On a Fan


Mei-Shun visited Mr. O, husband of beloved Master Mei-Shu the other day. There she has it in her tiny new home — 2nd 紋=mon, seal of our kabuki dance party. 鳴鼓宝隆信女 is Master’s religious name; “鳴” and “隆” come from her secular ones, with the former her last 名取 takes over, while “鼓” means drums and “宝” treasure. It nicely represents what she was for the Os.

Missing Much


Mei-Shun has felt somehow at odd in hands and fingers since she started practicing Allegro among Impromptus, Opus 90 composed by Master Schubert. It seems she is lucky enough to be able to let Ms. Piano rest for a while, to concentrate upon kabuki dance instead. Oh, she has to contact Mr. O, late Master Mei-Shu’s husband if she left a 手拭=te-nugui, cotton towel necessary for performance in autumn.

Welcome back, St. Gecko.

Performance Promised


Master Bando gave Mei-Shun a phone call, informing that 邦楽発表会 would be safely held in November. Other impresarios including Masters Wakayagi and Fujima also kindly approved her to dance on the stage. Master Mei-Shu, your last 名取 is so happy to let you know on this matter. She chose 恋の手習い of 京鹿子娘道成寺, instead of being checked by Master Sen-Sha=扇舎 or a kabuki actor Mr. 尾上菊之助.

Master Mei-Shu on stage after one-night lesson



Autumn Anticipation


Mei-Shun contacted Master Bando, who kindly invited the former to a new-year party in the end of January. However, cedar pollen already grabbed Shin at that time. His serious condition affects his wife so much that it took her as long as 2 months to return to normal. Now she feels happy to hear that 邦楽発表会, stage performance in kabuki dance is expected to be held at the end of November.

Me, Ms. Piano and …


Love Lesson


How long does it take for Mei-Shun to resume practicing 恋の手習=koi-no-tenarai, the most important part of 京鹿子娘道成寺? Three years, Master Mei-Shu. You kindly tried to teach it to your last 名取 who wished to gain certificate of 師範. However, it was too hard for your body to do it in person, forced you instead to find a DVD performed by another member of 菊ノ上会.

There we see prompt buds of Momo-chan.

Honoring Her


Mei-Shun instructs Professor M in kabuki dance on Wednesdays. Actually, today is the first lesson in 2020 since the former was sickened on her left eyelid last month. Biscuit-colored silk kimono (thanks a lot, Shin) was planned to put on for celebrating new year, yet it seems too late in this second month. She therefore decided to use one of obi sashes Master Mei-Shu kindly left.

Here UR


Mei-Shun and Professor M visited late Master Mei-Shu’s home invited by her husband. He is a good cook, served them gorgeous dinner including large sashimi plates. The former arrived a bit earlier, helped him to arrange flowers in front of master’s Buddhist-style altar. And she chose following below among dozens of 帯=obi sashes that charming lady used to put on for lessons.

The right end was her favorite.

Love To


Master Bando gave Mei-Shun a phone call thanking to an year-end greeting sweets the latter sent the other day. Actually, she was under a warming machine to let dyeing paste absorb into her hair when her smart phone rang. Master Mei-Shu would laugh if she saw her last 名取 chat with both ears covered by protective caps. Anyway, Kikunoe, Mei-Shun intends to stand on a stage next autumn.

Nostalgic Kimono


One and a half year have passed since Mei-Shun said good-bye to Master Mei-Shu II. To profound gratitude of the former, Mr. O, husband of the late master, kindly invited her and Professor M to home tonight. They held a tiny party to celebrate 2019 going soon, their health and friendship tied over kabuki dance. Which of these three should be put on by your last 名取, sensei?

Happy Call


Yes, it was from Master Bando whose husband passed away last year, on the date of 邦楽発表会. Mei-Shun now plans to visit her home soon for a chat and kimono cleaning. By the way, Shin advised his wife that “Japanese dance” might sound vague to foreign people. His idea is to name it after the origin: it would be more understandable if called “kabuki dance”.