So Sorry


Mademoiselle Vert, it might be better that Mei-Shun stops bringing you beside her pillow at night. Actually on holidays, she often sleep twice in the morning. Her first job is to open the door of Mikan-chan’s cage. After cleaning and feeding, she takes care of herself, puts several curlers on hair. Such items or ponytails could be a weapon for fragile flowers.

Please take her deep apology.

Another Choice


Mei-Shun found it pleasant to walk out in the evening. Yes, May is one of her favorite months — daytime getting longer, the sun seems to stay in the sky even after set around 19 : 00. He gently shine over young rice paddy, strolling dogs and a well-wisher heading to the nearest shrine. She dropped in at a supermarket, used her shopping bag as a weight for arms exercise.

Cute Circle


Meow, dad brought home a souvenir from Okayama Prefecture where delicious white peaces come from. Of course it is 吉備団子, rice cake ball which 桃太郎=momo-taro, a hero born from a big peach gave to a dog, a monkey and a pheasant to make them his disciples. Purr, I love your shape, friends. Did you curl yourselves like I do on mom’s legs?

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Private Garden


The Ns, they live just next to a bank Mei-Shun often visits. It is really nice to see these roses bloom beautifully, yet why is the parking space so crowded today? Ah, caused by this date, she noticed. On 五十日 read as go-toh-bi, meaning dates with the first place 5 or 0, banks and post offices tend to be busy. Especially in the middle of a month, pensioners rush toward there to draw cash.

Superior Piano


Never taking Spanish inferior, yet Mei-Shun chose its test in October. That is because she would like to brush up her technique in playing several scores. Master J. S. Bach is on the top of the list which accommodates “Life of Merry-go-round”, “Le Cygne” and “Pavane pour une Infante Défunte”. She loves the last one, practiced earnestly years before yet played around others for a while.

Thanks Shin, working hard from early morning.

Thanks to Mom


Jasmine and basil pots following below came from a flower shop whose owner florist is very friendly, generous enough to add something nice for Mei-Shun almost every time she visits there. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, perhaps one of the busiest and the most lucrative for such business. She felt therefore quite satisfied with their simple job in making a bouquet full of carnations including new breed “Moondust”.

Reiwa Riding


Hello, Ms. Last One, great to see you again and for the first time after the era changed. Mei-Shun would like you and Ms. Sagittarius to be partners to improve her technique in gallop and trot respectively. And lovely Maria-chan, here is a piece of good news for you; the detergent indispensable to wash your sash was finally got. Please wait until next week to put on cleaner, fluffy one.

Sorry for dusty protectors, honey.