Croissant Cat


Meow, it is getting colder day by day. I sometimes feel too much freezed to stay alone on the sofa. Mom, come here and hold me on your legs, or I have to go into the restroom again. Only five minutes would be all right, since you always leave this blanket warm after sitting down on it. Oh, thanks a lot for spreading a piece of African cloth on me. So comfortable is my new bed. Purr … purrr …

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Flexible Dressing


This season has a few days still like summer in daytime, yet rapidly grow cool in the evening. As for kabuki dance practice, single kimono is better. Mei-Shun therefore chose following one whose textile Shin purchased for her, while Master Mei-Shu kindly asked a friend to sew. And a piece of advice from Master Bando is not to let it lie in a drawer for long, but to put it on as often as possible.

Time Table


Spanish radio program Mei-Shun listen to is broadcasted from Monday to Wednesday. The same 15 minutes on Thursday and Friday seem to be for those who already won the 4th or even 3rd grade of the “Evaluación del Conocimiento Lengua de la Española”. She therefore made it a rule to train her ear, mouth and brain for above easier three days a week. What would come into the vacancy of two weekdays?

Oh, poor old textbook of Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.

Big Fig


Thank you so much, Aunt K. She is the best cook, wife of Mei-Shun’s eldest uncle of father’s side. Still getting along with her sister-in-law, this aunty kindly sends handmade foods including following delicacy to MS’s mother every year. “But they are in the biggest bottles so far”, she emailed to her younger daughter. “Prepare the strongest bag to take one home”.

Yes, she did.


Golden Memory


Typhoon Hagibis has gone. Mei-Shun wishes it to be the last beast to bite our country this year. If there is something good it brought, it might be fragrant olives: she recognized that sweet scent yesterday. Normally, they start to give it in the middle of September. She remembers a big tree in the garden of her high school, in full blossom when students prepared for autumnal festival.

No Sweets


Flowers are better as souvenir for you, mom-in-law. Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home today, confirmed that the latter is fine. They chatted on lunch and ohagi, rice ball coated with sweetened red-bean paste, of her handmade as dessert. She knows her younger daughter never rejects this delicacy for equinox, even if her weight is not well controlled. Well, actually it is.

And healthy you, cotton candy.

Yellow Shock


Mei-Shun’s first-tailored 下駄 finally made a debut last night. It was clear with bright moonlight, let her put them on walking to a nearby community center. She gave a lesson in kabuki dance to Professor M there, while had her own practice to make smooth steps on these pair of wooden sandals. When she came back home to put them off, her white 足袋=tabi, kimono socks were found … contaminated.