Dance & Diet


This tiny flower was found blooming on an arrangement plate celebrated Mei-Shun’s performance on stage two years before. It might kindly come to remind her of the days strictly controlled in preparation. Yes, too much weight could be a disturbance for dancers, while for horseies as well. With lunar April starts from today, she wishes to lose another bag and a half of sugar soon. 


Traffic Wisteria


They are so beautiful in evening sunlight. Mei-Shun must be very careful in driving toward the horseback riding club. Narrow and winding road is included in the simplest route, which accommodates woods dressed up with those purple clusters. Sometimes white ones are seen, yet impossible to watch on the most dangerous way. That is why she asked Shin to drive the other day.

After 3 Years


It is great for Mei-Shun to see these years have passed by safely and happily since she left the hospital. She would be highly appreciated if her family, friends including you kind followers, and home doctors take the deepest gratefulness from the bottom of her mind. She wishes you good health which ever lasts, both in mind and body. All the same to Japanese dance, Mikan-chan and piano as well.

Ever Fresh


In full blossom, yet are ball-point pens. And you as well, Ms. Piano. Please kindly let Mei-Shun express her best gratitude. Not only singing as her excellent partner, you often work as a nice table to put cute items for photo taking while closing your mouth. Swans began to move smoothly on water, as an invisible merry-go-round does on her head these days.

Who Told U


It is Shin’s brother-in-law who takes care of cars owned by him and his wife. When he brought Mr. Diamond to their place the other day, no sticker of tax certificate was on the front glass. Next morning made him rush to Mei-Shun, certify the blue-gray chic. She found following audience, told him how lovely they were. He replied, “ah, they are buds of cauliflower, aren’t they?” Oops, oops.

Brassica oleracea var. italica

Ocean Green


Meow, dad has found this precious stone for mom, in color of my eyes. It took him quite long, yet a time during which he really enjoyed. I understand it well. Mom’s face in rejoice makes me happy, so does for him I’m sure, purr. Now my parents consider how to make it — into a ring, a necklace or another. Or they can enjoy it by itself for a while, like she does in the “desert star”, a gift from Professor S.

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Snowy Willow


Mei-Shun loves white flowers including roses, tulips and gardenias. And this fall of lovely little petals is on her list of course. That gorgeous gift from Shin accompanied some, going frail as time passing by. Well, well, why don’t you play the role of cherry in another arrangement from one of her best friends? Regarding buddy, your counterpart grown by her mom is waiting for real snowfall to stop outdoors today.