Wild Wisteria


Mei-Shun feels grateful to see one on the top of backyard camphor tree. It was really by chance for her to catch the flowers of bluish violet into eyes, thorough a wide oriel window in the living room with a wooden bench attached inside. She sat on it chatting with her mother by phone, looked up the sky to keep hung futon mats dry. Now is the time to hang up and bring them in.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Yes, this is Showa Day, changed from Green Day in our previous Heisei era. Since it was birthday of Emperor Showa, Mei-Shun thought December 23rd, on which Emperor Emeritus Akihito was born, would be a holiday from 2020. However, it has become a weekday after 30 years, while February 23rd a holiday as Birthday of current Emperor Naruhito.

Mom-in-law’s お赤飯=o-seki-han, red-bean rice to celebrate today

Bye and Hi


Mei-Shun found a fluffy ball of dandelion seed in the eastern veranda. She loves such a strong plant who lives a short, pretty life on narrow soil. Please, honey, come back to see her again next year. Another finding indoors was at the foot of Mademoiselle Vert. It looks all different from little leaf buds grew on her top. Are you going up or down, while to … bloom?

Your cousins in similar blossom, on one bank of nearby rice paddy

Growing day by day


Somewhat Siamese


Hi, cute twins, how have you been? Mei-Shun has seen you for several times on the way to the nearest shrine. Oops, one of you seems to be using a restroom under an azalea bush. That is why the other gave a glance at her. Thanks and sorry, just a photo. It is quite cooler than yesterday, when she drew a bit better omikuji lot 末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky.

MS goes …

… and returned.

One of them @lunch


Sweet Sakura


Mei-Shun loves cherry; not only those fruits lovely and tasty, but also flowers in various shape and shade attract her so much. Their leaves and flowers are often used for spring cooking, especially in sweets. Following is her best hit of 2020, cookie sticks coated with white chocolate of cherry flavor. Approximately 100kcal per serving, gives satisfaction with a pinch of salt.

In a pretty box as well.

Kimono Feather


Lunar April starts from today. Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine, asked Gods to give protection onto her kabuki dance practice at home. Omikuji lots say … hi, gorgeous pheasant boy, great to hear your love song again. Listen, one for Shin was No. 23 kichi=lucky while the other for herself No. 39 kyo=the worst luck. The latter number is read “than-kyu” in Japanese, appreciating her fortune?

Too good at standing with his back to sunlight.

Knew It


Meow, my day of the month comes as usual, with longer time for dad working at home these days. Mom does not change so much from how she has been so far, wondering what would come next onto black-and-white keys of Ms. Piano. What, Spanish test expected to be held in June will be canceled, for the same reason why he prefers staying with us to going out? Please calm down. Lick, lick, purr …

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Flower Balls


Yes, Mei-Shun went to see 八重桜 at 乙戸沼 Park with Shin on weekend. After a heavy  rainfall on Saturday, bright pink flowers still with dewdrops on petals welcomed the couple gently. They walked all around the pond, taking many photos. Some trees planted nearby entrance gate look a bit tight, while others on another side relaxed enough to reach their branch widely.

Respect Resumptions


Hello jasmine ladies, your effort to survive cold season is highly appraised. Mei-Shun recognized your tiny buds the other day, cut dried vine to let green ones grow freely. She looks forward to seeing you bloom soon. And another beauty, although not fragrant like you, in garden is among her favorite. Please find following white snow open in the morning, closed in early evening.

CU Sakura


Mei-Shun walked to the nearest shrine after almost a month. A few 染井吉野 cherry flowers, thanks a lot for staying to say good-bye to her. She is quite sure to greet you attached to Gods again here. Oh, you reminds her of your pretty sister 八重桜=yae-sakura, petal-layered cherry in 乙戸沼 Park. All right, she would visit them after seeing her home dermatologist Dr. I.