September 9th


… on lunar calendar is today, called 重陽の節句. It is one of 五節句 including 七草, 桃, 端午, 七夕 and often represented by chrysanthemum flowers. With 京鹿子娘道成寺 symbolizing cherry blossom, it seems interesting to dance it in yukata full of autumnal patterns dyed on. Oh, crickets are singing under a bit cloudy half moon. Thanks to bring equanimity for Mei-Shun.


Blessed Exercise?


Mei-Shun resumed to walk to the nearest shrine, drew two 吉=kichi, lucky omikuji lots consecutively. They mean quite similar as saying; those who see the 45th lot have everything in full shape, while those who do the 49th have everything satisfied like 仲秋の名月 with no clouds. Both advises her to stay humble, and it would go better with Gods’ protection.

Toy Box


It looks like, doesn’t it? Shin helped Mei-Shun replace older shoji curtain by this one on weekend. Since it faces a lane where elementary school students pass by every morning, it must be kept neat. Sunlight from the west is so strong that it contributes to prompt obsolescence of the paper item. Oh, abrupt shower, please do not beat fruits with Mickey hiding among. Are you kind followers able to find him?

Partly Farewell


Oh, so sorry to injure you, younger Ame-chan. Mei-Shun heard a gloomy snap in you as she did in your late elder sister at breakfast. She should have been more cautious — baguette would be too sticky for you still under construction. Panicked for a while, she made an appointment with Dr. N, her another home dentist from noon. She removed broken piece, covered it for the next treatment. Really a silver lining.

3rd Moon


Mei-Shun would miss that beautiful crescent tonight. Between quiet rainfall, she walked to the nearest shrine and drew two 吉=kichi, lucky omikuji lots for Shin and herself. Actually it was末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky for the husband while凶=kyo, the worst luck for the wife yesterday. On 9th, 朔日=the first of lunar September, she could not greet Gods: doors were closed, lot box was put away.

Thanks a million for saving bad lucks.

Hi, Hanako


Shin and Mei-Shun met her at 鹿乃子 Japanese sweets shop in Ginza on weekend. It was so sunny and hot that they took there かき氷=shaved ice with syrup and みつ豆=algae jelly with sweet simmered peas after strolling from 維新號. Satisfied and cooled down, Shin went downstairs for payment followed by his wife who recognized something calling her from right side.

Daisy & Doris


Please give your kind attention to following name for me in babyhood. Dad found this document stored deep in a drawer the other day. Oh, mom, it was not me but my elder sister who had a flower name. You have explained to your friends that I did so far — lying, hiss! And my birthday is September 19th, not 20th. However, Zodiac sign of mine is the same as you remember, Virgo. Purr … purrr …

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