Once Again


Mei-Shun’s latest diet started from April 28th, 2018. It had 5 good months (May-August and October), 4 so-so (September, November-January) and 2 bad  (February, March) ones. It forced her to resume 2019 version, aiming at whole-body health check planned in August. Shin, who has not yet reserved it, joined her to gain fine results together.

After 4Y


So they have safely passed since Mei-Shun left the hospital. Each day to date has been precious, even when she felt sad or stressful. Now with 令和=Reiwa Era starts from the 1st of next month, she wishes to walk forward loving every step.  The former kanji letter meant in ancient times “message from millions of Gods” represented by the sun and the moon who always protect all of us.

Joy? of Diet


So February has seen Mei-Shun spoil herself. According to results of health check (including physical measurement) conducted at the end of last month, she is healthy on the whole, yet has a slight tyre around lower body. Well, absolutely. Even if staying within the borderline, she has never reached the ideal weight calculated by BMI for a decade.

You are slender under a fluffy coat, honey.


After 3Y + 45Wks


Thank you so much, Dr. A. She gave Mei-Shun an “Yes” phone call yesterday. Of course from the hospital, therefore after a snowfall on Saturday. Please take good care of yourself, A-sensei, it is sincere wish of your ex-inpatient. And another gratitude to mom-in-law who kindly cooked お赤飯, red-bean rice thanks to above white weather. It was served on your daughter-in-law’s table for celebration.

After 3Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun saw Dr. A today. “If this time’s CT image, blood and cell samples check have no problem, next appointment would be in July”, the latter said. Now to be Yes or No: that is the question. In a way to stop thinking about it, the former experienced bone density measurement for the first time. Results at lumbar and femur are different, yet in good health.

Protect MS


Please continue to do, kind gears and caregivers. From the top of Mei-Shun’s head, haircut in Tokyo while hair-dye nearby. Contact lens and eye drops subscription by ophthalmologist Dr. S at the same building where Dr. M’s dental clinic is located. Body under shoulders is checked by Dr. A except for both legs. And dermatologist Dr. I takes care of corns at the bottom of her feet …

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Dear Rainy


We Japanese call it during dry season 良いお湿り, good humidity. To our relief, last Saturday saw a slight rain after weeks. Mei-Shun hopes that it would make air cleaner to help Shin who already has a symptom of hay disease. Drops from the sky could wash cedar pollen down on the ground. However, three clear days have passed since then. Now snows, never being heavy, are preferred.

Taken fm Las Vegas sky