Still Stay


July would be finished up with today, expecting the most torrid month from tomorrow. However, rain continues to make the field of Mei-Shun’s horsey riding club a wide rice paddy. She enjoyed dancing with Princess Maria and Mr. Tea Time yesterday, perspired and refreshed after as long as 2 weeks. Yet a scale at home let her know that no bag of sugar had gone during above period.

Upside-down twins

New Rule


Mei-Shun decided to refrain from Ms. Piano after enjoying dance with horseies. Practice must be limited within 3 scores a day, 5 days a week at maximum to take more care of her friend hands. She stopped relaxing on a cushion to feed Mikan-chan, kneels down instead and stands up with both palms held ahead on the floor. Heavy items should be lifted by both hands, never with only one feeling lazy.

Vidro Popping


Here a lovely ビードロ or ぽぴん from Nagasaki follows below. Mei-Shun asked Shin to purchase one when he visited that beautiful city in Kyushu on business. She has been there only once when was a student, before seeing grandmother of father’s side lived in Fukuoka. A smaller “vidro” as a souvenir handed from a granddaughter in faraway Tokyo seemed quite satisfied the latter.

5Y + 17Wks


Mei-Shun went to see Dr. A for a regular half-an-year check today. Many changes were seen there; visits were prohibited for inpatient families, all doctors and hospital staffs put on face masks in summer, less cars and outpatients including this ex-inpatient. She would wait for a phone call, yet without thinking about the result as so far. Just drive back to home, still in time for Spanish radio program.

14th and 15th mesdemoiselles opened, made a perfect bouquet

Family Lunch


Shin, mom-in-law and Mei-Shun ate out yesterday. 鶴舞屋 serves good baked eels and nice view of 牛久沼 Pond through wide windows. Weather was very unstable; sudden shower, abrupt stopping and clear sky came after one another. Still, they enjoyed above delicacy chatting in whispers. Maybe because it was the last of 4 serial holidays, tables were almost fully occupied by several other families including young children.

Japanese Culture@holiday


Yes, it is. Both Shin and Mei-Shun use an American calendar system, did not recognize these serial holidays set to serve for the Olympic Games. The husband therefore works as usual, while the wife as well. She cooked, did the dishes, laundered, used a vacuum cleaner on the floor before wiping it up with a wet cloth, played with Ms. Piano, practiced 恋の手習い and studied Spanish. Oh, how quickly time flies!

Where’s mom’s hair donut?

There it is!

Chrysanthemum Circle


Mr. O, the husband of beloved Master Mei-shu gave a phone call to Mei-Shun. She asked him the other day weather any piece of 手拭=te-nugui, cotton cloth of face towel size is left available with 紋=mon, seal of Kikunoe Ryu dyed on. His reply was no, while kindly lend some as samples to make new one for her stage in autumn. Well, the 3rd crescent of lunar June, Master knows all as you do above clouds.

My Day


It is today with 大暑=taisho, 6th and the last of summer 二十四節気. Although it means influx of the hottest season, rain never stops falling. Mom’s mom-in-law planted sunflowers in the garden this year, grown enough to bloom. However, they look a bit too tall to see from the ground. The best place is a verandah upstairs where the former loves to hang futon mats.

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From Germany


Shin and Mei-Shun visited “Elbe” on weekend. Good dishes are cooked from scratch, with various bottles of imported beer from that country longed for by the wife. Domestic ones are available as well, yet she ardently prefers the former. When the couple arrived at 19 : 00, all tables were empty. Please do not worry, they can attract other guests. Here you have a phone call for a reservation.

Happy Return


Hello again, Master Debussy. Mei-Shun came back to Ms. Piano, tried your “Clair du Lune” after a whole week. Actually, she has so far taken her hands as all thumbs, envied longer and thinner fingers. However, recent experience of slight pain let her change such understanding. They are a pair of the closest friends, work hard every day to do housekeeping, to hold 舞扇 fan for kabuki dance, to rein horseies.

13 mesdemoiselles,

… bloomed like a bouquet.