Three Women


… gathered at mother’s home today. Elder sister of Mei-Shun was off business by chance, rarely joined other two. Lively chat makes lunch tastier, would never end if anyone hesitates to say that she has to leave. The youngest tends to wait until mother mentions time, while the younger had already told her about an appointment. It was a happy, yet only two-hour party.

The pupa is well, supported by two threads.

Great Tea


It is a gift from Mei-Shun’s mother. After she welcomed her younger daughter at home, they often drop in a tea shop on the way to the nearest station. Interestingly, green tea of the lowest price tastes the best. According to the shop owner, it is because we tend to use more leaves than expensive ones. Well then, how this master’s handmade works? Here is seasonal delicacy, the best fit for a cup of green tea.

Butler Service


He is ready at Satsuki Suite of a hotel in Osaka regular for Shin and Mei-Shun. If they order some items except for foods, he would put them into following space between a door and a closet. A little yellow light would be on among room phone buttons to inform guests that he served. However, he always appeared in person ringing the doorbell. What on earth do they mean??

Open this door,

and he serves.

Japanese Culture@holiday


We have the last of Emperor’s Birthday yesterday: our current emperor Akihito is set to abdicate next year. So would December 23rd be Heisei Day, like Showa Day (April 29th) was changed from the previous emperor Hirohito’s birthday? Anyway, that is why we share Christmas Eve and a happy Monday today. Shall we eat out like many young couples do, or stay at home, Shin?

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Turquoise Beauty


Shin and Mei-Shun saw Turkish items when they dated in Tokyo last week. This blue carpet hit their eyes first, followed by lovely cushions and mats. Bowls and cups were also too fascinating to choose in a minute. They therefore left once, had lunch and came down again. Well, crescent and star pattern looks the best to use as a bed cover. This small mat would be a footrest, tulip bowl for fruits.

Joy in Miyagi: 2


Shin chose a suite room with a private garden spa at 竹泉荘. Natural hot water here has no color, no scent while its alkaline component might stimulate a bit your small cut or scratch by fluffy pets. It keeps you warmed for long time, would not need any makeup if bathe in the morning. Mei-Shun put on sneakers expecting to walk around the hotel, yet disturbed by an unexpected guest — a wild bear!



Joy in Miyagi


Shin gave Mei-Shun a surprise gift: they went on one-night trip to 遠刈田温泉. They have several nice hot springs listed, while it is always exciting to visit another place for the first time. 3-hour drive was quite comfortable on a weekday, brought them at 竹泉荘 around 16 o’clock. The husband took a nap, the wife enjoyed wide public bath before tasty dinner.