After 4Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun visited the hospital again today for CT held once an year while half-year meeting with Dr. A. The former appointment was set in the morning, the latter in the afternoon. Before the ex-inpatient took the first sip of strawberry milk at noon, they called her via PA system. She should have given them blood sample, so sorry. And when she was washing hands in a restroom, the door suddenly opened!

Teeth First


Mei-Shun visited her home dentist Dr. M today. After a regular check last month, she should have finished it within 2019. However, her careless nature put necessary insurance card somewhere else instead of usual place. She looked and looked for it, took up 30 minutes to drive. This time everything went fine, let her make a new-year greeting to the doctor.

Bye and Hi


Meow, Mr. Aladdin went into a long sleep, left us to be replaced by Mr. Blue. His name comes from color of flame, not from his chocolate brown body. He is a bit smaller than the former who was purchased via internet by dad only, because mom stayed in a hospital. This time they went to a household appliances store together. He is cute, quiet and powerful. Purr … purrr …

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Beer Better


Mei-Shun tried a soft drink tastes like that refreshing alcohol. There are a lot of such products with no calorie, might help people control their weight. Half of a can is quite nice, nearly a real one. However, she felt something else in the other half poured into a glass. Hop flavor has gone, same to the comfortable foam. Even if the price is one third, she prefers titled above to just a light brown soda.

Europe Admirer


Mei-Shun actually is, since she was a student. However, she has been only to the U.K., Ireland and France. On the other hand, Shin travels through the globe; perhaps has not covered Southern America and Antarctica. Now do you kind followers think the wife envies the husband? She never does. He makes business trips, not plays around. Her job at home is to keep on smiling.

Napoli in summer

Care More


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. M, her home dentist for final check after three-time cleaning today. Their regular meeting has been biannual so far, yet changed into 4 month — dental score of the patient worsened. It is partly caused by her hesitation to use floss on one of Ame-chan twins. Since it has glass fiber core, the owner felt like keeping it untouched while another is removable, easy to clean.

She envies your new one, mademoiselle.


After 4Y + 17Wks


Thanks to half an year Dr. A gave Mei-Shun at the end of January, more than 4 years have already passed since the ex-inpatient almost forgot the disease. Smart phone schedule reminded her of today’s appointment with the doctor, who said in winter that they would see again when it becomes hot. Well, not only being pretty and gentle, she is also a great fortune teller.

Bonjour, mademoiselle.