Joy in Miyagi: 3


Instead of strolling around in the morning, a concierge recommended Shin and Mei-Shun to go up to the top floor where no guest stayed by chance. Compared to the 2nd floor for them, 5th was over the top of woods with Mt. Zao shining in morning light on eastern face, whose glow of foliage in the middle of autumn would be wonderful only to imagine.

Mt. Aoso


Second Appointment


It was set on today for younger Ame-chan treatment. Since Mei-Shun hurt her a bit more, another step must be added to put artificial tooth on the milky survivor. Dr. M, home dentist of the careless patient joined to discuss with Dr. N for the best method. “Fortunately, healthy gum grew enough to cover your basis bone”, they said. “So shall we plant here a tiny part made of glass fiber?”

Uneven Magic


Shin’s shed to keep apparatuses for car maintenance has been filled up with used papers. Our autonomy group collects them in every 2 months to contribute to children welfare. However, when it rains in the morning, no truck comes to pick them up. All right, we would call private business who gives following rewards, while prefer more sophisticated technology.

Field Up!


Thank you so much, Ms. I and Mr. Vanilla Arc. Mei-Shun finally made it: a certificate for the 4th grade of horseback riding technique would come to her hands soon. She played horse-related scores including “Life of Merry-go-round” and “La chevaleresque” before driving to the club. The former needs more practice, like gallop steps do to this happy face who has just graduated from a beginner.

Well done, mom.


After 3Y + 25Wks


It started raining hard after Mei-Shun got into Ms. Scarlet to and from the hospital, with a good phone call from Dr. A deeply wished. By the way, August 15th of lunar calendar was yesterday. In spite of weather forecasts, she was able to enjoy 仲秋の名月= the most beautiful moon of the year. Even if no sight of a full moon like tonight’s, another luck often comes.

Gingko fruit smell was washed away.

New Moon


We have 八朔=hassaku, not meaning the orange breed Mei-Shun loves but the beginning of lunar August today. It is said to be a time when we should be wary of typhoons, while an autumnal rain front would stay above us through this week. Thanks to such information, she was able to enjoy riding Maria- and Madoka-chans before it started raining hard.

Lovely Guest


Hi, welcome onto Ms. Piano. You are the baby gecko who took a rest on Mei-Shun’s apron the other day, aren’t you? Although she must be very careful not to let roaches in at the beginning of autumn, no trap would be available — she has made one of your friends pass away in a sticky box, felt so sorry. Please stay as long as you would like. We hope you could find something tasty here.