Oh, what happened to you? You and Ms. Microwave is the oldest couple at home of Shin and Mei-Shun. The husband first recognized something weird in you, while the wife followed this morning finding that inner air of you seems to stay just a little bit cooler than room temperature. Well, with lunar new year started, would you like to retire and let them have new one?

Mom’s Opinion


Mei-Shun met her mother yesterday. One of the latter’s close friends’ husband collapsed recently, brought to a hospital by an ambulance. He has been lying unconscious since then, makes mom feel afraid of coming across similar situation. However, only Gods know what would happen to our lives. So please, “cool down” blended herb tea, let the daughter calm her boiled brain before going to bed.

Great to CU


Nothing has changed at 大志満 in 高輪, Tokyo. Shin and Mei-Shun visited there after several months, should have said a happy new year. They were guided into 椿=Camellia Room. Of course you are here; blue birdy, we missed you hoping you did us as well. Green vegetable, sashimi, 治部椀, grilled salmon, tempura and rice. Oh, how cute these origami cranes are to hold dessert spoons!

Last Princess


You finally bloomed in full. With you 13 sisters, the only scape of this winter looks so heavy. However, Mei-Shun knows that for such one full of flowers, pot is the best place to keep fresh. Please, therefore, give us your patience a bit more. Since last night saw the second snow which covered all outdoors, you can enjoy sight of curious cat and watered friends for a while.

Stand by Meow


You kind followers missed me? Thanks a lot for your warm remembering me for weeks. I have been … well, so-so. 2nd and 3rd weeks of this month were quite comfortable. It might be because mom went out less: her absence makes me stay on the sofa almost awake, eat little, just wait for her coming home. However, she left me alone all through this week, hiss! Health of our family is the 1st, isn’t it?

Can you hold me?

… then I would come out.

Purrrrr …

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Point of No Return


Not by the Phantom of the Opera, by Mei-Shun it is. She has made an effort to manage her weight so far, approaching the point which lets her smile with a sigh of relief. A nearby clinic takes 15-minute drive, serves a health check every two years. However, they did not seem to have a scale, just measured her height and abdomen size. Only the crescent might know what was going on.

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After 3Y + 43Wks


Mei-Shun saw Dr. A today. “If this time’s CT image, blood and cell samples check have no problem, next appointment would be in July”, the latter said. Now to be Yes or No: that is the question. In a way to stop thinking about it, the former experienced bone density measurement for the first time. Results at lumbar and femur are different, yet in good health.