented her from doing so for 10 days at the end of August. It seriously affects her weight control. The more she learns how to get along with horseies, the more riding would be a salubrious aerobic exercise.

Postponed Project


Mei-Shun meant to gain a certificate in horseback riding within this month. Now, why did she failed in it? One of the reasons seems imbalance between her mind and muscle. Greed (to save money, for example) might lead to mental haste, deprive her of concentration. She should calm herself down, return to her primary purpose to go to the club; pleasure in good communication with beautiful horses.

Manifest, chestnut-brown lady

She’s Satisfied


Mei-Shun introduced another strategy into her diet, calling it “before 18 o’clock” method. It has joined 8-hour-carbo system, makes her finish eating rice, bread and high-calorie fruits including banana, grape and melon at least 3 hours before going to bed. Implemented from lunar July 1st, it gave a remarkable result: let her lose nearly 1 bag of sugar in less than a week.

Penguin couple serving sugar-free soda

A polar bear helps as well.


She Stagnates


Lunar July starts with tonight’s 朔=saku. What would Mei-Shun wish? Of course, success in her weight management. Actually, it has stopped losing for 12 weeks so far. She lost more than 2 bags of sugar in the first month, thanks to 8-hour carbo method. That means it works well to keep her current shape. Well, one more sack is necessary to go for health, several more for vogue.

Baby clothes purify bad luck.




So last half of 2017 has started. These days Mei-Shun takes her three goals meant to reach within the year a bit too ambitious or 虻蜂取らず=abu-hachi-torazu, she could fall between two stools instead of three. At least regarding Japanese language instructor certificate, she has not made any efforts so far. And a bit stumbled in diet, she refrains from getting on a scale since last week.

Joy of Diet


Mei-Shun’s 8-hour-carbo/candy-first methods have seen 2 months. They are going so-so, allowed her to lose nearly three bags of sugar in total. Another manner has been introduced recently to get on a scale after enough perspiration, good stool and empty stomach — they give the minimum weight. Mental health is one of the most important factors for sustainable management, isn’t it?