Your Highness


Please kindly take Mei-Shun’s appreciation for your graceful exhibition so far. Almost 2 months have passed since the eldest Princess Cymby bloomed. Now she looks a bit tired, others would follow soon. Timing has come to remove them from pot throne to a vase. Now your friend in the garden is ready to receive your baton, dance in a pink kimono, with several hasty buds on the edge of her sleeves.

Full of Flower


Meow, here are gifts mom received for yesterday’s celebration. Some from herself are included, yet does not matter. Purr, she told holding me on the sofa about her recent decision to limit sweets only on Saturdays. That’s why you keep them wrapped up, yet I saw one of them opened by dad. And you join him? Because tasty duration for these chocolate-coated 餡子=anko, sweetened bean paste is short? I see, go meahead.

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White Day


It is called in our country, after a month from Chocolate — oops, St. Valentine’s Day. Yes, Mei-Shun prefers chocolat blanc, yet found the fact lately that there are several foods which stop her appetite. One of them is a piece of dark chocolate. It seems to function like a cup of coffee or green tea; bitter component might be shared among them, reset her tongue.

Thanks to Prof. M.

How Pleasant


Sakura, cherry on Mei-Shun’s obi sash tonight. Cymbidium ladies still kept fresh. Momo-chan, our garden princess looks to be in a hurry to dance (please don’t, honey). In spite of red arrows on today’s weather forecast map, they are all calm in a breeze. Hi, Mikan-chan, are these flowers too warm to take a nap under? Mom would be happy to accompany you on crisps.

Step by Step


Or should Mei-Shun call it finger by finger? To tell the truth, she practiced passing the 3rd page of that piece by Master J. S. Bach until recently, where sharp position changes from F key to G. It results in more mistakes than other pages, forced her to make special workout in hands for such “difficult” part. It is like she feels a kind of tense in gallop on horseies; she has only to augment experience for progress.

And Rain


We had 春一番=haru ichiban, the first southern wind blows between 立春 and 春分 on Saturday. Yes, Mei-Shun knew that. It gave warmer touch on her cheeks than at 乙戸沼, let her hang futon mats outdoors and dried horsey-riding field. She therefore changed stormy today’s schedule into yesterday, enjoyed communication with Mr. Tea Time and Princess Maria.

Rain, Rain,


Wow, here is a wide paddy with no rice but horsey. Tearful weather started at the beginning of this month made such a condition. Mei-Shun always feels happy to visit the club, yet not so much when she sees muddy surface of her boots. Neither does Ms. Last One perhaps with her brown coat full of gray dots. Honey, let’s take it as blown from plum blossom over there.

Pink petals joined.