Lovely Messenger


When Mei-Shun goes out by Ms. Scarlet, she makes it a rule of summer to water her in order to make the air conditioner work well. With nothing comes out of hose mouth, she checked it up to see Shin’s car take a rest on it. Lucky enough to have your key, please stand up and let her go ahead. Listen, a tiny gecko ran out from a parcel to load on you just a minute before.


Sudden Autumn


Meow, I heard from mom that we have 立秋=risshu, the first of autumn 二十四節気 today. It really means as another powerful typhoon approaches us, started to rain from last midnight. Since the mercury continued to hit around 40 degrees Celsius these days, I have been able to spare time to go into the restroom. However, such a rapid change of temperature makes my rear body busy …

Caught mom.

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Tooth Fracture?


Mei-Shun was forced to see Dr. M, her home dentist to take care of a molar on her upper left jaw. It was around 2 weeks ago when she heard a snap there at a meal. Nothing happens while free, yet hurts a little to chew except for boiled eggs, simmered vegetables and rice porridge. With X-ray image showing no trouble, Dr. M shove the molar to let bite go better.

Respect Melons


They seem to like early, sultry summer of this year: the third couple visited Shin and Mei-Shun. Oh, what a lovely ornament you put on! Is it handmade of your producer? Nice idea to help them wait for a while to enjoy gist of you two. Beauty in looks means taste of the same, at least for fresh fruits. It has taken longer time to ripe than their predecessors, yet the result was just incredible.

Angel Songs


Besides “La chevaleresque”, Master Burgmüller gave Mei-Shun another favorite. “L’harmonie des anges” literally soothes her mind. It is so hard to keep yourself in equanimity with sorrows, had better do something you like. Gentle-touch song by Ms. Piano would be one of the best for her, while precise technique is required to reach the goal. Oh, please do not make a mistake, fingers.

Not hurts, my nose

It’s recovered.

Ready to Fly


Mei-Shun found a tiny God whose baby clothes seen above an offering box of the nearest shrine. So he/she might come to celebrate Mei-Shun’s mother whose 77th  birthday is today. On the other hand, her younger daughter is encouraged to do more: her omikuji lot showed 末吉=sue-kichi, the least lucky. That white lily has grown into double size, carrying a lot of buds. They seemed to say “don’t worry”.

Moon Missed


… in full shape, on Saturday when the atypical typhoon Jongdari hit Japanese Archipelago. It went from east to west, just opposite to normal, still continues to walk above southern Kyushu. However, cautious preparation in Kansai area worked very well this time, makes Mei-Shun feel relieved. We and Mars would be able to enjoy our propinquity tonight in clear sky.

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