Dear Friend


Oh-oh, hi. How are you? The other day when Mei-Shun tried to close a shutter, Mikan-chan was sleeping aside. She therefore went out on the balcony where something fluffy stayed at the bottom of window. Reaching her hands, she found it move onto the wall, crawling toward the edge. Little batty, say thanks to the baby cat who avoid her mom to touch and frighten you.


Gecko vs.


I, mom says. Meow, is it so? It is because of its attitude, moves like ridiculing me. And whose speed is suitable to follow, easy to catch. However, I cannot see any in my territory these days. Maybe they all ran away, recognized my wisdom and dexterity. Of course, I’m a big girl who had 15th birthday yesterday. The same as mom’s mom? It doesn’t matter. You are my mom, I am your girl. Purr … purrr …

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Japanese Culture@wkday


Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home to celebrate お彼岸=(o)-higan, a week with Autumnal/Vernal Equinox Day in the middle, helping the latter make ohagi. Her late father, who was the second boy of an old family in Kyushu, loved this Japanese sweets from his childhood. He missed it for a while after coming to Tokyo, felt so happy when his young bride served handmade ones.

Mom’s hagi

Our hagi

Parfait or Sundae


Mei-Shun read several sites mentioning the difference between these similar desserts, found a clear answer. “Parfait” comes from French to mean a perfect dessert; layered ice cream, fruit/chocolate sauce and whipped cream with cornflakes on the top. “Sundae” used to be sold on Sundays; ice cream decorated by various toppings. Well, which would you like, or would you mind choosing one?

Coffee, Please


Last time when Mei-Shun visited a hair saloon by 5-minute walk from home, a cup and saucer was served. Soooo cute as usual, makes her happy to see. Some of her friends do not like dots pattern, while is quite fond of by herself. Such red and small round shapes remind of holly fruits to represent merry Christmas, don’t they? At least this tree in our backyard would agree on the idea.

Japanese Culture@holiday


敬老の日, Respect-for-Elderly Day is set on the 3rd Monday of September. Mei-Shun bought a bouquet for mom-in-law with one of her favorite autumn flower 吾亦紅. We can see them at sunny mountainside or highland including 草津 where her mom stays once a month. She always tells her younger daughter that they are easy to grow in the garden, yet has never heard her success.

Hi & Bye


Here is new phone, called Mr. Chocolate by Shin and Mei-Shun. Advanced technology is seen on such a nostalgic machine as well, looks quite convenient. Happiness is sometimes accompanied by sorrow: butterfly babies have gone. Both of them were clever enough to move to another pot, yet might become easy for their predators including birds, bats or dragon flies.