Nice Combination


Mei-Shun went to 高輪, Tokyo for a haircut. She actually has two hairdressers; one a woman who manages a saloon taking her 5 minutes walk from home, while another a man she enjoyed an excursion of one hour and a half on train to visit today. Both have excellent technique; with the former in charge of maintenance and sometimes makeup advice, the latter styling.

With green tea in green.


Half DIY


It is the first time for Mei-Shun to make gemstones into a necklace. Thanks a million to Professor S, who kindly helped it completed. Now the former can enjoy it with two pairs of earrings, followed below by one made by the latter lady. Another is of ancient Venetian beads used to exchange with slaves from southern countries. Sad history might sometimes appear as beauty in arts.

Joy of Kyoto


People living there will see Gion Festival soon, envied by Shin and Mei-Shun. Since hotels are full reserved before 前祭=saki-matsuri and 後祭=ato-matsuri held on July 17th and 24th respectively, they visited there this weekend. It was by chance that 七夕=tanabata was chosen, the only night an year for a celestial couple allowed to meet with each other crossing the Milky Way.

Summer Delicacy


Mei-Shun’s elder sister sent the younger boxes of cherry as usual. Not only this excellent looks but also taste is just incredible, makes eyelids of anybody lightly closed to feel it as much as possible. With a slight problem to be a bit too big in quantity, as Professor K used to give fresh しらす=shirasu, baby sardine caught at 片瀬海岸 where he lived with his gentle wife.

Garden Guide


Meow, here comes sister Mei-Shun, daughter-in-law of my friend mom and a generous treat giver. When she strolls around my place in the morning, I report to her what kind of flowers are in the best blossom. On the top of the list right now is this lace-cap hydrangea, her present to mom on Mother’s Day a few years ago. And a lady’s tresses follows, which she found in buds and rejoiced.

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Dance & Diet


This tiny flower was found blooming on an arrangement plate celebrated Mei-Shun’s performance on stage two years before. It might kindly come to remind her of the days strictly controlled in preparation. Yes, too much weight could be a disturbance for dancers, while for horseies as well. With lunar April starts from today, she wishes to lose another bag and a half of sugar soon.