Sincerely Yours


Japanese dance joined cat and piano in Mei-Shun’s life approx. 10 years ago. Now, has she been capable of mentioning equally these three biggest joys here so far? Health, diet and exercise tend to eat away music these days, don’t they? With 朔 accompanied by lunar September tonight, she should straighten herself up again to stay loyal to Ms. Piano whose tuning has been delayed for 2 months.


Relax Pls


Hi, Tora-chan. Did you throw mom-in-law onto a tatami mat to occupy that chair? A fluffy cloth with black dots is to make a soft toy of your species, isn’t it? You look so graceful on it. Such a princess does not need to come down to a camera meowing — your Highness could be changed into lowness. Please kindly let Mei-Shun enjoy this heartwarming picture.

Calm Down Pls


Mei-Shun cannot help confirming that we are in October right now. It must be one of the most comfortable months, yet has both summer and winter this year. Our air conditioners sounded weird at first when she asked them to warm rooms: they played the opposite tune last week. It has been Mr. Aladdin who worked as one and only warmer so far. Oh, Mikan-chan, how clever you are to know the best place.


it’s warm here.

We are stared,

by whom?

Mom, it’s UUUUU(grimace) …

Japanese Culture@holiday


We enjoy one of “Happy Mondays” today, set by a system started in 2000. It allows 3-day holidays including Saturday, Sunday and Monday. However, what would happen to most libraries and museums closed on Mondays? Mei-Shun wondered, searched and knew that they will be open on holidays including above, closed on such Tuesdays. Hmm, it depends on your profession what day is the happiest.

Ever happy to wait mom in sunlight.

Her Umbrella


Meow-meow. Tora-chan, we hear you, yet where are you? Mom-in-law makes geranium bush and cactus arrangement beside the front door, where it sounds like coming from. Oh, there you are. You used to take shelter from raindrops under our olive branches which suddenly became full of green worms this summer. Thank you for staying so far as a guard of Fuku-chan’s grave.

Good Survival


Cicada guys, they say your season has already gone. However, in spite of well-known saying that 暑さ寒さも彼岸まで= “Both sultry weather and freezing one would end at autumnal and vernal equinoxes”, we still have summer in daytime these days. Mei-Shun admires your energy, hoping you would be able to meet good girls to marry. So does Mikan-chan as well with her paws crossed.


Paws Help


Sunny autumn days contribute well to mom-in-law: they are indispensable for her hobby to take care of our garden. When Mei-Shun hung futon mats in southern balcony, she found Tora-chan serving like an attendant. Yes, an empty box is always yours. Oops, sorry to interrupt you, Ms. Mantis. Mei-Shun saw you fly for the first time — or she did not know you can do it. Looking frail onto your back, wings really make good job.