Popular Girl


You have another boyfriend, don’t you? How’s Dora-chan? You do not get along anymore?? One of her last kittens looked like Kuro-chan I, a big guy with a black jacket and white socks. And Dora-chan sometimes visited our garden to say hello to the feeding mother. Now she seems to play and share meal with slimmer Kuro-chan II, putting on a longer black coat and a white bow-tie.

kuroII (2)

Japanese Culture@wkday


Here is new pair of sneakers. Thank you so much, Shin. They say red underwear called 申赤 (=saru -aka, meaning monkey red) brings good fortune in 申年. “Saru” leads to “去る” in the same pronunciation, meaning to go away, expected for bad fortune. Well, Mei-Shun has some while loves red shoes as well.

akai-kutsu (2)



What is your favorite ice cream flavor? It is chocolate-mint for Mei-Shun. Cup, corn or bar, any type would be welcomed. She recently found a chocolate-coated bar — how gorgeous! As rice seedlings grow up, her weight started to decrease. For a success in control, she must make that great taste once-a-month joy.

rice paddy (3) rice paddy4 (2)

Lady Madoka


Actually she has “battle” before this lovely name. Here in this club Mei-Shun belongs to, nobody would add it — no need for you, darling, a dark-brown and slender girl with a diamond star on the forehead. Mei-Shun decided to join a team to train Madoka-chan. Ms. I is our leader. This program is called “new comer training”, taking half a year to teach horses how to follow, communicate and get along with human beings for the first hand. It would start from June 1st.

Chestnut Flower


When they bloom to give that sweet and heavy scent, Mei-Shun feels rainy season reaches us soon. The shrine she pays a visit on her walking way seems to accommodate several trees with yellowish white tails. It was cooler this morning, let her recognize them after perspiration.

chestnut flower

Purr and …


Warm weather of these days is very comfortable for me. My favorite place is this winter bed stored on the roof floor. Mom gets up 5 o’clock in the morning to let me out of the cage. I eat, patrol before going up to there. But my peaceful nap is sometimes interrupted by an interloper, hiss! Mom calls her Tora-chan. I don’t know her, nor intend to make friends with her, hiss!!

mikan-2paw (2)

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Fiscal Year-end


Mei-Shun received renewed passport on Sunday. The date of issue was expected to be on March 30th — she left the hospital on this day last year. However, it seemed taking one more day. March 31st is actually the birthday of Professor M, one of her most respected friends. Well, on this point of view, March has a lot of happiness for Mei-Shun who has spring in name.

Hi, mom


Mei-Shun visited her parents’ home. Her mother is an earnest birds and plants watcher. When you can not recognize a seedling of a tree, she would take a second to answer the name of it. So as to birds. Another mom in photo below would do the same, yet our capacity is too small to understand her words.

swallow mom2 (2)



It means glasses in Japanese, coming from “diamant” in Dutch. He is a lovely boy with a pinch of mischievous flavor. An upside-down v letter appears when we part his mane hair on the forehead. Honey, did you leave another v somewhere in the field? Normal stars are in round or diamond shape, much more you have the very name of the latter.