Baby Mantis


Hello, darling, welcome to Mei-Shun’s bed. It is so nice to see you, yet she has already started repellent steamer here. Indoor air is dangerous for you. Would you let her bring you onto shutters, outdoors in half? When she closes smaller windows, you will be isolated in safe space. And oh, great to find you stay there all through the night. Sunbathing place is ready to the east, please go ahead.


Summer Delicacy


Mei-Shun met Shin at one of their favorite restaurants in Shinagawa for lunch after hair treatment. Served dishes did not feature seasonal ingredients like 初鰹=hatsu-gatsuo, year’s first bonito while desserts were changed from normal 善哉=zenzai, sweetened red bean soup with rice cake to 餡蜜=anmitsu, agar jelly with fruits, syrup and red bean paste.

Oh My Cheek


Just terrible. A mosquito might bite Mei-Shun on the face. Or her sleepy scratch at night caused it. It seemed a round, red spot in your thumb nail size suddenly appeared this morning. However, she put on glasses all day yesterday. It might have already enjoyed that place. She spread prescribed ointment on it, found it so glossy that everyone including herself would be shocked.

Moon in Mind


We see 朔 of lunar May today. Mei-Shun visited Master Mei-Shu in the morning for a lesson, feeling somehow miraculous to dance 娘道成寺 on the best day to make a wish. 師範 certificate is one of her targets expected to be completed within 2017. Actually, she might be the last dancer who could acquire it supported by current Master Mei-Shu, who seems to become senile fast.

Japanese Culture@wkday


Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine. She had few coins in the purse, was able to afford only one omikuji saying as follows:

The 14th A Little Lucky. For those who see this sacred lot, it would start from severity like digging deeply into a mountain to reach a gold mine. Just believe in the God, do the best, and they would be well rewarded.


Nose Covering


Purr, it’s cooler today. Mom, sit down on the sofa. She brought my summer bed from upstairs, but my best place is here — on her legs. You put on cotton dress, make it the most comfortable. Maybe due to temperature change, I’ve got my nose running. Not downward but upward a little. Mom always worries about it, asks me if it is all right. Pas de problème, just let me use paw gloves.

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Shocking Suntan


What a big mistake! Mei-Shun has got a little brown on the back of her neck. It might be caused by horseback riding: she carelessly reserved lessons in daytime during May, when ultraviolet ray rapidly becomes harder. She wears sunscreen on the face all through the year, while never on the nape. Could such a person acquire 師範 certificate to teach Japanese dance in kimono?