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Here mom-in-law cooked red-bean rice. Since today is Respect for the Elderly Day, we should have celebrated it for her. However, it was she who did it by herself. Simmered vegetable and chicken, baked cheese cake were also served. Mei-Shun really admires her tough mindset — it is not always easy to prepare for your own commemoration. Oh, how good they taste except the desert of horrible calories!

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Full Moon


We are expecting 仲秋の名月, the best moon of the year tonight. However, clouds are so much spread in the sky that it looks very difficult to hold a party serving rice-cake balls for the gentle, bright figure. Mei-Shun feels sorry, yet autumn has just begun. Cicadas are still singing lively on sunny days, while cricket chorus is getting louder night by night.

Stopped Nocturne


Well, what shall she do? Mei-Shun might be too much attracted by a lovely horsey these days, other hobbies including Spanish learning are a bit put aside. Actually, she would like to dance with Mr. Tea Time: gallop looks available soon on him. Almost a whole year has passed since that young, friendly boy came to the club. He is also clever enough to adapt himself to a new environment little by little.

Brilliant Party


Mei-Shun has got a good idea. Beautiful precious stones should appear on cushions, instead of closed in vacant sweets boxes. And same for earrings Shin brought home for her; many of them are stored in lovely cases, others in music boxes. Now ladies and gentlemen, please relax on chatting. Mr. Emerald and Ms. Desert Star, you two have a special seat.

White Sand


Shin returned from Perth, Australia yesterday. He sent to Mei-Shun following photos taken at nearby dunes between business, moved her a great deal. She feels that such a shining place accommodates guardian deity. That might be one of the reasons why he came home safely and quickly from Narita Airport, where access was severely hit by Typhoon Faxai.

Shall We?


… go to a sushi shop for lunch, Mei-Shun told mom-in-law on Friday. “I’ve already finished it”, she replied, “how about going for dinner?” Well, it might be inconvenient for the former who is quite getting along on 8-hour carbo method. However, laziness toward weekend let her start breakfast around 10 : 30 — rather brunch. Why doesn’t she put priority on happy face of the latter?

Finished by 18 : 30, making sense.

Monkey Slips?


It seems 百日紅=saru-suberi, crape myrtles like weather of this summer: much rainfall and short heat waves. Mei-Shun enjoys one planted in backyard of the northern neighbor every morning, while finds some in full blossom of bright pink or white on the way to her horsey-riding club. She wishes their beauty to be kept for 100 days as mentioned in name.

And the same to you.