Silky Suede


Thank you so much, Shin, for following sneakers as Christmas gift to Mei-Shun. She decided coloring of each part, he kindly ordered them last year. That is why the box behind is read “N by U”. Actually, last month saw her say good-bye to several old shoes including a similar pair, boots, etc. She wished them to leave her feet carrying away a lot of pernicious viruses.

Thank Thee


Mei-Shun cordially means to you kind followers. She has never imagined to see such number, over 300 within this year. Although the slightest compared to famous others, she would love to continue on this little site. Mikan-chan, Ms. Piano and Masters Mei-Shu and Bando, please take her huge appreciation as well. She wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

And to you Shin, of course.

Tokyo Tree


We have 大雪=tai-setsu, the 3rd of winter 二十四節気 today. Compared to the 2nd 小雪=sho-setsu, it would be colder getting into the middle of current season. However, it is clear with almost no wind, warmer than cloudy yesterday. All the more Saturday when freezing nimbus covered Kanto region only. Mei-Shun therefore feels lucky for having her hair curled on a quiet sunny day.

Just Thankful


Mei-Shun sometimes wonders if she can exactly express her gratitude to Shin, yet please let her say that his generosity, patience and … love is profoundly appreciated as always. Beautiful bouquet full of her favorite colors, too heavy to hold in a silver pot representing their 25th anniversary. Cool helmet for horsey riding with velvet surface and Swarovski stones. Lovely 簪, a kimono accessory coated by Japanese lacquer.

X’mas Together


They have joined Shin and Mei-Shun’s place recently. Titled “Blue Bins”, a lovely girl with her hair bound in a chignon looks at you. She might be a princess of a castle within one of these bottles. Thank you for coming out of it. Could you save eyes of your new family? On the other hand, he/she has not yet had any name, born within Kaori-san‘s world to represent a drop of water.

Joy at Kyoto: 4


So this is her 3rd exhibition, purr. Mom and dad made a one-night trip to see Kaori-san or こがしわかおり, Ms. Kogashiwa, Kaori. She is one of mom’s best friends from her high school days. Another was held in 神保町, Tokyo where mom also visited and brought a lovely girl to home on Monday. She told me other two would join us soon to celebrate Christmas together. Purr … purrr …

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Within Nov.


Mei-Shun hopes to lose her last one bag of sugar, while lunar month of the same starts from today. Well, may she count the latter? No, no way. Although she has gained less than a half bag after the point of no return, brilliant solar December is only three days ahead. She already reserved leading products of たねや=taneya, one of her favorite sweets shops, to arrive on Christmas Day.

@宝泉, Kyoto Station

Sunflower Christmas


Happy birthday, Professor A. Mei-Shun visited a restaurant in 銀座, Tokyo on weekend to meet him and Prof. S for his celebration. Prof. M should have joined them to make up a group of friendship called 桐花会 meaning Paulownia Flowers, yet had another appointment. Next chance of all-member gathering is expected soon in a town full of Christmas adornment.

@Ueno Station

Traveling Around


Mei-Shun froze when she found her marriage ring has no diamond. She recognized it was not so stable on a hole of platinum from a few years before, yet might be too optimistic. Actually, Shin also lost his sapphire a decade ago. Now that both of the couple let their respective stones start on a journey, they must choose another design aiming at their silver wedding anniversary.

Just Arigato


Shin and Mei-Shun share their 24th wedding anniversary today. Looking forward to adding silver on the top of it next year maybe, the husband gave a cool necklace to the wife as his first gift. And this “rouge pink” bouquet followed around tea time. Oh, she always does not know how to express her gratitude, love and bewildering toward such … generosity? Could you please tell mom the best word, Mikan-chan?