Gods Know


With 2-day spring, winter came back to me, hiss! Noisy storm outdoors, knocking around my tail indoors. Mom, where have you been in early morning? Drove dad to the nearest station, dropped in the shrine? Well, tell me how they are, I’d love to listen on your legs. A plum tree above one of 狛犬 guardians has many buds. Future on the name tug of bigger 鳥居 gate returned. That’s fine, purr.

They lacked “先” before.

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Wake Up!


Mei-Shun was a bad old girl this week — she did not well listen to the radio program of Spanish. However, since she has already learned how to play Nocturne “posthumous” composed by Master Chopin, this romantic piece is now on the list of her scores available. Even if it does not yet flow smoothly, practice is the best way to improve. So it was for the great work by Master Bach.

Here UR


Mei-Shun and Professor M visited late Master Mei-Shu’s home invited by her husband. He is a good cook, served them gorgeous dinner including large sashimi plates. The former arrived a bit earlier, helped him to arrange flowers in front of master’s Buddhist-style altar. And she chose following below among dozens of 帯=obi sashes that charming lady used to put on for lessons.

The right end was her favorite.

After 4Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun visited the hospital again today for CT held once an year while half-year meeting with Dr. A. The former appointment was set in the morning, the latter in the afternoon. Before the ex-inpatient took the first sip of strawberry milk at noon, they called her via PA system. She should have given them blood sample, so sorry. And when she was washing hands in a restroom, the door suddenly opened!

Thanking U


… to you, Shin. He cooked Chinese-style pot dish for Mei-Shun on Saturday when lunar January started. If it is Japanese one, the wife is happy to make. However, she does not know how to do for the counterpart of our neighbor country. Full of spice including 花椒=huajiao or Sichuan pepper, garlic and red chili, he fried handmade beef ball and potato starch-coated chicken to put them together into the pot with various vegetables.

Scary Season


Since new-year weight gaining, Mei-Shun managed to control it into her new normal. It is said once you get obesity, body would like to keep it. In other words, even if your weight is lost, it would easily return to the maximum point anytime. She therefore has to keep fighting against her appetite and negligence for life to stay healthy. Here our St. Valentine’s Day full of chocolate approaches.

Look Like?


Following below is a new teapot Mei-Shun purchased at her favorite shop. Its handle is put like a teacup, 90 degrees less angle compared to normal 180 toward spout. That makes it compact enough to save shelf space, while never allows her to pour by right hand only. She cannot but support the bottom by left hand covered with an oven mitten. Please keep safe such a thin arm, honey.

Or an ear?