Coffee, Please


Last time when Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon by 5-minute walk from home, a cup and saucer was served. Soooo cute as usual, makes her happy to see. Some of her friends do not like dots pattern, while is quite fond of by herself. Such red and small round shapes remind of holly fruits to represent merry Christmas, don’t they? At least this tree in our backyard would agree on the idea.


Teddy Body


Purr, I like mom’s new jacket. She has another one in ivory white, shorter sleeves. And much smaller, I’m not interested in sleeping under it. Meow, I must watch her not to go out leaving me alone. Since yesterday was one of her busiest, I kept a good girl as a help. Didn’t I, mom? If you think so, treat me as much as possible please. Let me take a nap in this until you do the same later with me. Purr … purrr …

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Merry Christmas


So this is it. Christmas Day is very special for Shin and Mei-Shun, their wedding anniversary. Since the best is to dine at home, the latter is quite busy. All the more this year because new-year greeting cards are due by today to reach on January 1st, 2018. She wrote them up by 14 : 00 o’clock, drove to the nearest post office before going shopping. Now she has to start — oh, you have already come!

     Who put this shoe?

Happy Sweets


She made it. Yes, finally. Mei-Shun treated herself to high-calorie ice cream this morning because the scale showed her success last night. And that’s all. She will keep current eating and exercise as long as being a woman — to reach further goal. Oh, another achievement was informed by fax. She passed the exam to be a legal guardian. Year-end Jumbo, a lottery is now expected to celebrate it.



Also as the name of bookstore in Kyoto which hosted Kaori-san‘s exhibition, Mei-Shun plays it on Ms. Piano a bit better than before. She recently heard the same score by orchestra downstairs — meaning that mom-in-law learned this fascinating melody. Well, her daughter-in-law must be very careful not to make too much mistouch sounds from now, even if auditory difficulty would protect ears of the gentle lady.

Super Star


Ms. Scarlet has finally come to us. Under the bright supermoon last night, Shin received her from his brother-in-law on behalf of Mei-Shun: she is not allowed to go out at night right now, even in the garden. She rushed to her this morning, found easy-to-learn numbers put on the plate. Hello darling, kindly let your mom start you for a trial drive. Oh? How to start your engine??

Beautiful Jobs?


Mei-Shun’s first workplace in Shinagawa accommodated splendid view from a wide window facing the sea under an expressway bridge, where rainbow often saw us rejoice its perfect color and shape. A national research institute has many lovely trees including her favorite 山櫻=yama-sakura, a wild cherry. And her current office at home enjoys Christmas cactus in a big pot of Shin’s grandfather this year.