Mild Medicine


Thank you so much, Shin, to bring home this cute bouquet last night. Sunflowers accompanied by little green hydrangeas, full of vitamin shades to energize his sleepy wife. Mei-Shun is still beaten by a spike of temperature between Sunday and Monday; with difference of approximately 10 degrees Celsius, she stayed indoors on cool former while went out to see lovely horseies on torrid latter.

Melon Twins


Yes, one in green flesh while the other orange. Shin, a generous orderer and Mei-Shun enjoyed the former this morning. Cut into quarters, one piece was delivered to mom-in-law of course. Oh, how sweet and juicy it is! According to attached instruction, their best time would be shown at the bottom: when we touch softer there with sugary scent, let them stored in a refrigerator.

Sweet Amber


Oh, how nice いしじま is, a peanuts shop and soba restaurant Shin and Mei-Shun loves. Their products are really good, including this 鼈甲飴=bekko-ame, caramel candy. Simple technique to boil down caster sugar tastes great as artistic confectionery. And similar one in tiny bottles of sauce was attached to 餡蜜=an-mitsu, alga jelly and red-bean jam by みはし.

Warm Winter


It really is. Mei-Shun hopes such a weather won’t make too torrid summer, when important sport events are to be held in Tokyo. On the other hand, it seems pleasant for her fluffy daughter, mother-in-law and a young 蝋梅 tree in the garden; the first is satisfied with sunlight on a blanket, the second is happy to take care of garden plants including vegetables, the last soon opens the 5th bud among 12.

Even Delayed


Purr, you are allowed to see la maja in a silver coat. I am not brushed by Master F. J. Goya but by mom. Her favorite weather forecaster said yesterday would be one-day spring. Well, did she mean a storm? It rained hard with blue sky just a moment in the afternoon. And at midnight, roaring wind shook us like a typhoon. Meow, she apologizes for the error on TV. No problem it makes.

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Friendly Lunch


Mei-Shun went to 吉祥寺, Tokyo to meet with Kaori-san. Since they could not chat enough in Kyoto last month, fixed an appointment on today to fill their tea cups of satisfaction. Although both of them had a slight cold, they gave energy one another by shopping around, nice meal and lemon squash. The former is mainly in charge of listening while the latter speaking.

Typhoon Soon


Mei-Shun went to a nearby hair saloon this morning. It was really hot with grilling sunlight, made her run from shadow to shadow between 5-minute walk to there. Rainy season seemed to have gone, yet it still stays around Kanto Area where Nari, the 6th typhoon of this year targets as a goal. According to weather forecasts, it would give heavy rainfall on weekend.

Snowfall on a cup and saucer

Three Women


… gathered at mother’s home today. Elder sister of Mei-Shun was off business by chance, rarely joined other two. Lively chat makes lunch tastier, would never end if anyone hesitates to say that she has to leave. The youngest tends to wait until mother mentions time, while the younger had already told her about an appointment. It was a happy, yet only two-hour party.

The pupa is well, supported by two threads.

Great Tea


It is a gift from Mei-Shun’s mother. After she welcomed her younger daughter at home, they often drop in a tea shop on the way to the nearest station. Interestingly, green tea of the lowest price tastes the best. According to the shop owner, it is because we tend to use more leaves than expensive ones. Well then, how this master’s handmade works? Here is seasonal delicacy, the best fit for a cup of green tea.

Butler Service


He is ready at Satsuki Suite of a hotel in Osaka regular for Shin and Mei-Shun. If they order some items except for foods, he would put them into following space between a door and a closet. A little yellow light would be on among room phone buttons to inform guests that he served. However, he always appeared in person ringing the doorbell. What on earth do they mean??

Open this door,

and he serves.