Real Researcher


Mei-Shun’s mother loves birds and plants. Not only beauty of nature but also scrutiny into variety seems her interest. For example, the former walked to the nearest shrine, found lovely white flower the other day. She took it as hydrangea hirta, sent the latter a photo. She gave a glance at it, quickly replied that it might not be. Several other photos went from daughter to mother, lead them to a result.

Viburnum wrightii

Beijing Delicacy


Mei-Shun heard that Chinese people celebrates 端午の節句 today, lunar May 5th cooking 粽=chimaki, steamed rice ball wrapped by fermented (perhaps) bamboo leaves. Shin brought home some as follows below, with a bag of tree-dried jujubes. The former includes simple rice ball, red-bean one and millet ball with red beans. The latter is the first experience for her, incredibly superb.

Center is a cotton bag of herbs.

Effective Lesson


When Mei-Shun forgets how to play a score on Ms. Piano, it looks like a chance to her. Since fingering so far has been reset, she can try from scratch to find out better way. “Pavane …” is a good example, left behind Masters Bach and Debussy. And it seems that memory to play that musical instrument is saved not only in brain, directly connected with eyes but also in 10 fingers with necessary muscles.


Thorny Friends


You are getting bigger and bigger year by year, mother cactus. Stronger than cold winter of our country, powerful enough to hold so many babies on edge. Some of your thick fans look like Mickey Mouse with a crown between his ears. Next to you is another breed who has a lovely flower stem. Your respective way to grow is all different from each other, impressing watcher Mei-Shun.

One by One


Mademoiselle Vert shows 10 flowers right now. First, a bud begins to look bigger, white and round. Secondly, one of lower petals is removed from a shape of folded ball, followed by another. Thirdly, the left ball opens a little to smile, waits for upper three petals to stand up. Mei-Shun should have watered her enough, yet oh, left her thirsty instead for as long as 2 weeks. Sooooo sorry.

Japanese Culture?@holiday


Mei-Shun visited a beauty salon for a hair-dye in the morning. Shin is at a barber right now for a haircut. They never share a shop for hair-dressing, seems to be normal in our country; many women go to the wife’s favorite, men do the husband’s. As 春分 or vernal equinox today, we might be separated equivalently into day and night. By the way, her reason for not going with him is skin trouble with razor.


White Day


It is called in our country, after a month from Chocolate — oops, St. Valentine’s Day. Yes, Mei-Shun prefers chocolat blanc, yet found the fact lately that there are several foods which stop her appetite. One of them is a piece of dark chocolate. It seems to function like a cup of coffee or green tea; bitter component might be shared among them, reset her tongue.

Thanks to Prof. M.