Scary Season


Since new-year weight gaining, Mei-Shun managed to control it into her new normal. It is said once you get obesity, body would like to keep it. In other words, even if your weight is lost, it would easily return to the maximum point anytime. She therefore has to keep fighting against her appetite and negligence for life to stay healthy. Here our St. Valentine’s Day full of chocolate approaches.

Look Like?


Following below is a new teapot Mei-Shun purchased at her favorite shop. Its handle is put like a teacup, 90 degrees less angle compared to normal 180 toward spout. That makes it compact enough to save shelf space, while never allows her to pour by right hand only. She cannot but support the bottom by left hand covered with an oven mitten. Please keep safe such a thin arm, honey.

Or an ear?

My Day


Meow, it’s begun to rain much earlier than weather forecasts. Mom told me so when she brought the laundry indoors. Don’t mind, they’ll be dried immediately thanks to Mr. Blue working hard today. You are just expected to hold me on legs until I fall asleep again … … oh? You smell a bit like Tora-chan. What, she was found sitting in front of our door, hiss! Your effort to let her out is highly appreciated. Purr … purrr …

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Dry Promptly


Here are pink roses Shin gave Mei-Shun on her birthday. Beauty lasts short — it is very difficult to keep them fresh. One week seems to be the limit to let them stay on soaked sponge, from her experience. She should not hesitate to pull them out of the silver pot. If hung upside-down in time, they would not so much change both in shape and color. Returning to the throne, their longer life of princess starts.

Second Resonance


We have 大寒=daikan, the last and coldest of 二十四節気 today. However, it has been so warm for a few days that Mei-Shun felt really comfortable walking to the nearest shrine. To her surprise, the priest sat still in the main building. She had to ask him omikuji lots instead of helping herself. No.8 大吉=dai-kichi, the luckiest for Shin. What would come next for her?

All the same, as they had on NY Day.

Kikunoe Lasts


Mei-Shun is currently giving lessons to Professor M in 梅の栄=ume-no-sakae, Prosperity like Plum Blossom. It was designated as the score for 名取 examination before she started her own lessons under the wings of Master Mei-Shu a decade before. Also the first performance on a stage, it reminds her of fresh days learning what kabuki dance is.

Warm Winter


It really is. Mei-Shun hopes such a weather won’t make too torrid summer, when important sport events are to be held in Tokyo. On the other hand, it seems pleasant for her fluffy daughter, mother-in-law and a young 蝋梅 tree in the garden; the first is satisfied with sunlight on a blanket, the second is happy to take care of garden plants including vegetables, the last soon opens the 5th bud among 12.