Mom & Me


Meow, she walked to the nearest shrine again this morning, not with dad yet alone. I kept a good girl as usual — it is clear to me whether she comes home soon or takes a time like yesterday. Welcome back, you look satisfied. What’s that folded paper? An omikuji lot? You drew it for dad who saw 末吉, the least lucky the other day until you win 吉, lucky. Good job, purr.

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Point of …


No return Mei-Shun stands right now. She visited a clinic in 六本木, Tokyo today for a whole health check. There she found just a bag of sugar still stays around her waist. Well, that makes good motivation to continue her current methods. They have been proved successful since she lost several bags in half an year, from the end of April. She would say good-bye to the last one soon.

Please wait a bit more, babies.


Joy in Miyagi: 4


Shin and Mei-Shun expected to stroll around 竹泉荘 in early morning before heading for Mikan-chan at home. Although a bear prevented them from it last year, they would have a chance this time. However, not only calicobacks but that fluffy animal welcomed the couple again. A small garden is available at Room 301, while it looks safer to keep following tiny door closed.

Joy in Miyagi: 3


Room 301 at 竹泉荘 accommodates 2 baths; a big tulip indoors, a spa surrounded with rocks outdoors. The former cannot be filled with natural hot water, yet accompanied just  beside by a glass shower box. The latter has no washing space, only to warm yourself feeling nice breeze. However, nature gave Shin and Mei-Shun a challenge: it is too hot to stay for 5 minutes!

Trick or Treat!


It was 3 weeks before when Shin brought cookies from the U.S.A. for Mei-Shun. However, she normally refrains from sweets aiming at a whole-body health check scheduled soon on November 5th. He does as well, yet his prohibition is more against a bowl of rice — his favorite. It is the reason why Pumpkin Patch is regularly consumed while Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake is still untouched.

A pumpkin made of horseshoes

Mademoiselle Plaisanterie


Mei-Shun moved to 神保町 after a snack with Shin. A little exhibition of Kaori-san‘s work is held at a bookstore there. This area is so famous for many, various bookstores that newspapers and TV programs often feature it these days in reading season. Now, among several petites drawings on Lokta paper, Mei-Shun chose one lovely Dajaleine-chan is gazing at a piece of mille-feuille.

Sweet Lunch


Mei-Shun went to a hair saloon for a cut in 高輪, Tokyo. After taking a comfortable  hour, she walked to 麻布茶房 to meet Shin. They worked for the same company sited nearby years before, used to visit this cafe together. Oh, here comes a cute cup and saucer. Following below is actually a meal instead of a dessert for the couple in weight control, with lower calories.