Butler Service


He is ready at Satsuki Suite of a hotel in Osaka regular for Shin and Mei-Shun. If they order some items except for foods, he would put them into following space between a door and a closet. A little yellow light would be on among room phone buttons to inform guests that he served. However, he always appeared in person ringing the doorbell. What on earth do they mean??

Open this door,

and he serves.

Full of Mistakes


Text application here says that it is ginkgo, not gingko. On the other hand, Mei-Shun’s old English-Japanese dictionary shows that either is correct. Well, as for the youngest mademoiselle, it is not right or left but seems to be up or down. What is going on you, honey? If you have no problem, it does not matter at all. However, it seriously does when a bottle of clothes-softener is replenished toward the top.

Joy at Nara: 2


飛鳥寺 accommodates the first large Buddha statue in our country. Shin admires that beautiful entity, saying it resembles Mr. O, the first boss of his wife. To her interest, neither of them has taken any photos of their favorite artworks. One of the reasons for such an attitude might be that both of 六臂如意輪観世音菩薩 and 飛鳥大仏 are kind enough to wait for their annual visit.

Mysterious delicacy only available at 飛鳥寺

Left Alone


Meow, I kept a good girl last weekend. Dad and mom had gone while I was sleeping under her 半纏 kimono coat. Such time makes me feel so tense through day and night that it affects my body after a few days — the worst today. And things are worse with sick dad staying home. He takes mom from me to take care of, let her work who is not well either, hiss! Look at me, mom, in the restroom over and over.

Thanks lovely, to soothe her mind.

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Gingko Green


You are the prettiest, green shells. Mei-Shun always enjoy seeing them come out of “buds” rolled tightly together. They soon spread crossed sleeves to reach toward the sky, start yearly cycle until falling on the ground in yellow. Our backyard tree still holds little babies, already grew into school children in Osaka and going kindergarten with willow friends at 乙戸沼.


Joy at Nara


It gave Shin and Mei-Shun an excellent, refreshing experience. Cycling around this ancient capital under clear sky is always happy, while might be the best at just before the end of cherry blossom. Chinese milk vetch planted in rice paddy blooms lively, while a white, petal-layered cherry already does to welcome the couple. Oh, beautiful 六臂如意輪観世音菩薩像 at 橘寺, it is great pleasure of the wife to see you again.

Joy at Osaka


Shin and Mei-Shun made their annual trip to 明日香村, Nara prefecture. They had enjoyed it in May after Golden Week serial holidays, yet decided to go there earlier this year to get rid of a kind of upset following change of era. Just a one-night stay for Mikan-chan, at a gorgeous hotel in a nearby city. Now, shall we go out to watch energetic tourists gathering around 道頓堀 area?