Charming Coincidence


Careless Mei-Shun often drops items on the floor. The most recent one was her diary from a table, when a piece of paper slipped under a chair. It was a memo from Dr. A who has given this ex-inpatient “Yes” phone calls for these 5 years. According to it, that happy message was first received on February 8th in 2020. How about the second after half an year? It was on August 8th.

Ripe rice ears

Dance Day


Mei-Shun feels satisfied with it today. Master Bando gave her the first lesson last Saturday, while kindly arranged another this morning as well. She informed her tentative student on details regarding 邦楽発表会 of this year, fixed to be held on Nov. 29th. And Professor M came for a lesson at night. His has been once a month since we were hit by that coronavirus, yet might return to normal soon.

South to North


Shin was so busy last week that he flew to Fukuoka on Tuesday, came back and saw his wife in Tokyo on Wednesday, turn to Hokkaido on Thursday to stay two nights. Then he worked in Sendai on Saturday before coming home at night. It is said 西へ東へ, from west to east to mean going everywhere in our country. Is moving between longitudes more exhausting than latitudes?

Hokkaido horseies

New Life


Mei-Shun’s 4 grapefruit pots finally moved onto the ground. After a butterfly safely departed from one of them, a mother laid eggs on another. However, it seemed difficult for those 3 babies to survive since their bed was already used, with only poor leaves left. Mei-Shun therefore brought them down to the garden where a kumquat tree is planted. Mom-in-law found her and kindly asked if she could be a help.

New Nostalgia


Master Bando kindly recorded 恋の手習い=love lesson from 京鹿子娘道成寺 for Mei-Shun. Music source of the former is a cassette tape only, not CD nor memory stick. The latter therefore had to order a converter, hoping to give longevity to it. It reminds her of beloved Master Mei-Shu who used to make walking exercise on such a gadget called “walkman”.

Astonishing Autumn


We have 立秋=risshu, the 1st of autumn 二十四節気 today. Well, it seems to be in the middle of summer for Mei-Shun, or the hottest 大暑 reported by Mikan-chan last month. On the other hand, nature knows what is going on: plump pears became really juicy and sweet. It is high temperature and ample water that grow tasty rice. Why don’t we keep stiff upper lips, expecting a pinnacle after a bottom?

Cooling down

Happy Return


Hello again, Master Debussy. Mei-Shun came back to Ms. Piano, tried your “Clair du Lune” after a whole week. Actually, she has so far taken her hands as all thumbs, envied longer and thinner fingers. However, recent experience of slight pain let her change such understanding. They are a pair of the closest friends, work hard every day to do housekeeping, to hold 舞扇 fan for kabuki dance, to rein horseies.

13 mesdemoiselles,

… bloomed like a bouquet.

Marvelous Medicine


Mei-shun ordered a melon from Tottori Dunes. It took three days to become mellow, emitting sweet scent with softer bottom. Since she cannot touch them on supermarket shelves recently, such pleasant communication is allowed just at home. On the other hand, Shin brought home a bag of mint candies made in Hokkaido. It works very well when you have a heavy stomach.

Melon Twins


Yes, one in green flesh while the other orange. Shin, a generous orderer and Mei-Shun enjoyed the former this morning. Cut into quarters, one piece was delivered to mom-in-law of course. Oh, how sweet and juicy it is! According to attached instruction, their best time would be shown at the bottom: when we touch softer there with sugary scent, let them stored in a refrigerator.

Last Weekday


… of this month we have today. How was it for you kind followers? Mei-Shun feels it quite fine, which has become nice time to rethink about her life (slightly described here) with kabuki dance, Mikan-chan and Ms. Piano. Precisely, she is so much grateful to all of these loved ones: she experienced almost no stress under that stay-home campaign. Thanks to them and … her great sponsor Shin of course.

PM’s face masks were delivered to Shin’s office, not yet to home.