Three Women


Mei-Shun visited her mother, at last within 2018. And it was the second chance for her elder sister, a full-time employee at a department store, to join them (you also stayed with us of course, dad?). They chatted, chatted and chatted on soba lunch, time flied. She had to leave too soon — oh, 白山吹= white kerria japonica, you are so beautiful twice an year, in springtime flower and autumnal leaf.

Gingko Collection


Sleepy one in our backyard finally started to turn into yellow. It is so rapid that Mei-Shun finds him in different coat every day. To her disappointment, it rains too hard today to … oh? It stopped for a while, gave her a chance to take photos outdoors. Brown leaves on balcony floor are to remove only, charming ones in clear yellow to pick up and dry.

Joy of Friendship: 2


石神井公園 Park has a bird sanctuary to accommodate various rare birds including that blue jewel, halcyon. Mei-Shun has only seen them on TV, profoundly moved by such a chance to meet one for the first time above 三宝寺池. Thank you again, Kaori-san, who recognized his tweet while strolling around a pond for boats. Oh, here is a explanation for pyracantha, read tokiwa-sanzashi and … written 常盤山樝子!

Another one relaxes just beside U.

三宝寺 Pond


Cool Bath?


The other day, Mei-Shun had a narrow escape in home bathroom. When she stirred bathtub with a pail, she found it too cold to go into –thanks to her custom to wash herself before relaxation in warm water. It seems a kind of manner, that Shin totally agrees as well. He took a nap while his wife enjoyed wide public bath at 竹泉荘, so used a tiny shower and bathtub space within their room before bathing in balcony.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Culture Day (November 3rd) is among our public holidays when “Happy Monday System” is not applied. Others include New-year Day (January 1st), National Foundation Day (February 11th), Showa Day (April 29th), Constitution Day, Green Day and Children’s Day (May 3rd to 5th) and Emperor’s Birthday (December 23rd). Today’s Labor Thanksgiving Day is as well, set on Friday this year o(^^)/o(^^)/o(^^)/

Joy in Miyagi: 3


Instead of strolling around in the morning, a concierge recommended Shin and Mei-Shun to go up to the top floor where no guest stayed by chance. Compared to the 2nd floor for them, 5th was over the top of woods with Mt. Zao shining in morning light on eastern face, whose glow of foliage in the middle of autumn would be wonderful only to imagine.

Mt. Aoso


Second Appointment


It was set on today for younger Ame-chan treatment. Since Mei-Shun hurt her a bit more, another step must be added to put artificial tooth on the milky survivor. Dr. M, home dentist of the careless patient joined to discuss with Dr. N for the best method. “Fortunately, healthy gum grew enough to cover your basis bone”, they said. “So shall we plant here a tiny part made of glass fiber?”