Normal End


As written last year, Mei-Shun was born in a leap year. Just one day longer than usual, does it do something on her character? For example, she tends to be 5 minutes late for any appointment. This is of course an awful breach of manner, yet one idea went through her head. Each day has 24 hours, which counts for 288 times of 5 minutes. Has she already consumed this “given” time? Or when she eats all up, would she be released from such a curse?


Ms Never Meet


They are in the same age of 13, nicely by chance. Madoka-chan gave birth to six babies while Mikan-chan with none. The former is a horsey while the latter a kitty. They will never see each other, living in all different environment. However, they share a lot in nature; sensitive, smart, shy and lovely. And their job is similar for Mei-Shun: they give great spice spread onto her life, with exciting celerity outdoors by the former while heart-warming relaxation indoors by the latter.


New Scores


Mei-Shun continues piano practice, yet only 10-15 minutes a day. That means no progress in technique, even deterioration maybe. Refreshing breeze is necessary for Ms. Piano. Some of her favorite scores have many sharps and flats, while played in “Largo”. “Allegro” or “Presto agitato”, represented by the third movement of “Sonata quasi una Fantasia” by Beethoven, are never for her. Soothing music, not so complicated — oh, how about the one in animation films?

After Party


Mom-in-law recently gave up her driver’s license. That means she got off from our chauffeur list. Mei-Shun, who enjoyed good German beer and wine tonight, therefore employed 代行さん= daiko-san meaning substitute drivers for the first time. She does not want anyone other than family members to drive her own car, while mom-in-law’s is now free and looks lonely. Why don’t she utilize him? This idea worked well with kind staffs, reasonable price and safe coming home.


My Day


I feel better today, after a bit trouble around my tail from Monday. Thanks to the calling 2. 22 meow-meow-meow maybe, while nya-nya-nya in Japanese. Purr, nice sunlight. Mom walked out to hang futon mats, left me on the blanket. No problem. I’ll make a shrimp here… purr … shudder! It has got cold suddenly. Clouds began to cover the sky. Okay, I’ll move into the bed. This is my favorite, reminds me of the one I used in babyhood … meow, mom’s back!


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Cold Gale


A phone call came from Master Mei-Shu’s husband. He said his wife looked sick, had to cancel today’s lesson. That is terrible for her, yet what is going on? Just a second before, Mei-Shun sent an E-mail to the master, asking to let her student put kimono on after driving. It was so windy that long sleeves and tight wrapping of legs seemed to disturb safe handling of a car. Master replied simply, “I see”. Anyway, please take care. Such a stormy weather must be hard for her to endure.

Ume Collection


Our nearest shrine has a lot of plants including beautiful bloomers. One of them is plum or ume, found in pale pink and white. Mei-Shun walked to there this morning after weeks — that might be why her omikuji was 凶=kyo, the worst luck. Oh, please forgive her, St. 摩利支天=mari-shiten. Her oath to resume good diet and exercise is solid. On the way to home, another ume in rose pink attracted her eyes. As soon as she stepped into the porch, wind started to blow harder. Thanks to his kind protection?

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Carrot Couple


They look so cute, don’t they? When Mei-Shun saw them at a green grocery shop, she immediately fell in love. She brought this couple to home, took a photo as follows below and … put them in a basket for Madoka-chan. However, 春一番=haru-ichiban, the first southern wind blew in a speed exceeding 8m/sec. after 立春, prevented her from visiting the club. Actually, she meant to go there yet gave up on the way. Scary sight of yellow “fog” seemed to make anyone feel upset.


After 1Y +45Wks


Dr. A was quick enough this time. She used to give Mei-Shun “Yes” phone calls on weekends, passing several days after 2 weeks of sample examination. Well, anyway, it is highly appreciated by the ex-inpatient. Oh, our last princess finally started to open her green-yellow dress which would turn brighter as she makes a curtsy in full bloom. Such graceful figure reminds Mei-Shun of the eldest one who kindly greeted her in buds 2 years ago, just before her operation.


Step by Step


Our “backyard” plum or ume has started to bloom little by little. White ones come earlier than pink, yet both buds in the same red, shining in sunlight. You can enjoy many of them along a lane to our horse riding club, patched with rice paddy. Mei-Shun’s partner today was 英二=Ei-ji, lovely chestnut-brown boy rarely named in Chinese characters. Why these boys and guys, including you, like to make fun of her by chewing saddle buffers or her riding vest?