Bright Blossom


We have 白露=hakuro, the 3rd of autumnal 二十四節気 today. It means dewdrops on grass leaves, as a bushclover in our garden has this morning. Mei-Shun loves such a halcyon sight, yet hot southern air soon came into Kanto Area after powerful Typhoon X or Haishen roared north off western coast of Kyushu. Perhaps it is too busy to care about social distancing.

Cat & Dog


Oh, Mikan-chan, you are so cute relaxing beside an open window. Such a figure reminds Mei-Shun of the German Shepherd boy her host family in U.K. kept decades before. He always accompanied them for a picnic, yet often got carsick. Coveting fresh air, he put his muzzle into a small, triangle slit to pull Mei-Shun’s backseat belt tightly. His name was … Trump.

CU Again


The pupa on a grapefruit pot Mei-Shun grows had emerged a few days before to fly away.  Summer is really full of new lives — cicadas sing from early in the morning, born one after another. Most of them around here have simple buzzing voice, while some say mean-mean, what-shah-shah and tuk-tuk-ossy. Her favorite is the last one with green body and crystal-clear wings.


Princess Mononoke


Mei-Shun started to practice above score on Ms. Piano. It is composed by Mr. Hisaishi, Joe following “Nausicaä of Windy Valley” and “Life is Merry-go-round”. These are all used in animated films from Studio Ghibli, one of the most famous such companies as you kind followers might know. Oh, Mikan-chan seems to recommend “Totoro” as well, leaving a hair accessory on mom’s towel blanket.


Shut Sake


Mei-Shun learned that alcohol affects her weight much, or the most. She drank it 3 times in August, twice at home “WAKAZE” and once out just a glass of “Shandy Gaff”. Although it had been getting better, next-day scale always saw sugar bags ranging from 1.7 to 0.6. Now it looks she has managed to reach the point of Oct. 2019 thanks to rice porridge method. The real goal is within a stone’s throw.

Fresh juice@beauty saloon

Attractive Array


It is cooler, final day of torrid August. Mei-Shun likes it combined with Monday: she feels somehow benefited from such a day followed immediately by the next month. Just 1 : 6 =Aug. : Sept. in a week, yet the former looks like having 5 weeks. This sense might be caused by the fact that she was born in one of leap years, meaning 1 : 3 among 12 干支=eto, Chinese zodiac.

Ms. Scarlet came into …

… our 萩=hagi, bushclover lately.

Oh, Hi,


You are there, baby gecko. When did you cling to Mei-Shun’s sneakers? She drove Shin to the nearest station in the morning, came home and tried to take them off. Then a piece of dried grass started to move. It is dangerous to stay here, Tora-chan might be interested in you. Relaxed on a geranium leaf, you resemble Mikan-chan a little who loves to cool herself down on the floor these days.

Waitin’ for Ms. Cymby to join us, purr.

New Nostalgia


Master Bando kindly recorded 恋の手習い=love lesson from 京鹿子娘道成寺 for Mei-Shun. Music source of the former is a cassette tape only, not CD nor memory stick. The latter therefore had to order a converter, hoping to give longevity to it. It reminds her of beloved Master Mei-Shu who used to make walking exercise on such a gadget called “walkman”.

Abandoned Again


Mei-Shun found, the Spanish test, Evaluación del Conocimiento de la Lengua Española expected to be held in October. The one in June was also canceled because of the novel coronavirus, let this student (a bit lazy) have extra time to prepare. Well, does it mean she can spend more time with Ms. Piano? Of course not. The radio program would go ahead, so would her own study on a textbook.

Empty bus in Osaka, taken by Shin on business

Good Girl


Mom told me that we had 処暑=shosho, 2nd of autumnal 二十四節気 on Sunday. Meow, I feel we really did — even if daytime temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, nighttime has seen under 25. Perhaps that heavy rainfall, suddenly started around noon, brought cooler air as a gift to us. Great to take a nap after surviving a gap between air-conditioned room and outdoors. Purr …

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