She Punished?


Ame-chan, Mei-Shun’s beloved molar extracted the other day, gave TWO BAGS of sugar in a week. No impunity must have been allowed to such a careless owner of that little, milky-white girl meaning both “candy” and “rain” by her name in Japanese. She had a slight fever, no appetite for a few days from the doleful process. And it followed — she burst into eating. Now half of the disastrous bags has gone.


Drive Nearby: 2


Shin kindly drove again to let Mei-Shun see wide view of lotus field. Since Ibaragi Prefecture is the biggest grower of 蓮根, renkon or lotus root, you are able to enjoy that gorgeous flower all around 霞ヶ浦 in summer. Oh, among white ones found a few pink petals. Some have already made seeds which look like shower heads. On the way to home, they dropped in following ancient grave 三昧塚古墳.

Drive Nearby


Shin and Mei-Shun drove to Narita Airport during their earlier obon holidays. 十余三, read to-yo-mi in the same city accommodates 東雲の丘 and a reasonable agricultural products shop. They always enjoy watching planes from various countries for a while, then move to above shop to buy fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the timing, lovely bouquets were available as well.


Happy Reunion


Mei-Shun met her high-school classmates Yuko-san and Kaori-san at 維新號 in Ginza. She was so happy to see them after around 2 years when the latter kindly came all the way from Tokyo to Tsuchiura, with her husband to see 汐汲. They looked satisfied with lunch of 7 courses, making the organizer feel relieved who lists this Chinese restaurant on the top.

Thanks, Kaori-san.


Japanese Culture@holiday


Our national broadcasting said this morning that authorities in charge may punish companies if they would not let employees take at least 5 paid holidays per year. Well, from similar viewpoint, Shin seems fine to be off from Thursday afternoon to yesterday — while on business today, when obon vacation starts for normal workers. Mei-Shun therefore understands it came earlier.

Moon Music


Closed at home by typhoons, Mei-Shun often played with Ms. Piano in the morning for these 2 weeks. It reminds her of childhood, especially summer vacation when she and her elder sister used to do the same. They managed to avoid complaints from neighbors who were not interested in, while the grown-up younger is never worried about such a matter, just misses the gentle light at night.

Sudden Farewell


Oh, no, it was all split down the middle. Since X-ray image was taken in parallel direction of the crack, we had no information on it. After administering an anesthetic, Dr. M started to shave the molar head. To Mei-Shun and Dr.’s disappointment, they found above fact — there was no choice but an extraction. Good bye, darling, thank you so much so far. She would give you a nice posthumous name.

Could never catch her.