Last Lesson


… it is in 2020 given by gentle Master Bando to Mei-Shun today. The latter is cordially grateful to kindness and ardent instruction from the former lady so far, for intensive one and a half month. She has already decided to come back to 白拍子花子, one of the prettiest and the most difficult roles in kabuki dance. Hopefully on another stage after vaccination and specific medicines are firmly established for COVID-19.

Dark Danger


Ms. Piano, sorry to beat you last night with nails grown a bit too much. It is said cutting them at night prevents us from seeing parents pass away. Just a superstition of course, yet Mei-Shun agrees on such a suggestion to use metal tools under bright sunlight. That might be why mom-in-law said “I’d love to, yet tomorrow morning” when asked a help of sewing in the evening.

Do not take any photo while driving!


Gentle Touch


Mei-Shun would be given three lessons from Master Bando before performance on a stage, including today’s. Thanks to mom-in-law who kindly sew a covering on the 手拭, she can enjoy practice with no concern for any stain on this beautiful partner. Here is a piece of advice from above Master; look at and trust it, and it follows you. Yes, excellent works by professionals really does.

Thanks a lot, mom S.

Alma Mater


One weekend TV program featured an university Mei-Shun graduated from. Young students called the founder lady with no Professor or Ms., seemed quite audacious. However, it was the same for this ex-student decades before. School days might be spring time; with little idea of hot society, butterflies enjoy going between classes and club activities.

How Fulfilling


Recent one week sees Master Bando give Mei-Shun two lessons, normally on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Horseies are so lovely that the latter cannot stop driving to the club at least once except for Tuesdays, when it is closed to let them rest. And she plays with Ms. Piano a minimum of 4 days. Going to clinics, hair saloons and shopping have to be scheduled carefully not to be too tight.

Black Tea in our garden

In Retrospect


This is one of anniversaries for Shin and Mei-Shun. The husband made a reservation at a Chinese restaurant in 日比谷, Tokyo. The wife left home at around 16 : 00 to stay with Mikan-chan for as long as possible, met him at 新橋 Station. She has worked for a company located nearby, enjoyed walking with him looking up some friendly edifices while others new. Now they reached the dinner venue.

Stage Soon


Here a leaflet of 邦楽発表会 follows below, less in size this year since 立方=tachi-kata, kabuki dancers would only perform. 地方=ji-kata, musical instrument players including 尺八=shakuhachi or bamboo flute, 箏=koto, 三味線=shamisen or three-stringed guitar, etc. seem to have a hard time to practice together. Mei-Shun used a kimono skirt today, which Master Bando kindly helped her to put on, after 4 years.

Joy of Piano


Two pianos heard the same scores; “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum” and “The snow is dancing” composed by Master Debussy, “Nocturne cis-moll, Op. posth.” by Master Chopin at places of two families. One belongs to Mei-Shun’s elder sister, while Ms. Piano as the other of course. These two sisters used to practice on the former, a generous gift from their grandmother of mother’s side.

Charming Coincidence


Careless Mei-Shun often drops items on the floor. The most recent one was her diary from a table, when a piece of paper slipped under a chair. It was a memo from Dr. A who has given this ex-inpatient “Yes” phone calls for these 5 years. According to it, that happy message was first received on February 8th in 2020. How about the second after half an year? It was on August 8th.

Ripe rice ears

Dance Day


Mei-Shun feels satisfied with it today. Master Bando gave her the first lesson last Saturday, while kindly arranged another this morning as well. She informed her tentative student on details regarding 邦楽発表会 of this year, fixed to be held on Nov. 29th. And Professor M came for a lesson at night. His has been once a month since we were hit by that coronavirus, yet might return to normal soon.