Spanish Again


Mei-Shun resumed to study it from October listening to a radio program. It means she may go ahead in practice of the new score composed by Master F. Chopin. She knows that even 鬼=oni, devils would laugh if we talk about next year, yet would keep her goals to pass both “Cuarto grado de la Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española” and “Japanese language teaching competency test”.

Today’s omikuji says her efforts would make sense.

Gained Again


Oh-oh, a scale tells a truth. Mei-Shun recognized some sugar around her waist — it was a bit like a nightmare for her at the end of last month. Shin made a business trip to Vietnam from 24th, immediately after enjoying Kyoto. Rainfall continued for a whole week, for the first time in 69 recorded years, that prevented her from going out for walking or horsey riding.

Weighing one bag of sugar


Lucky a Little


It seems a good fortune for Mei-Shun to find a crescent in the evening sky. The slimmer it is, the happier she feels. When she finds green buds fried within lotus seeds, came from Vietnam. When she heard that a purse was found dropped on the floor of a shinkansen bullet train from Kyoto, and returned to the owner in a minute. When she saw a gingko tree shining gold in sunlight at the nearest shrine.

Healthy Green


Hello darling, a baby leaf of Mademoiselle Vert. So sorry for keeping you thirsty during Shin and Mei-Shun’s trip. It has been rainy, yet too cold to let you stay on the balcony. And oh, regarding outdoors, the wife found one of green necklace pots have several buds. Would you show those white, little flowers soon? Since weather forecasts say it would be freezing tonight, she is happy to let you in.

Joy at Kyoto: 4


So this is her 3rd exhibition, purr. Mom and dad made a one-night trip to see Kaori-san or こがしわかおり, Ms. Kogashiwa, Kaori. She is one of mom’s best friends from her high school days. Another was held in 神保町, Tokyo where mom also visited and brought a lovely girl to home on Monday. She told me other two would join us soon to celebrate Christmas together. Purr … purrr …

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Within Nov.


Mei-Shun hopes to lose her last one bag of sugar, while lunar month of the same starts from today. Well, may she count the latter? No, no way. Although she has gained less than a half bag after the point of no return, brilliant solar December is only three days ahead. She already reserved leading products of たねや=taneya, one of her favorite sweets shops, to arrive on Christmas Day.

@宝泉, Kyoto Station

Joy at Kyoto: 3


Every place is packed with sightseers especially in spring and autumn here, yet not so much in early morning. Shin and Mei-Shun strolled along 鴨川=Kamogawa River, enjoyed beautiful foliage of maple, gingko and cherry trees. Oh, lovely birds are on breakfast, including wild ducks, herons and a couple of kite. Why don’t they join them before heading for Merry-go-round to see Kaori-san?