Joy of Curls


Mei-Shun feels it quite gorgeous to let her hair down in the middle of summer. It is normally rolled and bound with choux-choux as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She went to a nearby hair saloon in such a style, got regular treatment before driving for a shopping. Since both places are well air-conditioned, long hair works like a jacket to cover her neck and shoulders.

Spanish First


Yes, Mei-Shun would, certainly. However, she asked Shin to order a new score composed by Master F. Chopin. Nocturne No. 20 “Lento con gran espressione” was heard as BGM for a popular TV drama she liked before. She made it a rule to study Spanish before practicing this lyrical tune. It is shocking anyway that half-an-year interval decayed her memory accumulated by the same period.

CD Please


Oh, Mei-Shun made a mistake again. How careless she is — forgot to draw CD of kabuki dance music from a player at a nearby community center, where her lesson for Dr. M is given on Wednesdays. Typhoon Krosa brought short-time yet severe shower this morning, prevented her from visiting Mrs. M who owns the key. It is getting better in the afternoon, let her drop in there after the nearest shrine.

Autumn seems to have come in the sky

After 4Y + 19Wks


Meow, mom told me that she received a phone call from Dr. A. I do not understand what “Yes” results mean, yet feel very happy because she looks so. You do not leave me alone at home through a night these days. Purr, good of you, who had been absent for nearly a whole month before. Not only your health but also mine and dad’s are the key to keep our stiff, upper lips.

Neither for me nor human dieters

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Japanese Culture@holiday


Yesterday was our 4th Mountain Day, set on January 1st, 2016. Since it was Sunday, we have serial holidays including today. And that might make 9-day summer vacation added to obon period (13th-16th) with following weekend for some of business people. So please, Shin, take it as your privilege to enjoy enough rest at home. First shower, 2 weeks after the end of rainy season helps well.

Baltic amber in cherry shade

Europe Admirer


Mei-Shun actually is, since she was a student. However, she has been only to the U.K., Ireland and France. On the other hand, Shin travels through the globe; perhaps has not covered Southern America and Antarctica. Now do you kind followers think the wife envies the husband? She never does. He makes business trips, not plays around. Her job at home is to keep on smiling.

Napoli in summer

Bloom Soon


Following below is lilies in the garden of the nearest shrine. They always show pretty white flowers, let Mei-Shun walk toward here to see. However, it was a bit too late to greet Gods: the door was already closed. And she bought a box of bath aroma with lily scent by chance at night. Really the last box on the shelf of a drug store, might call her who believes a saying 残り物には福がある, the last one means the best.

Can you believe we have 立秋=risshu, the 1st of autumnal 二十四節気 today?