Snow Shoveling!


It continued toward dusk yesterday, forced Mei-Shun to cancel today’s reservation for horsey riding. She actually saw awful numbers on a scale on Wednesday, resumed exercise at home while cooking full of vegetables. お節料理=new-year feast beautifully arranged into tiered boxes, sake, rice cakes and ice cream are too tasty to refrain from. Now is the time of labor to allow Ms. Scarlet to move forward.

First Fall


… of snow this winter began around noon, mom told me. Meow, it is so interesting that let me gaze beyond the widest window before stepping down from a sofa for water. She put on dad’s puff jacket, went out to replenish Mr. Blue. Good job, if he gets empty after dark, we would have to stay in milder air warmed by an air conditioner. Oh, Tora-chan sounds coming home. Purr … purrr …

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Merry Moms


Great to see you again, Mr. Treasure. You are the first partner in 2022 for Mei-Shun to dance with. Please listen, we have 小寒=shokan, the 5th of winter 二十四節気 today. It means a start of the coldest time of an year as well. However, you look never minding such harsh weather in a thick, chestnut-brown coat. Would you lend it to mom-in-law next year, who spent her birthday morning at a freezing hospital?

Proper Popping


Lesson by Master Bando would resume from next Tuesday. It therefore failed today to form double Ds, Mei-Shun just saw Dr. M for regular teeth check. The former got dental floss fragment or some food into space between molars on lower left jaw last month, made an immediate phone call asking for help from the latter. That finally proved needless: it was nicely removed by herself on New Year’s Day.



A Happy New Year! How did you kind 454 followers spend recent weekend? To tell the truth, Mei-Shun had believed that January 3rd was a national holiday, making at least 3-day winter vacation in our country. However, 2022 calendars show the first Monday in black, not in red. All right, since lunar December starts from today, our parents in the sky might give us a message to work much.

Thank Thee


So this is the end of 2021, the last weekday and report on cat, dance, piano, etc. from Mei-Shun. They taught her a lot through an year as usual:

Cats work every day with their loveliness. They might do their jobs the most at home.

Kabuki dance requires good body trunk first. Muscle follows next.

Piano does concentration. Practice before singing by fingers.

Fine Friend


Meow, Tora-chan stays at a hospital from today. According to mom, she “stopped” from last week; never eat, never move, just drink water. When the former brought some of my jelly sticks downstairs, the latter said purr and licked two up. However, that became her last meal in 2021. Getting into mom’s kimono-laundry net, she was driven to a veterinarian in Tsukuba City.

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Sweet Scent


Here they are, 蝋梅=robai flowers. Mei-Shun is really happy to see them bloom safely, never eaten up all by birds like the year before last. Her mother grew several young trees from fallen seeds, let her younger daughter choose the healthiest one. And it is mother-in-law of the latter who plant it at the best place of our garden. Good leaves protect their fragrant yellow.

Black Beauty


Mei-Shun visited a cleaning shop to receive a kimono, 帯=obi sashes and silk 手拭=Japanese towel she used on a stage to play the role of 白拍子花子. The 1st 黒留袖=black kimono with gorgeous patterns at the bottom is her mothers, the 2nd 半幅帯=half-in-height sashes are from beloved Master Mei-Shu. Thanks a lot for giving fine technique to 3 women involved.

Double Dance


Thank you so much, Ms. Manifest and Princess Maria. These ladies were kind partners in Mei-Shun’s final dance of 2021 at a horsey riding club. She actually sees herself weird in canter these days. One reason is clear: too less practice than before. In order to put on well 二足の草鞋=2 pairs of sandals for hobbies, she has to control pessimistic emotion — find good, be effective.