Happy Lollipop


Welcome into Mei-Shun’s mouth. Yes, she made it, yet maybe for only a moment like Hayabusa Asteroid Probe made a touch-down on Ryugu. After the gastroscopy last week, she went home and had normal supper. Since it was a single meal passing breakfast and lunch, just two fingers of calvados with a tiny piece of cake and fruits were served as dessert. And … everything had gone.

All dots gone, too

Japanese Culture@weekday


We have 立冬=ritto, the first of winter 二十四節気 today. It really might be in the morning and evening. This year saw many devastating typhoons, delayed into October. September has been such a season so far, while climate change seems to affect our country as well. So it would be regular turn of season to feel summer at the beginning of November, before winter in just a few days.

Only Gods know.

Sweet Holder


Ms. Piano, you are so kind that Mei-Shun always puts a plate of cookies and candies on your head and lid. They must be moved to other place when she plays you of course, for around 15 minutes almost every day. Not only foods but flowers, jewels and rug dolls enjoy sojourn on you as the best photo table. Thanks a million for working hard while keeping a beautiful singer.

Mom & Me


Meow, she walked to the nearest shrine again this morning, not with dad yet alone. I kept a good girl as usual — it is clear to me whether she comes home soon or takes a time like yesterday. Welcome back, you look satisfied. What’s that folded paper? An omikuji lot? You drew it for dad who saw 末吉, the least lucky the other day until you win 吉, lucky. Good job, purr.

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Point of …


No return Mei-Shun stands right now. She visited a clinic in 六本木, Tokyo today for a whole health check. There she found just a bag of sugar still stays around her waist. Well, that makes good motivation to continue her current methods. They have been proved successful since she lost several bags in half an year, from the end of April. She would say good-bye to the last one soon.

Please wait a bit more, babies.


Joy in Miyagi: 4


Shin and Mei-Shun expected to stroll around 竹泉荘 in early morning before heading for Mikan-chan at home. Although a bear prevented them from it last year, they would have a chance this time. However, not only calicobacks but that fluffy animal welcomed the couple again. A small garden is available at Room 301, while it looks safer to keep following tiny door closed.

Joy in Miyagi: 3


Room 301 at 竹泉荘 accommodates 2 baths; a big tulip indoors, a spa surrounded with rocks outdoors. The former cannot be filled with natural hot water, yet accompanied just  beside by a glass shower box. The latter has no washing space, only to warm yourself feeling nice breeze. However, nature gave Shin and Mei-Shun a challenge: it is too hot to stay for 5 minutes!