Floppy Blossom


Well, well, we had 清明=seimei, the 5th of spring 二十四節気 last Friday when lunar March began at the same time. Mei-Shun meant to fix this shoji sliding door within the same month on solar calendar, yet canceled such plan due to freezing weather often returned. She therefore decided to do the job during Golden Week, 10 serial holidays this year from abdication of our current emperor.

One by One


Mademoiselle Vert shows 10 flowers right now. First, a bud begins to look bigger, white and round. Secondly, one of lower petals is removed from a shape of folded ball, followed by another. Thirdly, the left ball opens a little to smile, waits for upper three petals to stand up. Mei-Shun should have watered her enough, yet oh, left her thirsty instead for as long as 2 weeks. Sooooo sorry.

Dreaming Sakura


Mei-Shun visited her mother’s home today. She prepared ohagi, rice ball coated with anko, sweetened red bean paste since her younger daughter missed the latest お彼岸=o-higan, 7 days before and after vernal/autumnal equinox. Hi dad, shall we enjoy this handmade delicacy together? 染井吉野 Cherry blossom is still kept beautiful around here, like ones Shin watched at night with his wife the other day.

Hello Again


Season has come for pheasant guys to sing loudly. At least two compete for territory in rice paddy spread under the hill which accommodates the nearest shrine. Mei-Shun listens to their song walking along a lane, sometimes finds them flap in sunlight. However, they are so clever that photo taking is difficult. She therefore chooses cherry trees who kindly give enough chance.

Can you kind followers see him?


Bang Bang


A campaign is becoming normal among cat fanciers in our country. During winter, stray cats tend to go into parked cars craving left warmth at night. We are therefore expected to pat our cars in the morning to wake them up before starting engine. Hey, Karin-chan, it is very dangerous to wait Mei-Shun under her car. She would be careful in returned coldness, so please stay within the clubhouse.

Once Again


Mei-Shun’s latest diet started from April 28th, 2018. It had 5 good months (May-August and October), 4 so-so (September, November-January) and 2 bad  (February, March) ones. It forced her to resume 2019 version, aiming at whole-body health check planned in August. Shin, who has not yet reserved it, joined her to gain fine results together.

10 Years


Mei-Shun has seen since she first performed on a stage. Called 梅の栄=Ume no Sakae, prosperity of plum, it was one of pieces for 名取 examination in 菊ノ上流 party. The other was 松の緑=Matsu no Midori, green of pine tree. The former was for women while the latter men. These two were changed into 京鹿子娘道成寺 only by Master Hanakawa, who instructed Master Mei-Shu.

狛犬 A-chan, with plum blossom over

狛犬 N-chan, with wild cherry in full bloom