Hi, mom


Mei-Shun visited her parents’ home. Her mother is an earnest birds and plants watcher. When you can not recognize a seedling of a tree, she would take a second to answer the name of it. So as to birds. Another mom in photo below would do the same, yet our capacity is too small to understand her words.

swallow mom2 (2)



It means glasses in Japanese, coming from “diamant” in Dutch. He is a lovely boy with a pinch of mischievous flavor. An upside-down v letter appears when we part his mane hair on the forehead. Honey, did you leave another v somewhere in the field? Normal stars are in round or diamond shape, much more you have the very name of the latter.

Weight Management


Mei-Shun has gained one more sugar bag since she started walking in the morning. Sooo shocking, yet there is always a reason why her tyre around the waist grows. It is simple; she has eaten too much. And she knows well the easiest way to lose weight; she should eat less. Exercise is good for health, while never means she can consume all energy she happily took in.

New Friends


They have joined into the picture Mei-Shun enjoys in the morning. Green touch increases day by day, makes it straight toward summer. It is so nice to see rice paddies grow to feed many birds, and us finally in autumn.

sagi-san (2) kamo-yan (2)


Swallow Mom


Welcome back to us! Yes, this is your favorite place to nest — a restroom of a supermarket. We all know it, looked forward to seeing you again. Oh, your round, black eyes of obsidian beads. Sorry to interrupt you, Mei-Shun would stop taking a photo. Please feel safe to continue your sitting on eggs.

Curled Up


It was really like summer today. I looked for the best place to take a nap, finally stayed in my current bed during daytime. Mom opened windows, nice wind smoothes me down. Purr, I love natural air … oh? Already in the evening? Where’s mom? Ah, she is dozing off on the sofa. I prefer her legs covered with a blanket.

curled Mikan-chan (2)

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