Look Like?


Following below is a new teapot Mei-Shun purchased at her favorite shop. Its handle is put like a teacup, 90 degrees less angle compared to normal 180 toward spout. That makes it compact enough to save shelf space, while never allows her to pour by right hand only. She cannot but support the bottom by left hand covered with an oven mitten. Please keep safe such a thin arm, honey.

Or an ear?

Flowery Drops


Mei-Shun noticed one of her favorite souvenirs from Hokkaido 六花の露 bonbons include vodka and kirsch. These six flavor-shade combinations are; cointreau white, haskap (=Lonicera caerulea var. emphyllocalyx … ohhh …) pink, brandy yellow, plum liquor ivory, wine red and peppermint blue. Since the sixth and the second have no alcohol, they might accommodate above two.

Anime Model


Although Shin is now on board for Australia, his photo taken last weekend at Kau-Hun or Jiu-Fen, Taiwan is still in the storage. It is said to be featured in 千と千尋の神隠し, a popular animation film produced by Mr. Miyazaki, Hayao. That makes sense to Mei-Shun, who had a feeling of déjà vu when she saw these buildings full of red lanterns. Parents of the heroine eat here like … pigs.

CU@Yokohama: 2


It might be the first time for Shin and Mei-Shun to pray at this 関帝廟. You need 5 long incense sticks to put into 5 burners served for each God, after bowing 3 times respectively. Then you are allowed to step forward to 5 statues in the main building. Now, it has passed 17 : 00 o’clock. Shall we stroll around a bit more before dinner at a 四川 dishes restaurant, the husband’s recommendation?

Golden Horsey


Shin and Mei-Shun drove to a museum in 水戸 on weekend to see the crown trimmed with horse-shape metal beads found in 三昧塚 ancient grove. On the ground floor, you can enjoy putting on a replica set around a black cap. Another mock-up more similar to the real one is exhibited in a glass box upstairs, accompanied by a pair of earrings. Beautiful full moon, they shine just like you.

Real Researcher


Mei-Shun’s mother loves birds and plants. Not only beauty of nature but also scrutiny into variety seems her interest. For example, the former walked to the nearest shrine, found lovely white flower the other day. She took it as hydrangea hirta, sent the latter a photo. She gave a glance at it, quickly replied that it might not be. Several other photos went from daughter to mother, lead them to a result.

Viburnum wrightii

Beijing Delicacy


Mei-Shun heard that Chinese people celebrates 端午の節句 today, lunar May 5th cooking 粽=chimaki, steamed rice ball wrapped by fermented (perhaps) bamboo leaves. Shin brought home some as follows below, with a bag of tree-dried jujubes. The former includes simple rice ball, red-bean one and millet ball with red beans. The latter is the first experience for her, incredibly superb.

Center is a cotton bag of herbs.